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The Yanagisawa has arrived today as promised.  My daughter loves it and played it as soon as she unpacked it.  The sound is beautiful. 
Thank you for all you did to make this purchase possible.  I will keep you in mind for any future additions or purchases.  My daughter found your cards and plans on giving one to her music teacher for his future needs.
Happy New Year.  You made it for us.
Pam Medvar

Hi Mathew,
 Just wanted you to know we could not wait and opened the saxophone.
We absolutely LOVE IT!  My son says the fingering is fine and he loves it very much!!!  :-)))
Thank you for such a great and pleasant Ebay experience.  You are by FAR the best Ebay seller I have done business with! I have left you positive feedback.  I will surely keep you in mind when we are in the market for an Alto for my daughter  ;-)
Take care and thanks for the great Ebay experience.
Happy Holidays

First, I want to apologize for taking so long to write back.  I'm sure you can guess why.
Where do I begin?! 
WOW!  Matt, this horn is
Free blowing in ALL registers.  The high F# came out with the slightest breath and the low Bb came astonishing easily and quiet, without sounding like an explosion or a honking goose.  Of all of the Yamaha saxes I have played, none were like this Selmer.  It really is the best.  I'm glad I bought the Serie III Tenor instead of a Yamaha, Yanagisawa, or a 50 year old Mark VI for about $5000. This horn is first rate and of the highest caliber.
At first, I thought that the purchasing and the shipping of this horn was going to be a hassle.  It's so irritating to buy a sax in a retail store because of the higher price and the pressure of a salesperson. You made the purchase incredibly easy, you gave me all the info I needed and the money got to you safe and quickly.  The shipping worried me a great deal though.  I have an uncle who works for UPS and I've seen these guys handle "fragile" things.  The first time I saw the package was long after the UPS guy was gone.  It looked like someone had sat on the end of the box.  After the excitement and unpacking of the horn and just oogling it for about an hour, I played her.  WOW!!!!!!!!   I haven't put it down since!!  You packed it so well that there was not even the slightest hint of damage to the sax at all!!!   I AM SURE that the extra care you took in packing my horn in such a large box and in the way you packed it,  prevented any damage from happening! Thanks!  When I opened up the case it was like that new car smell. (I know that sounds odd.)

The beauty of this horn is indescribable!  No picture will ever do it justice.  I thought the clear lacquer wasn't going to be as beautiful as the other finishes, but I was wrong.  It's gorgeous!

I'm also very pleased with all the other aspects of our transaction.   I know that currencies fluctuate and the price of these horns goes up and down, but you are the ONLY one that didn't raise the price $200-$300 just in time for Christmas!!!!  USA Horn.com(New York), Woodwind Brasswind(Indiana), Sax Quest.com, and countless others seemed to raise it just in time for the holiday rush.  Well, if I had wanted to buy the same sax from a local Selmer dealer it would have cost upwards of $7000 and a 6 MONTH waiting period(Willis Music)!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You have saved me a lot of time, hassle, worry, and frustration. Oh, and not to mention, MONEY! :)

I love the sax so much that I was thinking about buying a Serie III Alto. If I can talk my husband into it. :)
Well, when the time comes that I can, you will be the FIRST, LAST and ONLY person I will buy from!
You have shown me that there are still people in the world that can be trustworthy and honest.  You made me feel comfortable and confident about my purchase.

Thank You.  This sax will get many years of love and attention.

 Amy Conrad

P.S.  Do you mind if I photocopy your business card so that I can give one to all my sax-playing friends?

The Selmer Paris arrived today.  It is beautiful! 
I will recommend you to other friends who plan to buy professional horns-and there are several! Thank you so much
Kay Piner

The sax arrived safely yesterday.  My daughter has played it on and off all day today - until her mouth gets sore!  She loves it!
Thanks for the careful packing and lightening fast transaction.
Thanks again,
Mary Jane Wieland

Mathew, you can add another satisfied customer to your list.  Sax arrived safe and sound and
son Jeff says it plays just awesome.  I have never seen a teen so excited!  Thanks for you phone help and prompt shipping. 
Bruce and Jeff Palmer

Hello Mathew,
I apologize for being so slow to get back to you on getting the sax.  It has been terribly busy at the hospital.
I did want to say I appreciate being able to get the sax from you so quickly. I am always apprehensive about doing business over the internet, but this has been a very comfortable transaction.  His sax professor says he envies the instrument. Jacob is doing fantastic with the sax.  It has a superior sound compared to his old one.  He has already played the lead with the jazz band at church and you would not believe the positive comments on how great he sounds with the new instrument. 
Now, both he and the professor are anxious to get the new mouthpiece.  Let me know when it comes in.  He agreed with your assessment about the Yanagisawa #5 mouthpiece and feels Jacob will not have any trouble using the same reeds.  We shall see.
Once again, thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Hi Mathew,
I received the horn this morning - the box was a little crushed on one end but inside everything looks ok. I am guessing that the peanuts probably absorbed most of that impact but I will have my sons sax instructor check the sound tonight and let you know if he finds anything. 
Now, all that UPS stuff aside, you should know that I am very pleased with the care taken to insure the instrument arrived in pristine condition. The packaging was exactly as you described and I appreciate your instructions for removing all the cork stops. It is apparent to me that you take personal pride in delivering the highest quality possible. Thank you very much!
Best regards,
Sheila Engelman

later that evening....
My son's sax instructor was not available tonight but as far as we can tell the horn plays beautifully.  My son was very happy and cant wait to show it off.
Thanks again.
Sheila Engelman

The horn arrived Saturday before noon.  I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning that had that "I've been extra good this year" look in his eye.  When I opened the case, a tear came to my eye.  I couldn't believe it.  My dream horn was finally mine.  I just stared at it for about 3 minutes and could not get up the nerve to pick it up.  I finally set it up and had my new mouthpiece (which I had not used yet) ready to go.
It played virtually on its own.  It was effortless.  I can't begin to tell you what this horn means to me.
Saturday night, 1st gig with the new horn.  I set up both of my horns.  I played my alto on one song through the entire evening.  I just couldn't put down the tenor.  The rest of the horn section was very pleased with the sound.  It indeed was a very different experience from playing on the YTS 62. I want to once again thank you, Mathew for working with me so that I could purchase this horn. Don't forget, I'm planning on getting a new alto in a few months.  Any suggestions (I'm currently on the Super Action 80, Series II).  Thanks again!
Houston, TX

Hi Mathew,
My Yanagisawa S991 arrived yesterday. Fantastic instrument!!! Definitely has a personality in its sound, plays extremely well in tune. Also, the keywork is so comfortable that it seems like the engineers took my palm measurements and made a custom horn for me.
All in all, this horn is everything you've described and more. I would really like to thank you for your business and also for discussing some technical issues with me over the phone. I'll be looking at buying tenor sax from you in a future. Naturally, I wish you a prosperous business.
Your prices are indeed the lowest ones on the market. At least I haven't found any cheaper places. In addition, you test-playing the horns you're selling, and they are truly newer than in music stores because no one touches them except you.
So, many thanks again.
Andrey Matlin

I just wanted to let you know that the sax arrived last night (in the middle of a blizzard) just as you predicted.
It looks and sounds beautiful. This is without a doubt the finest instrument I have ever owned. I plan on getting a new tenor or bari next year and you will definitely get my business. I also intend to give you a great Ebay rating.
Thanks again,

Hi, Matthew!
   Sorry for the delay in replying to your Email.  I love the Black Series III Alto sax! 
Played it for 3 hours upon receving it, and I am delighted with the feel, the ease of fingerings, and the intonation!  I have all octaves easily covered with Dukoffs, and it provides powerful expression in my band already.  This Selmer Sax is all I had anticipated and more.  I really appreciate the personalized attention, and advice too.  Thanks for an enjoyble purchase experience, and I will refer my friends to you!
in Stuart, Florida

The horn arrived Thursday, a day ahead of schedule.
I may need to call you the king of understatement because when I opened the case, the horn was immaculate.  It looked better than the pictures on your website!!!

I was playing some scales and some songs I remebered, and the horn blew exactly how I wanted it to blow up and down, right through the notes it seemed; it was great.  The mouthpiece you recommended
(ed note: VanDoren V16 tenor) works fantastic, with the three plates it really does make a difference in my sound. I find myself switching plates to accompany my mood and the horn takes in all in stride.

Dealing with you was a really good experience.  Horns of that caliber don't come cheap and I was wary about making such an investment, especially to someone I hadn't seen in person.  But your patience to speak to me about everything and anything about saxes made my decision a lot easier and I am happy I made it.  You treated me like a professional and, trust me, I am far from it.  But I appreciate how you answered my questions over the phone and the quick repsonses via email to the most minute detail.  This horn has exceeded my expectations and so did your service. Thank you Mathew, for everything.
Very truly yours,

Hello Mathew,
Just want to let you know I received the saxophone via UPS today.  Thanks a lot! 
The sax looks really good and it played better than I thought.  I just love the dark tone came out from the horn. By the way, thanks for the feedback, and I already left you a positive feedback as well.  Take care.

     The sax arrived at 4:00 today.  It is in superb condition.  Josh has played until his lips hurt. 
The sax is all we had hoped for.  Thanks for your help.

I strongly urge anyone considering the purchase of a new professional level sax to do their business here. Mathew is more than happy to answer any and all of your questions about any aspect of the horn, mouthpieces, reeds, you name it. My saxophone arrived in a massive box which was very professionally packed which ensured the horn arrived in perfect condition. Mathew set up the horn and it was ready to play from the moment I got it. He also suggested the perfect mouthpiece and reed combination.
I can't say enough good things about Mathew who sells excellent saxophones and excellent service. Best of all, his prices are the best too. How could you NOT make this your only sax shop from now on?
 Dr. Brad Carrier

Well, it didn't arrive until Tuesday late (around 5 pm) so we were really wound up and anxious. My son loves it and is so happy. He said he has to get used to a few differences, but that it is so much easier to play overall, and the sound is so much richer. He also loves the case.
Thank you for helping him last night on the phone. He thought you were really nice.
You have been most helpful and we haved enjoyed doing business with you. In fact, I think you educated us to make a better decision on our purchase, which resulted in being that more confident in our decision to buy. Now, as new owners, we couldn't be more satisfied.
Thank you,
D. Broder

I was very apprehensive about sending the money first. 
But... Matthew was awesome -- we got the sax in a very short period, he followed up to make sure everything was OK, and it was packaged excellently.

We did buy it on ebay because my son was trying to see how low the reserve was.  Matthew is very honest about the reserve price -- so you may want to talk to him rather than bid on ebay.

Either way, I found him to be very honest and great to deal with.  I could not have afforded this sax through a music store as it was so much more expensive.
Sherri Lintjer

The Sax came in today.  It looks great.  My son is in love with it. 
Thanks for making the process easy.  I will admit I was a bit concerned about making such a large purchase without actually meeting you.
Kudos' to you for making me feel comfortable.  If you need me for a reference, let me know.
Thanks again,
Steve Randazzo

A final recap, of sorts, on my thoughts on the saxophone:
The problem with control on the lower register was (magically) fixed by your suggestion (to move the mouthpiece lower on the cork). I don't profess to understand why; my Caravan mouthpiece (which I used on my tenor) did no such nonsense, but that's ok, because, as it turns out, the correct placemement of the mouthpiece on the alto (for pitch, as per my embouchure) is pretty far down anyway. Anyway, my point--it's fixed, not a problem.
In fact, the more I play it, the more pleased I am. I am still not used to it...the mouthpiece I think is a bigger (or equal) change to the horn change, and I may actually end up choosing another mouthpiece in the future. But, for now, the only (and I do mean only) problem is a sticky G# pad, which I will have fixed by the local repairman, when I have a chance.
    So, my final point--I don't think it needs adjusting, and I think that everything is fine with it.
So, thanks again--I can't tell you how much I enjoyed doing business with you, and I hope that life smiles on you in return for the pleasure I have gotten from this new instrument. Or something. Until another time (such as when I send more business your way)--

Mathew -
The saxophone arrived and it was absolutely perfect. It played beautifuly right from the moment I blew air through it. I love my new horn and
no one could have had it done better than you, thank you so much for this wonderful sax.
  Andy Bessette

Mr. Aaron,
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I recieved the sax yesterday, and it is beautiful.
Everything was packed extremely well, and i can't say how much i appreciate it. It plays great and the low end sounds awesome! I'm really looking forward to purchasing from you again sometime. Thank you!
Amanda Wheeler

Dear Mathew,
We received the tenor sax yesterday, and my kid loves it. He sat there just holding it for about 15 min before he actuly started playing it. It sounds and plays great. Thank you for selling us the saxophone.
The saxophone is better than we could have hoped.

Hi Mathew,
Mitch has been playing his sax for about an hour now.  He was so excited opening the box.  At first he had no clue what he was opening.  I asked him what he had ordered and had him believing that he accidentally ordered something from the internet.  When he got to the smaller box inside and saw selmersaxman, he knew!   He came running and threw his arms around my neck and gave me a bear hug.  Moms always like that!

Thanks for all your help.  Everything went exactly as you said it would. I appreciate your answering all my emails and questions over the phone. I would be happy to recommend you to anyone in search of a new saxophone.  The sax is beautiful and sounds beautiful as well.
Paula Lewis

Hi, this is Mitch, thank you  for everything you did for my mom and I. I appreciate it very much.  I know I will enjoy playing it through the next few years.
It is a great saxophone and  I can't thank you enough.
            Thanks again,
            Mitch Lewis  (the next great saxophonist) [:)] ha ha

Hi Mathew,
My horn came this morning and there are no apparent problems. The box was not damaged and the packing was very good. I'm glad I spent the extra shipping money... Well worth it.
I've played it for the last hour or so and it's just great. Exceeds my expectations: great intonation, real easy blowing all the way down, great action and nice tone. Also a very solid feeling instrument, I like the palm and right side index keys alot... Easy high Eb- E - F transitions.
I thank you for a smooth transaction, and if you ever need a reference for another private sale like this, do not hesitate to write to me. I'll be playing it tomorrow night for a three hour blues gig, so wish me luck. I'm also trying out a new SD Systems (Dutch) dynamic mic that fits over the bell using a tripod "spider". I think this is going to be a good set-up for me. Here's their site if you don't already know about them:  http://www.sdsystems.com/ Again, thanks from a happy customer.
Best regards,

Everything is great!  He loves the instrument.  He's very picky and found it to be flawless. His plan is to buy a metal mouthpiece to replace the hard plastic mouthpiece that comes with it for a brighter sound. Again, I appreciate your help and won't hesitate to business with you again.  If you have a couple of business cards perhaps I can give you out as a reference.
Best wishes,

I asked Dan, and he said it is great.  Thank you for asking. 
I have kept your email, and if I have a chance, I will recommend your wonderful service.  It has been such a pleasure to do business with you.

I'm enjoying the horn quite a bit.  The work is going through a dry spell, but I did have  an oppertunity to take it out once.
It really sounds good.  I have gotten quite a few complements.   I am especially pleased with the feel of the horn.  The action is very tight.  Years down the line, when I actually have some money I might look at a Serie III tenor...but not for a long while...
Thanks again.
Aaron R.

The sax is working out great.  I am very pleased with the intonation - the
key added for the C# definitely lives up to Selmer's claim.  Before Iordered the horn  you mentioned that I would immediately notice the improvement in palm key arrangement (compared to the Series II) - - very true!  I have also noticed that the brushed finish either is resistent to, or does not show fingerprints, etc.  I still wipe the horn down every time I play, though.  I believe that this finish is also also less bright than
my old Series II - that is important to me as I play lead in a big band.  I can project well on this horn without too much edge.
I am very pleased with this whole transaction, especially your quick and
well-packed shipment, follow-up and interest after the sale.  It is very reassuring to know that this instrument I invested in has only been carefully played to set it up, and has not been handled by many in a store environment.  That is one of your selling points that I took very seriously before my decision.

I have been letting all of my other sax-playing friends know about you!  I wish you many years of success.
Feel free to use my comments on your web site.
Bill Brown
Gastonia, NC

Hey Mathew!
The Selmer Series III is working great!   I played it in my schools spring concert, big band dance, and recently, a recording studio gig.  It plays great and I love the way it fits in my hands.  I must admit when I first bought the saxophone, I was nervous about how it would play but those nerves are gone. I am very happy with my purchase.  Thank you!
       Thomas Jonsson

It's beautiful!
Came packaged to withstand armageddon, but after i got it open, i was thrilled. Mild problem with g#, but nothing that can't be taken care of (regular sticking g# problem).
Thanks a lot,
Great doing business with you.
Stephen Vanterpool
British Virgin Islands

     Thank you so much for selling me that saxophone. I play it everyday,
and it plays like a dream. I havent taken it to school but once, for a concert.
Needless to say all of the kids were awwed. During the concert I played a solo and it stood out so much. If i have any friends that want any good deals on a new saxophone i will be sure to tell them where to look. And again i want to think you,
                                                    Brett Meers

Hi Matthew,
Just a note to say "thanks" again for my wonderful series 3 tenor.  It is so wonderful.
A dream come true, the look, sound and action of the keys are awesome!!!!
I now play every Sunday in church, joined a community jazz band and have now landed a gig at a local club here in town!!!!
Life is good and it all started with SELMERSAXMAN.COM!!!!
Everything that you said was going to happen, happened. The sax was  perfect. Your communication with me during the process was perfect. I cannot be happier.
Much success to you in the future.
Bill Hynett
Forest City, NC

Hello Mathew,
The saxophone arrived and looks beautiful. I took pictures of Joseph opening the case.  Today I asked him if he'd rather I'd gotten him a car or the sax - you can guess the answer!  He dashed over to the local music store to show it off and buy more reeds, then over to school to show and play for the band director.  Then of course he and his girl friend played in the giant box of peanuts....
Juliana Inman

from saxontheweb.net  --  with permission
May 24th 9:07 AM
I just completed a transaction with Matt 'Selmersaxman', and
I'm here to tell you that this was a completely straightforward and satisfactory deal, from the first communication to opening the very well-packed item. Matt went over and above in every respect , keeping me informed every step of the way. The item (a neck) was shipped from Paris, and Matt emailed me even when it was shipped from Paris to him. Perhaps I could have saved a few dollars by going directly to his source in France, but I don't speak French, and I despise international deals. This was much quicker and easier for me, and Matt made it that way. If he made anything on the neck, he deserves it. I would not hesitate to order any horn or accessory from him.

My new black lacquered Selmer Serie III came this afternoon, as promised!
It was in perfect shape, with no marks or scratches of any kind.  It is absolutely beautiful.  The pictures of it do not do it justice!  It was playable right out of the case.  In fact, the teacher who helped me set it up had fun showing it to all of her visiting family!  I am still marvelling at the sound, especially the low tones!  I want to thank you again for all of your kind help and answers to my many questions during the process of saxophone selection!  I valued your knowledge, experience, and clear explanations that gave me the confidence to make a choice of instruments. You never made me feel uncomfortable or awkward with my "novice" questions. Thank you for your quick responses via email or telephone to my many inquiries, as I went about educating myself about these wonderful horns. I have already greatly enjoyed playing my sax, and my son was inspired to dig out his trumpet! We actually managed a very short "duet"!  I hope to be in touch soon and let you know how things are going!  If I know of anyone looking for a great saxophone, I'll send them your way!
Many Thanks,

Hey, this is Carl Spaeth.  My dad recently purchased a silver serie III alto from you. 
It came to me in perfect condition exactly as your page said.  I thank you.  It plays perfectly.  I'm very impressed. My father seemed very pleased in the speed, careful packaging, and payment transfer.  Although I have absolutely no problem with my purchase, i do
have a few questions that I have become curious about after playing my
new sax that i thought you could answer............   I just graduated from Harrah, OK and will be attending Southwestern Oklahoma State University (SWOSU) next fall as a freshman majoring in instrumental music education.  My webpage is www.geocities.com/girlgetterCS/Carl if you want to read on what I have to say about saxes and me.  Once again, I thank you and I have mentioned your site to my director and will refer you to anybody I know that will be purchasing a new professional sax. 
Carl Spaeth

I received the two horns (Series III Soprano and Reference 36 Tenor) this evening. Although I have only had a couple of hours to work with these instruments I can already tell that these horns are going to be a lot of fun to play.
The tenor produces sub-tones so easily I can't describe it wth words, it just has to be experienced. The finish and the condition of the horns is IMMACULATE. Not a single scratch or blemish. The dark gold finish on the tenor reminds me of a well-aged older Selmer lacquer, of the balanced action to early Mark VI vintage. The polished and then matte lacquered finish on the soprano is gorgeous. I am very happy with both instruments and thank you for making this a very pleasant purchase. I may be in purchasing a Series III alto very soon.
(please feel free to use this as a testimonial.)

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, but we did get the saxophone on Wednesday, May 1.  My son was very anxiously awaiting its arrival and he wasn't disappointed when he first opened and saw the beautiful instrument.  In fact, since he had mentioned it to his band director, even he was all excited about.  The other band members were equally impressed with the beauty of the instrument. 
To be honest, as parents we were a little apprehensive about wiring the money and having to wait for its arrival also.  All of our anxiety was reduced to joy as we saw our son's excitement as he played his new Selmer Paris.  Since his band director has continually praised our son's (Bryan) talent, we only hope for better accomplishments in the future.  Thank you for the great and expeditious service that you provided in our purchase.                                          Have A Great Day!!
Eddie Gamez

My Reference 36 arrived on Friday just as promised!
Everything was just fine and the sax plays beautifully! I love the rich tone and the action of the keys. The rose-gold and engraving really caught my wife's attention. She's not a musician and says that she can really hear the difference in my two tenors. Thanks again for making a "sight-unseen" purchase turn out to be a very good experience for me. Also,could you please mail me a receipt of the purchase? I need it for my
home insurance and coverage of the instrument.

Thanks again,
Doug Earley

I got my sax Friday right on time! 
It is perfect!  I can't believe how incredible the Selmer feels compared to the other saxophones I tried.  You are absolutely correct in the mouthpiece adjustment. It must must pushed all the way in to nearly 1/16th " at the end of the cork.  Thank you so much!
Scratch Nikki behind the ears for me!
I hope I can buy an alto later.....

Thank you very much for the custom Alto.  We received it in the mail today, and it was in mint condition.  You have been very helpful, and we really appreciate it.
Bob Harrison
Laura Harrison

Man this is GREAT!!! I haven't played it yet. Just got today, that was fast shipping!You were RIGHT, I would have wasted my money going 2 day air. The sax and CASE looks WONDERFUL!!!!!! I'll be taking it to my repair guy to go over (not that it needs adjusting) it just to make sure it is set-up properly and for him to see it. I don't know if he or my sax teacher (Frank Vicari ) has seen one like this. Also (not for my ego ) am I the first ebay customer to actually win/purchase this style alto? I was also NERVOUS about the neck, in the photo the neck is a shiny lacquered neck. I was hoping the neck was the same as the body and it is. I was relieved! I didn't like the contrast of the brush finish w/ clear lacquered keys. I am so HAPPY you don't know. I have to change my underwear cause I think I shot my load after seeing the finish. The finish is sort of a haunting type appearence. Kind of eerie mysterious looking, but I LIKES! Take care . I left some ebay comments for you also. Once AGAIN , THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Mathew,
Sorry it has taken so long to e-mail that
the sax arrived in perfect condition on monday!  Derrick loves the sax and his instructor told him that he really liked the sound,...definitely different than his old Yamaha.  Thanks again for all of your help!  Randy
 Randy Kline

We received the saxophone on Monday and there was no damage in the shipping. 
Thanks for responding so quickly and packing it so well. It looks like a very nice instrument. I'm primarily an oboe player and I haven't played sax in about ten years.  Do you have a recommendation for the type of reeds I should get started with?
Thanks again,

Hey, Mathew!
 I got the reference 54 yesterday in time to blow a little before rehearsal
last night and it is sweet!  I had a blast at practice.  I felt like a totally different sax player!  The whole sax section was wowed, including the director, my former instructor and bari player, who just grinned with delight!  All my low notes came out effortlessly, and with pretty good subtone-ability. I am still trying different mouthpieces to achieve the exact sound I want and have a few at the house now from WW and BW on the trial basis they offer. You were right about the small cork on for the mouthpiece.  The metal link was a bit large, but I compensated for practice with the addition of a slip of paper around the cork!  The rubber link fit OK.  Pitch was incredibly stable all night!  I am amazed at how much difference a good sax can make in your sound and enjoyment level!
Everything about dealing with you was terrific.  I appreciate your time and conversations and genuine concern for insuring my horns safe and timely arrival.  And for helping me through my first ebay purchase!  I was quite apprehensive buying from a computer!  The horn came in perfectly packed, BIG BOX! And the extra cork placements to assure stable traveling.  Thanks for a great experience and an even better sax!  I really want a soprano down the road, so I know where to turn!
 Thank you for everything!
      Dianne Bulluck
      Reference 54 Happy Owner

You may post... but here's a more-complete testimonial!
My dealings with Mathew Aaron have been terrific! He answered a slew of questions (a couple of different times) and guided me through alto saxophone options. Once I made the decision, Mathew helped me to expedite payment (which expedited receipt of my sax!), including tracking of the instrument through UPS.
The horn arrived securly-packed and in "as advertised" condition--perfect! I could barely wait to soak a reed and go to it. : One word:
WOW! My wife said "what a difference." And BRIGHT!! You were not kidding. Great action, too...

Thanks--another satisfied customer!
Mike Reynolds

Dear Matthew:
The sax arrived yesterday. It's a beautiful instrument. My daughter is off to wow the high school jazz band this morning. This sax will be traveling with her to Carnage Hall in May, for a jazz competition. The upgraded case looks like it was made for hard travel.
We are extremely pleased with our e-bay purchase.
Thanks for making it possible!
Best Wishes,

It plays beautifully, Oh my God! Man, Couldn't help the butterflies, But after the first note it was so on the mark!!!
Thanks for everything! I will call you for all my woodwind needs including friends.
Frank Fese

The sax arrived today. I was so excited.
It plays wonderfully. Thanks for making a dream come true.
Curt B.

We received the saxophone on Wednesday. My daughter loves it and played it as soon as she came in from school. Thanks for all of your help. This was our first eBay purchase. It was a pleasure doing business with you.
  Jimmy Rutherford


                                     JO ANNE AND FRANK RANDAL
the following refers to the same sax as indicated above....
My Aunt JoAnn just bought a Selmer from you for my high school graduation present. She told me that you wanted to know how I liked It.
Thought I'd let you know that I love the sax. It sure is good looking and it plays like a dream. Tonal quality is sure different than my old Conn. She is going to try to send you a picture by e-mail of me and the sax. Thanks for finding me the black laquer!
Johnny Ray

I do think that the problem was that I did not have the mouthpiece pushed in far enough.  I know, I know, you told me a bunch of times   -  but when I pushed it down to where hardly any cork was showing the tone on the D and E seemed to come into tune then.
I still have having a hard time sustaining the high E and F - it seems that the reed fails and I can't seem to find peace with a reed.......
I do love the Selmer workmanship - it gives confidence when the microphone is hooked up and you are exposed!!
Thank you again for your correspondence and kind assistance.  I do think all is well with the horn.
  Can I contact you periodically about reed issues for my Alto or if I ever want to pull the trigger on a tenor?
Thanks again,
Jim Messner

I received the soprano yesterday, Thursday. 
What a gorgeous instrment it is, and it plays beautifully.  It arrived with no problems.  I am extremely happy with it and I am plotting some long practice sessions this weekend to get used to it.  Thanks for everything. 
Richard Bane

We have our sax!
It is beautiful. Nate is very impressed. He is thrilled to have the newest best there is.  He got home late yesterday evening and did not have a good reed, but he scrounged around to find a reed at all.  He didn't get to play much because he had four younger siblings already in bed...He liked what he did play. He thinks he can adjust to the fingering differences. Thanks. We are definately another satisfied customer. 
Thanks again,
Kathy Allen

Good Morning Matthew,
Just wanted to let you know we received the sax and it is great. 
Thank you for your frequent communications.
Have A Great Day!
Jackie Cawley

 I intended to send a reply before leaving town for the last four days but never got around to it. The polishing compound doesn't diminish any of the enjoyment we are having or will have with this sax.
My daughter was wanting the silver-plated and really I was too. If I had been searching for a horn for myself, it would have been this one. It is a wonderful sounding instrument and a beauty to look at too.
Again, thanks for all your information and help.

For your feed back.
I am extremely pleased with my new Reference 54, and I am equally pleased with your service. The best price in the US, quality product, safe shipping, amazing personal service and true concern for customer satisfaction make selmersaxman the only to buy the Selmer Paris horn you already know you want. Thank you again for the beautiful horn.
Steven in Berkeley, CA.

Hi Matt
The sax arrived today in a HUGE package. It looks beautiful and sounds GREAT!
I really appreciate your business. I really like the bag too, actually. I will contact you in the future if I have more questions about the horn. Again, thank you very much.
John K.

Hi Mathew
Here is a testimonial for you:

I brought my new Ref 54 Selmer to the dress rehearsal of our big rock n Roll review. There is a cast of 70+ singers, dancers and musicians. The drummer was the first to notice and said, "What is that? A new sax? Man, that is cool lookin'." Then a few others noticed an commented. The director commented later that he liked the sound of it, and it sounded really good and clear. From my point of view, it played so easy; every note effortless, even the altissimo register was clear and easy. A few places in the score I have to play a subtone low B in the song "You Really Got A Hold On Me" intro which, until then, I was chicken to try. It's a very soft passage but it came out awesome. "Waterloo" is packed with notes with no where to breathe, but now I take a really deep breath, and can play those phrases without turning purple. When it came time to rock, The ref 54 really rocks, with power to spare. My otto link 10 plays easy like a 5! I hope this horn plays like this for a long time. When our video comes out "I've Got Music In Me", you
will be able to see and hear what I' talking about! I just hope they
don't mess up the film like they did last year.

J.H.B. -Massachusetts

Dear Mathew,
 The saxophone finally arrived today at 3:30 our time!  I love it!  The sound is gorgeous and the intonation is so much better than my old sax it is amazing.  I'm very pleased with it.  Thank you for your business, I will keep in touch.
I'll be sure to recommend you to anyone who is looking for a Selmer Paris sax. Thanks again,
-James Huber-

Yeah, it sounds great.  I got a berg larson mouthpiece for jazz, the horn plays very evenly through all the registers.  I also got a Caravan (personal favorite) for classical.  The horn sounds wonderful.  One of the few horns I've heard my instructor say he could get used to playing on. 
Thanks for all the help.
John Pastene

Hi Mathew,
I just wanted to thank you. The horn plays wonderful - great dark sound! You packed it so well, I think that even Rain Man would get a headache counting all those styrofoam peanuts. 
I must say you have provided the finest customer service experience I have ever encountered. Even though we conversed through e-mail and the phone, I feel like I worked with you face to face. You show a genuine care for your customers which is simply wonderful. Thank you very much!
Nick Greeson

 Hey, this is Aaron, the son of Janice Vincent. We bought a "Selmer Serie III" from you the other day, and I just wanted to thank you greatly for a quality saxophone. When I first opened the box,
I was happy to see you had taken extra care to package it safely. The saxophone itself was beautiful, and outplayed by old Antigua Winds hands down. I will definitely recommend your saxophone service to my friends. Thanks!

Hi Mathew,
My Series III alto plays great and is all I expected,
both from the horn and from your service. Given this is the second Selmer I have purchased from you I can attest that you offer something that is not always easy to find. Namely, a good product to go along with knowledgeable and exceptional service. While there is certainly much discussion in the saxophone community over what is the best horn, I determined that Selmer was me. After the additional insight you provided over the phone and through email, I was able to approach my purchase from an even better informed perspective. I personally believe that you offer a true value and that is an excellent product at a great price. You have also proven that you are there after the purchase . After I decided on the Series III alto, it became a "no-brainer" where to purchase it. If anyone is "concerned about getting what they pay for;" tell them not to worry and buy from you. Good luck to you and thanks for an exceptional buying experience. Feel free to refer to me any potential buyers that have question.

 The sax arrived right on schedule today -
what a knockout!!!  Thanks for taking the extra care to pack it so well - you can never be too careful.  It plays beautifully - it makes me sound much better than I really am.  I am looking forward to playing this incredible instrument for years & years to come.  Thank you very much!!!

Dear Mathew,
Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that my son is LOVING his new Selmer horn.  He was quite surprised!! 
I wanted to thank you for making my internet buying experience so easy.   You answered all my questions,  shipping was right on time and the price was more than fair.   I play also and hope to buy a soprano for myself someday.  You can bet you'll be hearing from me.
 Have a great 2002.
Keith G

Got it Tuesday evening.  Everything was just like you said.  I did discover, however, that I've got a lot of practicing to do!  But I'm really looking forward to it.  Thanks for helping get me back in the music business.
You run a very nice business, Mathew.  I could not imagine buying something over the internet being any easier or more reassuring than you make it. Thanks again.
Ray Best

Dear Mathew;
    Yes, you may use our e-mails for your testimonials.
We appreciate all the time you took to help us decide what to buy, and also to solve the shipping troubles.
    Katie really enjoys playing this instrument. She'll be playing it tonight in a school concert, and she's also preparing solos for an audition for symphonic orchestra and for district Festival. She says that all the kids are jealous. Her music teacher says "WOW" .
              Carol Uhl
Hello, Mathew;
     Thank-you for looking into the transit problem with Katie's saxophone. It arrived this morning 8:30. We woke Katie up to tell her it was here. She's been playing band music for an upcoming concert for over an hour now. It sounds great.
She's VERY happy.
    We tracked the package too, and were wondering why it spent so much time in the southeast US. It seems like an inefficient route when they could just put it on a westbound semi. Katie was about ready to go intercept it herself. We will send UPS labels and codes to you ASAP.
The sax is beautiful and Katie had very little trouble getting the highest and lowest notes to come out, which has been a problem with her student Bundy. With a little time she'll have it down pat.
    Thanks again.
                            Carol Uhl

Now that the holidays are through,
I just wanted to let you know how much my daughter loves the saxophone we purchased from you.  Her instructor just raves at the beautiful tone she has now.  For several days after she got it, she did not want to touch it because she did not want to put any fingerprints on it.
I also had one question regarding that particular sax.  Have you ever had any difficulty with mouthpieces fitting on the sax?  We purchased a Selmer C* 80 mouthpiece for her concert band and it fit just fine.  She had an Otto Link mouthpiece for jazz and it was too big.  We first thought that it was because it was from her old Selmer.  Her band instructor ordered a new Otto Link and it had the same fit -- it appears to be too large for the sax.
Thank you.
Lisa Campeau


The only way Internet business will be successful is when you encounter sites like www.selmersaxman.com.  Being an amateur at buying things from the Internet, I was hesistant at first in purchasing a reasonably expensive item.  I directly called Mathew, the owner of www.selmersaxman, and he assured me that things will be delivered as promised once he receives my cashiers check, money order, or money transfer.
Well, indeed I received the item, a saxophone, and more. 
The packaging of the saxophone was done with "tender loving care".  I received a 3 feet by 5 feet box full of protection for the  8 inches by 15 inches saxophone.   During the delivery process he provided me a UPS tracking number so I can be assured the item is on its way.  After a long wait, because of UPS delays due to winter storms,  my son, the recipient of the saxophone, was quite delighted when the saxophone was finally at our doorstep.  Thanks www.selmesaxman.com for making his day!
- Dan -

It was hard for me to put my new selmer serie III alto saxophone down to write this e-mail to you (I have been playing it for and HOUR).  It has a great rich mellow sound and outplays all of the saxophones I was looking at. 
Thank you for putting up with all of my e-mails and phone calls.  You will only have to put up with one more.  On the warranty card and the Certificat De Garantie it says the marque/ instrument is a Sxophone Selmer alto III PVM.  What does PVM mean? Anyway, I was a little bit shaky buying a saxophone over the phone, it was my first time buying anything over it, but your great answers to my questions and your fabulous website made me anythig but uneasy about this purchase.  Please feel free to use my e-mail address for a referal. I have to go play the sax again. 
P.S. that really was a lot of peanuts

Hi, Matt -- Sorry I haven't written you sooner, but we've had some major and minor crises here and back home, so I'm just now catching up on correspondence.  The horn came in last Saturday morning, a bit late for Xmas, but no problems otherwise.  From my side of things, it's a beautiful horn -- I always have thought silvered horns are more elegant than brass lacquered.  At any rate, we drove over to Chemnitz, in the former East German Republic, and took the horn to my son-in-law, who was visibly impressed. 
He played the horn, scales, and some old stuff from a few years back, and pronounced the horn playworthy (albeit with a large grin). There was one note that wouldn't stay in line with others (tone quality), but he said that the reeds he used were easier to control, and didn't seem worried about that.  Registers were smooth, and he liked the position of the upper register key.  The C# (I think) key has an easier position, also better.  He said that in the next day or two he would work the horn with his electronic tuner, to check tuning of individual notes.  As I was listening, I didn't hear anything out, and being a vocalist ( I sing opera in Darmstadt Germany), I am very sensitive to pitch control, and hear very minor deviations in pitch.  Have never checked my ear against an electronic tuner, so don't know how that would stack up.  The only thing I heard is the fact that as a singer I do the same as a violinist, and tune the 3rd and 7th of a scale a bit high, to compensate for tempered tuning.  I could tell the difference in my taste in tuning, and the instrument's, but that's only personal preference.  I do have a problem listening to most vocalists.

At any rate, if anything does show up, I will let you know, and we can arrange fine "tuning" if necessary.  Ed did say that he does not have tools and supplies necessary to do the job himself, and would not attempt even minor adjustments.

Either tomorrow or Friday I will check with the German customs for their stamp of approval, and will get the papers back to Paris ASAP. I will keep you informed as much as possible.

Thanks for all your help in getting this horn -- much appreciated --

Hello Mr. Aaron,
It has been a pleasure purchasing a saxophone from you. There were no surprizes in the process.
It is nice to deal with somone that knows his product and is dealing in the facts. My daughter is the player of this instrument and many places where we have looked at horns, the salesman would talk to me an not to her. You answered all of her questions, you recognized that the decision on what to buy and from whom was with her.
The Reference 54 we purchased is just as you described it. Is a wonderful horn to play. In the week that we have had it, the horn has been played by several professionals. In each case the response from the horn and the players has been glowing. We are looking forward to a lifetime of music from this instrument.
Richard W. Rebovich
Charlotte, NC

 Hi Mathew:
Thank you for providing my son with a beautiful Selmer Paris Serie III silverplated alto saxophone (new).  The saxophone was shipped immediately as promised and arrived on schedule.
I appreciate the time you spent responding to my questions by email and telephone.  It is clear that you are very knowledgeable about saxophones.  You are also willing to go the extra mile to satisfy the customer.  I am very happy with the service you provided and would purchase another instrument from you in the future.  You deserve a rating of A+ .  Thanks again for everything.
You have my permission to post this feedback on your website.
A. Olden

Thank you so much for all of your assistance with our sax purchase.
I appreciated the time you spent on the telephone answering our questions, in particular on the advantages and quality with the Selmer Serie III.  You offered more time and personal attention and expertise than what I experienced at any of the local shops here in Minneapolis!  I am also grateful for the time and effort you put in to making sure the sax arrived on time for our Christmas holiday.  The sax was packed perfectly and arrived safe and sound.   In closing I have to say you were right about having the camera ready when my son opened the case.  It was a "Kodak moment" that I am glad we caught on film.  The silver finish is particularly awesome!!!
Thanks again for everything. 
I will certainly recommend you to others!
Greg Soderberg
Minneapolis, MN

Dear Mathew,
Just wanted to let you know that
Curt was thrilled with his new sax.    We were able to keep it a surprise all the way up to Christmas morning.  Playing is coming back quickly to him even though it has been 25 years.  He likes the Van Doren mouthpiece best.  Thanks again for your guidance. The only mistake I made is that I guessed wrong on the case.  He prefers the soft case over the hard.  Is there any chance we could make an exchange and get a refund?  Let me know what you think.   Thanks,
Melissa Watson

We received the saxophone and it looks great. 
Thanks for your help and we won't hesitate to buy from you again.  (We have two other younger children).  Thanks again and Merry Christmas.
Glen and Denise Patrick
My parents just gave me the sax today and I love it. My mom just couldn't understand why I would just sit there and stare at it for a few minutes. The tone that I first got out of it was 'godlike,' and I don't use that term lightly. It was (and still is) awesome.
Thank you for sending the saxophone so safely and packed so well. Everything was just as described online. Please don't hesitate to use my email address for a recomendation.
 Devan Patrick

Hello Mathew,
Wanted to let you know how happy I was with my new saxophone.   First of all I want to thank you for the excellent packaging job.    When I saw the box you shipped my alto in I thought at first you might have sent me a tenor by mistake, the care with which the horn was shipped immediately alleviated any concerns I had about potential shipping damage.  I was very pleased with the cork pieces you applied to the horn to restrict key movement during shipping.   As far as the sax itself I am ecstatic. As I mentioned before I have been playing a Selmer SA80 which I have been very happy with.  A few minutes with the new horn and I wondered why I didn't make the switch two years ago.   The response is incredible,  the horn plays very easily in all of the registers and is a real joy to play.   I am very pleased and want to thank you for a very easy no-hassle purchasing experience.  I have already forwarded your name to a fellow saxophone player who may  be looking for a horn in the future.   Thanks again!!
Best Regards,

Just a note to let you know that the sax was received and my son is very pleased with the quality and sound. 
Everything was just as described and couldn't have been smoother.  Thank you for your honesty and quick reply to all questions.
Chris Forester

Hello Mathew:
Josh got his sax Thurs pm, and said,
"It is the most amazing sax I have ever seen or played!"Thank-you for your exceptional service. I will post a positive response and credits to your site and ebay...
Mike Forbes

Hi Mathew,
The sax arrived yesterday afternoon in good condition.  You're right - that's a lot of peanuts. I'll have a good place to hide the cat.
I really like the horn and you did a marvelous job in not only representing the horn, but also helping me with my decision given that I was unable to play test this model. Your packing and service was superb.
I love the sound of the horn but I will probably try a different mouthpiece/reed combination. My other horn (H Couf or Keilwerth) blows a little freer but I like the sound and feel of the 36 much better. I also really like the keywork and the lacquer. I definitely think Selmer is back! I haven't had the opportunity to play it for an extended period of time yet, but I have the day off and am preparing to spend more time with it. I know it's going to be a keeper. In the beginning (when we were talking) I was ambivalent about was the case but now that I've had a chance to see it, I like it and am probably glad I didn't insist on the flight case.
Thanks for a super buying experience - I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for a Selmer sax. Let me know if you would like me to write a testimonial for your web site.
p.s. I may be in the market for an alto - what are your prices for the Series III? I would be interested in regular lacquer or maybe even the new finish (gold leaf?) you have on ebay.

Thank you Matthew. We received the sax yesterday afternoon and
Charlie is thrilled.  Its just what he wanted and if he is happy, then I am.
Thanks again
Richard Brantley

FINALLY!  We decided we would give our son the sax today.  My husband didn't want me to open it because it was his one and only xmas present, so he wanted him to unpack it.  To say the least, his reaction was priceless.  He hasn't stopped playing it since he opened it about 1 1/2 hours ago. 
We all noticed a big difference in the sound quality right away.  Everything was as we expected and I've posted positive feedback.
My son may in the future contact you if he has questions or problems.  His name is Ron and his email address is #########.

The sax arrived yesterday and it plays great.  Although I didn't have much to time play it yesterday, it is definitely a step in the direction I want to go with my sound.  But now I need to find a Link or a Berg to replace my Selmer s80 .  Anyway,
thanks for the great service and I will definitely refer anyone I know to you.

Hi Mathew,
We received the
meticulously packaged tenor sax. You were right, I couldn't believe it when I saw the box. Wow, that's a lot of peanuts.;>) Ben would not play it right away, he had to get a shower first. Musicians, from another planet? Anyway, after his shower, my husband and I heard the mellifluous tunes of tenor. We are impressed. I asked Ben for his opinion, and he simply says he likes it but needs the weekend to give it his full assessment as we had to interrupt his playing for dinner. I think he's worried because the keys are a little stiffer than his old sax.
BTW, putting the cork in must be quite tedious and once again
we were
very impressed by the attention you give when shipping your instruments.
And talk about a smooth transaction
Thanks again, Mathew.

Hi! Haven't talked to you for a while, but I hope all is well with you. Times certainly have changed recently and many things seem a little weird. I just thought you'd be interested in how my tenor was sounding. We finally added a "Twist of Jazz" section to our website at stowbiz.com. Go to the Jukebox section when you log on. I'm on all the tracks in that section, but on tenor specifically in
"Night Train" and "When a Man Loves a Woman".
I still love the horn!
Take care,
Tom Yamasaki

Although my 19 year old son is a person of few words most of the
time, his exact words were, "It plays great.  It is a great saxophone in
top condition."  He also thought it was a "pretty cool" brthday / graduation gift. You were
easy and efficient to deal with.  Both the product and process by which I purchased the product are state-of-the-art."
Best regards,

Hi Mathew
Well its been about 4 1/2 months since I bought my Ref 36 from you and  I just wanted you to know that now, since I have had 4 months to really play with this horn, I think it's probably the "Best Horn" that Selmer is, and has made. The sound quality does not compare with some of these newer horns. I have tried some of the others people have in our student band; some made in Japan. I even tried a Mark Vl which I thought I wanted and the 36 sounds and feels better. I did have to have 2 adjustments made but other than that its the best. I also noticed they do NOT loose in the pricing dept. I just had to email you and let you know
I am VERY satisfied and sorry it took so long to get back to you and let you know.
Take Care

 I'm sorry that I haven't been able to get back to you earlier, but for some odd reason, the phone line in our house went dead, so I couldn't e-mai you. I received the sax thursday afternoon. It is truly the most amazing thing I have ever played and
it is everything I could have hoped for .  The action is great and the key positions are flawless too.  I love classic look of the brushed finish.  I have only played it once so far, because I still don't feel worthy enough to play such a fine instrument.  But it won't go to waste at all once I begin playing it in my school's jazz band.  This is definately a successful life-long investment and I thank you for making it so easy for me and for giving me so much advice.
Evan Kereiakes

Thanks again for your help. 
Your advice was great and your service was exceptional.  We couldn't be happier with the sax.  I was, as you know, very wary of making such an important purchase on-line. I appreciated your taking the time to talk to me.  It has been a pleasure doing business with you! 

Hi Mathew,
This horn is so great, I'm still kind of dazed!  What a smooth, light tone.  It has excellent action and incredible intonation.  Now starts the search for a mouthpiece . . .
Thanks again for a
great transaction.

THE Saxophone arrived yesterday.  My son was very happy. I had to track the UPS delivery truck down (it is a small town) so that he could get it sooner. It is everything he expected it to be.
The high school band instructor came over yesterday to see it after my son called him and told him it was in.  A very big event in my sons life. Much different than the 1963 model Martin (his mother's) than he had been playing. He is trying to adjust to the different key positions. He played last night until his mouth was sore.  (His Sax had been broken since the last part of the school year and he had not played.)
 His big concern now is what mouthpiece to use.  He has been looking them over.  The instructor had an old model Selmer C* that he had bought in a clearance for himself and had not played.  The shape is different and has a bigger area for air flow or something.  My son noticed a big difference.  If you have any recommendations let us know.  He evidently talked to you a long time before I got home. He has mentioned many things that you spoke of.
Thank You again for all your help.  We would definitely recommend you above anyone else.  We very much appreciated your help and guidance. We will definitely recommend you to anyone who needs a Sax .

I am a sax player from Prince Rupert, B.C. Canada and I recently purchased a selmer saxophone from Mathew Aaron (selmersaxman). 
He was very helpful in making it an easy transaction and I had the sax in my hands within two weeks of his ordering. I would definitely reccomend Mathew to anybody looking to purchase a Selmer sax.  

Dear Mathew,
 We received the alto saxophone on Monday.  Our daughter was absolutely delighted with this instrument.  It is beautiful to look at and has a great sound.  Our daughter cleaned up an old mouthpiece and immediately started playing.  We couldn't be happier.
It was a pleasure doing business with you .  We hope you are still selling Selmers when we need to purchase a tenor.  
 Thanks again!
Beth and Jim Utley

Just a note that, since the new Reference 54 arrived last week, both my instructor and I have played it at length.  It is a wonderful instrument with a sound that has more than met my expectations.  My instructor commented that the lower notes particularly are the best he's ever heard
or played.
I am most grateful for all your help and counsel.  Our many emails and telephone conversations were of great assistance during this major purchase.  Thanks very much for your excellent services.
John B. Sheffer, II

Hello, I love the sax.  It is amazing. 
It definately exeeded all of my expectations.  I left you some positive feedback on ebay.  I just wanted to thank you.

The sax came in yesterday and my daughter is
happy as a clam. Thanks!  I have not seen the sax myself but my daughter unpacked it and tried it out and said it is working fine.  Thanks again for being informative and helpful.
You may post my email as is with my email address.  It is always a pleasure going through an experience of honest dealing with mutual benefits.
Best regards,

Thanks a lot for everything, the horn showed up today and
it is great.
Haven't gotten the chance to do a lot of playing yet, but I think it is just
what I was looking for. Thanks

I got the saxophone last night and I couldn't be more pleased. It is absolutely beautiful and it plays wonderfully. Once again,
thanks for your help and considerate business ethics.
Ryan Hargis

Dear Mathew,
     I was pleasantly suprised when I came home from work tonight and found my new sax waiting for me. 
Thanks for sending it so fast!   I love the finish, and the case is great - so convenient!  I still need to get a mouthpeice (since mine was stolen along with the sax) so - I am just waititng to play for now.  The keys felt a little different than I was used to with my Yamaha custom but I am sure I will get used to them soon.  I am so excited to look for mouthpeices.  I play mainly jazz, but I want to be able to get a nice classical tone as well.  Any personal suggestions?

I hope all is well with you and the website looks great! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you,
but that does not diminish how fabulous the saxophone we bought from you continues to be! The patience and thoroughness you demonstrated in explaining the value of the horns you sell was greatly appreciated, and the actual sax was everything you said it would be. It was also a great experience to deal with someone of great integrity and have the transaction go so smoothly. It looks like you have lots of well-deserved positive feedback already, but if you'd like to use mine as well, feel free.
Take care.

We received the sax last week, and both boys LOVE it! 
It is a beautiful instrument and sounds excellent.  Thank you so much for getting it to us so promptly.
We'll be in touch.
Julie Chapman

Well, I just got my saxophone today and it looks absolutely exquisite. I haven't played on it yet as I got home really late and everyone was asleep at my house, but I am sure it is just as great!
Thank you so much for your service and help and evverything!  I will definately recommend you to many people -- my brother will probably need a new saxophone in a couple of years, so you'll probably be hearing from him then; If I am ever considering another sax (it is likely I will) you will definitely be hearing from me.  
Again, Thank you very much and I look forward to dealing with you again someday!

I played the horn this morning, and it sounds fabulous!  It is amazing what a difference the horn actually makes.  Thanks again for the exceptional service!

Hey Mathew,
I've been playing the Selmer Reference 54 tenor you sold me and have fallen in love with it. What a work of art!
You did a great job of packing the instrument when you shipped it and everything came just we had agreed . The sax plays wonderful with no problems. In time I am going to buy a soprano and I will definitely be getting with you on that. I really appreciate the time you took to help me make my decision. Going with the Reference 54 was the right decision without question.
 Thanks for the great level of service and professionalism!
 Thanks and God bless,

June 1, 2001
I have been quite impressed with the value and quality of the Sax I purchased for my son.  I could not have found such a high quality instrument for such a reasonable price anywhere, on or off, the internet.
But, what really blew me away was your follow-up when we had a minor
problem.  You made all the arrangements with Selmer, provided the appropriate comforting e-mails, and made sure the job got done correctly.
Thanks again for an excellent service; and good luck with your web site
John Schulz

May 25, 2001
Dear Mathew,
      I'm even happier today after a night with my new saxophone.  She's wonderful and I can tell we'll have a long and joyful relationship. 
Thank you for your efforts in making the purchase so convenient and efficient.  The horn was delivered the day after I wired the money to you and my new baby was in great shape.  I would recommend you to anyone .  I know your business is based on referrals and prior service.  Please feel free to add me to your list of satisfied customers. 
Scott D. Hall

May 24, 2001
Hi Mathew. 
Thanks again for all your great correspondence and follow-thru with my recent purchase .  Please use my e-mail address for reference and referral on your web site.  As a testimonial, and as I have mentioned to others, Selmer Paris truly does set standards with their instruments.  My paris III alto brushed sax is truly an awesome saxophone, which sounds and plays with personality.  Your service from beginning to end was impressive, and I was comfortable with the transaction.  Your willingness to work with my schedule for shipping, inasmuch as I was on vacation, was truly appreciated.  
Thanks again. 

May 23, 2001
this has been a happy day for us--we love the sax and it sounds great.  of  course the news of it's arrival came to my daughter while i was scrubbed on a big case, so she had   to wait a few hours longer--all the sweeter in the end.
from start to finish this was a pleasure, and if you want to give my email to a prospective customer, feel free to do so.

May 22, 2001
Good luck with your new website!  I'm sure it will be a big hit as
I am a very satisfied customer! I won the bid on ebay from you for a selmer series 3 alto saxophone.  The price was very fair, and your delivery of the item, as well as all my questions in emails, were always very prompt.  In addition, the packing was extremely well done.  4 stars to your business!  From a satisfied customer.
Best of luck,
dan s

Hi Mathew,
             I recently purchased a silver plated alto and was very pleased with the instrument. It plays wonderful and was shipped promptly and very well packed.
I would highly recommend a purchase from Mathew as I saved approximately $500. I personally plan on another purchase in the near future from Mathew. Feel free to contact me @

        Thank you,

May 21, 2001
Hi Mathew - We are happy to add to the testimonial page.  We recently purchased directly from you a new Selmer Paris Series III silver plated alto saxophone. 
You were very helpful - educating us as to the merits of the saxophone and were willing to work with us as to how and when we purchased the horn.  Your knowledge was/is extensive and you spent a lot of time giving us information, even calling us at home to make sure we had all of our questions answered.  Shipping was very prompt and the instrument arrived well packed and brand new.  You emailed us many times with updates and were willing to answer all of our many questions without any impatience. We would be happy to have others email us to verify your prompt and wonderful service. Thanks again for everything.
Sally & John Bonk

May 20, 2001
I'm very happy with the Selmer Reference 54 saxophone that I bought from you at the end of January, 2001. 
I was impressed and pleased with the way you promptly and efficiently handled the transaction, and with the horn itself.  There is always a risk with purchasing a saxophone site-unseen because several horns of the same model will sound slightly differently.  You gave me a very good price on a hard-to-get saxophone and I was very happy with the way you packed it and the condition in which I received it.  The Reference 54 that I purchased from you was set up well, and I didn't have to make any adjustments to make it play in tune or eliminate a leak as is prevalent with most new horns.  Hence I have an excellent-sounding tenor, not just because it's a Reference 54 but also because it was set up very well.  My instructor is looking to purchase a Reference 54 and he likes the sound of mine over the other one that he has tried. I'd gladly do business with you again.

I'm setup with the V16-T75 and a VanDoren #2S reed and I'm thinking maybe I have enough power to lose the mic in some venues. Thanks for the suggestion on the mouthpiece. I also tried out a rico plastic coated reed on that mouthpiece and set off car alarms. I'm quickly getting used to it. So little air required to play. The B-flat and C right hand pads stuck a little but have let go after some playing. Perhaps the laquer over the tone holes is a little sticky on the pad. I also will have to relearn my whole altissimo register, I was using a pretty non-standard custom fingering chart for the old horn. This baby likes to sing those falsetto notes. Anyway, this opens up a whole new game for me.
I have a horn I love and am going to blow on it until the laquer vaporizes. It looks like a tough horn so a cardiovascular workout program is in order, heh heh heh. It seems that after putting down the kazoo I have played for 15 years, my sound has evolved brom Bozo the Clown to Stanley Turrentine. Thanks again Matthew for making the horn available. I'll be contacting you if I come up with any setup issues.
Love first, ask questions later.

The saxophone arrived today.  It's in great shape and plays outstandingly well.
Extremely pleased with all elements of the transactions.  Thanks for your professionalism.  I did leave positive comments on e-bay feedback.  Feel free to use this e-mail address for any other transaction referrals.
Bob Biedron

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