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Saxophone Prices:

Our current prices are displayed on the Available Saxophones page.

If a model you are interested in is not shown or not available, please e-mail us for a quote on a particular saxophone model, finish and case.

If you provide your name, shipping address, contact phone number and e-mail address, we will ALWAYS provide a detailed written quotation to you before we ask you to pay for a saxophone. This quotation will be e-mailed to you as a .pdf file. In addition, we will provide payment method details and an opportunity to add accessories from our web site with no additional charge for shipping these accessories (certain limited exceptions may apply to very bulky items -- especially for international shipments).

We will use the quotation as a working document and you may ask us to add, delete or modify anything on it. We'll then respond quickly with a modified version for your review.

Once you confirm that the quotation accurately represents your purchase, simply indicate how and when you will be making payment and we will prepare your shipment to avoid any delay in shipping to you.


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