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Brancher has introduced saxophones which optimize the production cost efficiency of a premier producer in Taiwan with French design and manufacturing for key Brancher components that make these saxophones the best in class.

Basic Features:

  • Thick high quality brass construction
  • Hand hammered bell and body tube sections
  • Ergonomic keyboard
  • Wide Bell Flare
    The wider bell flare, especially found on the Brancher alto, helps the production of low frequency fundamental content for the fullest possible sound.
  • Blued steel needle springs


Unique Brancher Saxophone Features

  • Brancher Pads
    Brancher uses only the finest French made Chanu kid leather pads.

  • Custom Fit Oversize Resonators
    Leather covered felt pads provide the seal to cover the saxophone's 25 tone holes. However, the leather covered felt is quite sound absorbent, and can kill much of a saxophone's power. Resonators are intended to recover these losses. Saxophone makers do not make their own pads and instead, purchase these as generic parts from pad makers. Generic pads use resonators sized to fit the smallest tone holes used on the most common saxophones made today. So, most resonators cover only about 60% of the exposed pad's surface.
    Brancher's resonator design improves power by up to 25%.Brancher Oversize Resonators are made in France and custom fit to each tone hole on Brancher saxophones and cover 80% to 90% of the pads' exposed surface, dramatically increasing power and evenness.
  • Solid Machined Brass Resonators
    Brancher Resonators are machined individually from the same solid brass alloy as the saxophone itself. The relatively beefy construction improves sound reflection compared to plastic or stamped steel resonators.
  • Max-CymTM Resonator Design
    Open Keys: When the keys are open, the unique shape of the Brancher Resonators helps the sound reflect to the outside of the sound tube instead of back into the sound tube for more power and a richer sound.
    Closed Keys: The relatively tall resonators fill more of the tone hole chimney which helps retain more of the sound tube's original shape to improve intonation and power.
  • Removable Reusable Resonators
    To preserve this valuable benefit for the life of the saxophone, Brancher Resonators are installed with flat, hex head screws and are removable from the pad so they can be reused in the event of a future pad replacement.
  • Internally Tapered Neck Tenon
    Though the saxophone is a conical shaped instrument, the neck tenon is the only part of the sound tube normally manufactured with a cylindrical profile to allow it to be easily inserted and tightened into the neck receiver. This is an obvious compromise. Brancher has specially designed and manufactured a neck tenon with a non-cylindrical shape in each of the 2 necks supplied with altos and tenors. Each neck version imparts its own blend of harmonics to provide the ability to color the sound either warmer (1 groove on tenon ring) or brighter (2 grooves on tenon ring).
  • Tenor Body Brace
    Tenor models have an additional body / bell brace arm to prevent the rotation of the bow and bell around the body which can upset the regulation of the bell and bow keys.
  • Elaborate Engraving
    Original hand engraved design on the bell using a French Polynesian design by Phil Beaudet


Included BRANCHER Accessory Package

  • 2 Brancher Saxophone Necks: One neck is brighter sounding; the other warmer sounding (3 necks with straight soprano)
  • Brancher Case: Deluxe backpackable hard reinforced case