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3M Anti-Tarnish Strips

recommends 3M Tarni Shield Protectors
to help prevent silver and gold-plated saxophones
(and anything silver or gold-plated)
from tarnishing

These strips are heartily recommended to owners of silver-plated and all unlacquered instruments, jewelry or silverware.

3M make these little miracles. Strips of paper are specially impregnated with chemicals which absorb those chemicals in the air which would otherwise attack and oxidize the metal plating.

Your saxophone will spend most of its life in its case where it is surrounded with a small volume of air. The strips are placed in the case with your horn (or other plated object) and they last 6 months in an enclosed case or bag.

The result is that you can keep plated items from tarnishing for a long, long time. A MUST for silver-plated saxophone owners and highly recommended for all unlacquered saxophones! That's less than 1/2 a cent per day for this protection.

Eventually, though, the horn will tarnish. But, in this case, later is definitely better than sooner.

3M Tarni Shield Protectors, Pack of 10
Price: n/a

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