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Legal Definitions

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Legal Definitions

New – Most people think this is a description of the condition of the saxophone. Nothing could be further from the truth. "New" means that no individual has purchased the item previously. The saxophone may have been played, trailed, borrowed; even scratched or dented and it is still technically "new". saxƒorte will not sell a horn in anything but pristine condition. (see below)

Pristine Condition – This is how I describe the condition of the saxophones saxƒorte offers. These saxophones are NOT placed in a traditional retail location where they can be subject to mis-treatment. They are received in perfect condition and play-tested and fully set-up and adjusted so that they will play perfectly for you from day one. As a player, I know the difference between a horn that is set-up to play and one that is set up REALLY WELL. My saxophones are set-up to play to their full potential and to make playing effortless.

Price – Usually the selling price of the instrument. But,  beware... with foreign sellers, this price does not include taxes, shipping, import duties, customs clearance fees or other costs associated with bringing the instrument into your hands. These additional costs can be substantial.

Landed or Delivered Price – The price of the instrument with ALL costs included once the instrument arrives at your door.