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about saxforte

is owned and operated by Mathew Aaron, a sax player for over 30 years and renowned among manufacturers as one of the pickiest and discerning dealers around.

saxバrte operates as a saxophone consultant and retailer. Our mission is to connect serious players (students or professionals) with the saxophone make and model that is the best match for their desired sound. Because we offer all of the best brands, we won't try to push one model or brand over another so you can be sure to obtain the best, most objective advice available in this important purchase decision.

saxバrte focuses on high end saxophones, exclusively.

saxバrte provides in depth and personal product selection advice and information based on actual playing experience

saxバrte promises clients top notch saxophones in EVERY respect including
- saxophones in brand new, immaculate condition -- we do not allow trials outside of our direct control
- saxophones complete with all accessories and manufacturer supplied products
- saxophones screened for defects and insufficiencies in materials, workmanship and cosmetic condition
- saxophones thoroughly regulated to play up to their full potential
- saxophones play tested to absolutely ensure the quality of the set-up
- saxophones meticulously prepped for shipment and packed in oversize cartons to ensure that they arrive in clients' hands playing as well as they did here in our hands

saxバrte focuses on client satisfaction.

Today's traditional music retailer cannot deliver what we do. The volume of high-end instruments sold is so low in traditional retail stores that dozens of people play them before one ever sells. The result is that dealers often sell less than new instruments as new. It's just a business necessity. 

We are located in Greenville, South Carolina and work to keep costs low. We do not have a traditional retail location. Keeping costs low is another way we can save you money. Let's face it, saxophones are not an impulse purchase so the wisdom of a fancy retail location is questionable and accounts for why dealers with retail locations tend to charge so much for the instruments they sell

Please review the testimonial letters clients have written here... 

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 We challenge you to find anyone more interested, more capable and more willing to go the extra mile to make you thoroughly happy with your purchase.

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