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pad papers

recommends powdered pad papers to cure sticking pads


Yamaha Powdered Pad Papers: Never has the solution to sticking pads been easier and more effective. Pads on a saxophone will eventually stick...especially G# and low C# which open only under the force of a needle spring. Others may also become sticky, especially the palm keys and side index keys. Newer saxophones equipped with pads made with leather that has been treated with waterproofing are more prone to sticking.

Pads that stick once, after the sax has not been played, are normal and require no treatment other than being unstuck before playing. Pads that stick even after being freed once can benefit from the application of these Powdered Pad Papers.

Simply insert a piece of this product under the sticking pad. Depress the pad firmly, sandwiching the pad paper between pad and tone hole. On sheets that have been reused a few times, release the pad, move the paper and repeat. Voila!

Each sheet can be reused many, many times.
Yamaha Powdered Pad Papers, Book of 50 sheets
Price: $9.49

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