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I just unpacked the horn.  Everything appeared to be exactly as it should. I only had the chance to blow a few notes, but
WOW!   The ergonomics and intonation are exactly what I would expect from any modern professional horn, but the sound is so much more complex than anything I've played.  Ive been looking for the setup to break me out of my college, academic style of playing which I seem to default to out of habit, and this is the horn!
Thanks again for the fantastic product and service!
Brian T. Kiser

11/11/2004 from Sax on the Web (with permission)
Ok. Here is how all this started. I have a SX-90 Bari. Killer horn but when I play longer than an hour my right hand gets a bit sore. So I have been thinking of trying something new. Problem is that I think the SX-90 Bari is the Best Modern Bari made and I need the low A (so a vintage Bb horn is outta the ?). Anyhow I have been hearing little voices in my head (not really) about these Rampones and how James Carter is playing them and some other cats. I bought that one that was for sale in the "for sale" section.
WOW! What A KILLER horn that Bari is. I think I liked it better than my SX-90. Problem is that I was told it was the R1 Jazz and it was only the R1. Also, I hated the flash plating. Well I thought maybe I ought to give this R1 Jazz Bari a run. But, nobody knows anything about these damn horns. So it was either wait and keep getting arthritis or buy one w/o playing it for like $6k.
Well my decision was to buy the Alto. Less at risk and if it was as good as I am hearing than I will sell my current alto (a late 60's Superba 1 that is now the second best alto I have owned). So my purchase options were either Saxophone UK. or Saxforte. Why buy overseas when I can get the same horn here and support the states. But it is more than just that. Matt Aaron at SaxForte was VERY helpful. He did NOT tell me how great the horn was. (It seems like the music business is littered with snake oil salesman who tell you how great you will be on this or that. not that I ever listened.) What he did do was had some good conversations with me and finally said you know I think you would really dig this horn.
Well I got the horn today. I have opened many sax cases of horns I have tried and purchased in the past. But, this was the FIRST time I ever was really just blown away from the horn. The Vintage Heavy Gold Platinging is beautiful. It is almost like who cares how it plays look at the way it looks. i want to buy the bari and tenor to display as art. These things are very different creatures. I have owned almost every sax new and used (VI, Cannonball, Top Hat, The Martin, Super 20, 992, SX-90, 6M, Couf, Series III, and II, and many I can't remember). The richness and complexity of sound is nothing I can remember hearing. Plus you can get that VI type buzz (like that Maceo Thing or the Fat Meat of Cannonball in the same breath.) It is almost too loud but has a something to the sound that is pleasing to the ear. That is one of the problems I found in the New Borgani. I thought it was kinda neat but the sound was just loud and almost aesthetically annoying. Plus, I was not too hapy with the fit and finsh of the Borg, it almost felt cheap.
Well with the Rampone, you can tell that there were live hands that went into this thing and it just feels crafted(?).
The altssimo was the best I have played. I can usually go to C4. Mostly with the same fingereing just do it with my throat. This horn was effortless.
I need to spend some more time with it. But you may tell I am enjoying the experience. I will report more when I get fully acclimated with it. Uh, anyone want to buy a Couf Alto?
posted by jjgold

Dear Mr. Aaron,
Although this is a bit delayed, I wanted to let you know that my Yanigisawa T-992 came in Friday the 8th, right on schedule. Would've gotten back to you sooner but I've spent most of my time playing the tenor!
This horn is wonderful, its responsive, with a nice dark tonal quality and with little resistance and is absolutely beautiful, it certainly blows my vintage buescher out of the water. The horn came in great condition, no scratches, dents or imperfections, and no wonder with all the packaging! Not only does this horn give me the ability to perform remarkably, but it makes music so much more enjoyable, which is what this is all about. I've already informed many others about your excellent service, and I know if I ever have need for another sax, I'll come to saxforte.

Hi Mathew,
Just a quick note to let you know the
Rampone & Cazzani R1 curved soprano sax arrived here in perfect condition.  Thanks again for your expert packing and set up.  It plays like a dream with smooth keying, a warm, sweet, expressive tone with excellent clarity & detail.   The tuning is dead-on in each register.  This is unlike any curved soprano I've played before.
Michael Robles

Dear Mathew,
I just thought I'd drop you a note and update you on the saxophone.
Holly LOVES it.
The Keilwerth has exceeded all our expectations.  Even though it travelled all the way to Australia, it played PERFECTLY right out of the box. A testament to your packing skills and the careful UPS handling it must have had along the way.
The Keilwerth Shadow alto is a fantastic instrument and your expertise every step of the way was much appreciated and really helped minimise the giant risk we were taking by buying such an expensive item sight unseen, and unplayed from so far away.
The teacher (Andy) loves it too and thinks it will really help her to excel. He would like her to change mouthpieces from her Selmer S80C* to a different one which combines the ability to play jazzy stuff and also be suitable for concert bands so she doesn't "stick out" too much. Any suggestions?
By the way you may use all or excerpts from this e-mail for your raving fans webpage.
I am your newest "raving fan".
Hoo Roo,

Dear Mr. Aaron,
I recived the sax. Sorry for getting back to you so late.
The saxophone is beautiful and plays wonderfully. I'm looking forward to playing it for jazz auditions this wednesday! Thank you very much, your service is greatly appreciated.
Gaurav Dubey

Sorry about the delay, I wanted to check out the sax for a week before I sent an email telling you what I think of it. 
The sax has a brilliant tone.  Notes in the upper register (^D+) are soooo much easier to hit and sustain with a decent tone quality (as well as all the lower notes).  On the whole, I expect this instrument to be the last alto I'll ever buy.  Thanks a bunch, William

My new Series III arrived earlier than expected.  No doubt due to your commitment to exceed expectations.  It looks great. It plays fantastic, easy in every register and very responsive and fat.   Even with my boring old mouthpiece I have a great big sound and that started me thinking that the mouthpiece was OK all along, I just needed the right horn and you provided that.  No disappointments here my friend, only good things thanks to you.
Keep in touch....Chris Baker

I just want to say thank you, Reference 54 was plays incredibly well and I really like the sound. Especially with my Ponzol M2 makes good combination.
Also thanks for your service and I highly recommended that anyone who wants to buy saxophone. By the way when you get lacquer polish in stock  you could send me one for me, 2 each I received yesterday
I gave to my co-worker and I need one.
Thanks again for the superb service and wonderful sax.
Good luck on your business and  in future I may purchase more instrument from you.
H.J. Lee (Korea)

The Reference 54 Limited Edition Tenor arrived in perfect condition as expected.
The packaging was truly amazing as always and the instrument was perfect. The purchasing experience was excellent, as always. I really don't believe it but this is the FIFTH sax that I've bought from you. I thank you for making every transaction as simple and pain-free as possible. Your service is second to none - simply the BEST I've experienced. I highly recommend that anyone interested in a professional saxophone buy from you.

Once again, thanks. I'll be in touch when I need reeds, etc.


Just wanted thank you for the usual wonderful service and buying experience. The Reference 54 Tenor arrived in perfect condition and was packed to survive a 100 ft fall (as always). This is the fourth sax that I've bought from you and the experience just keeps getting better.

The instrument itself plays incredibly and words really can't describe the experience.
As we discussed the differences between the Reference 36 and the Reference 54 acoustically are very subtle - but to my ears, hands, and brain the '54 plays more like a REALLY, REALLY GOOD early Mark VI in perfect condition with better key work. The response of this sax is incredible in all registers. I'm using the same Ponzol ML and M2 that I've been using for a while (actually seven years for the M2) and couldn't be more pleased.

Thanks again for the superb service and PERFECT instrument.

Hi Mathew Aaron,
I want to update you on the R & C Tenor saxophone you sent earlier this month. 
The horn arrived in perfect condition.  It is a truly beatiful horn and I took it to my son on the 17th.  He was really impressed with the horn's quality and did indeed prefer the Ponzol mouthpiece to the R&C included one. He tried several reed combinations and is currently using Excel #3 tenor Sax reeds with the Ponzol mouthpiece and getting a great sound.
Thanks again for all your help and professionalism with the entire purchase decision and follow through till after delivery of the horn to me.  I was always amazed at your prompt followup to all of my E-mails.  It is always difficult making new purchase decisions of this magnitude over the internet but I would not hesitate to highly recommend you to anyone interested in Saxophone purchases.
Please feel free to post this on your website review section.
Robert B. Hoit MD

Hi Mathew
Many thanks, the sax arrived late today, its a great finish and my son is
very pleased with the choice.
The packaging was very robust and the
accessories complement the saxaphone package. It looks and sounds superb.

Hello Matthew!
I just wanted to write and say thanks again for your service.  I received my Keilwerth SX-90 alto two weeks ago in perfect condition and without damage.  I am still loving my new horn and it plays impeccably. 
I will recommend your service to anybody that wants to get a Keilwerth.  Top notch!!!
Jason Ward
Portland, ME

Hi Mathew,
Just a quick note to tell you the R & C R1 Jazz Tenor Vintage Silver arrived today in perfect condition!  The extra padding around the horn & neck prevented any movement in the case during shipment. 
I am truly in love with this horn and have just begun to explore its sonic capabilities.  It has a beautiful warm and well focused tone, with each dynamic level providing a range of colors I've never experienced on a tenor before.  The tuning is excellent and the keying plays so smooth.  The build has a solid elegance and is just beautiful.  Thanks for your great set up and packing,
Michael Robles

Hi Matthew,
The R&C R1 sopranino is all I had hoped it would be. The vintage gold finish is actually better, and the attention to detail is exceptional. I like the way the keys are designed for even better ergonomics than the usual top quality modern saxes. Great case. Now of course I have to consider getting the soprano one of these days.
What in your opinion is the sound difference between the saxello and the straight, the R1 and the R1 jazz. I would describe my preferance in tone as being more modern rather than vintage. Wayne Shorter more than Sidney Bechet. I suspect that would be the R1 straight in heavy silver. Let me know your thoughts and the costs and I will think about this.
Thanks for the great service,

I received my keilwerth sx90 soprano today,
and it plays flawlessly. It has the great keilwerth tone and action. After playing several keilwerths, this one outplays any I have played. It is also a stunning instrument. Thanks for the outstanding saxophone, I will certainly consider saxforte again for any other endeavors.
Michael Binkley

Hello, Matthew.
We received the sax yesterday as you probably know. My daughter loves it and is very excited. I know we agreed to a return policy on the Vandoren mouthpiece, but don't worry about it. I don't think I could bribe it away from her. I really appreciate your patience and help during this process. I know the amount I spent with you is not significant in the world of saxophones.
However, the $1,000 you saved me on the same brand and model of saxophone over our local dealer is very significant. Please pass these comments regarding my experience with you on to anyone who has questions about working with you over the internet (and phone) versus their local retailer. You were much more knowledgeable and helpful than the local dealer we visited. I will, without hesitation, recommend you to any of our parents looking to get a great deal on a sax. In fact, please send me a few of your business cards. I know you sent some with the sax, but I am going to keep one. On her first day with her new horn, my daughter comes home and says one of her fellow sax players is in the market for a new tenor and wants one of your cards.
Thanks again for all of your help. Take care.
Warmest Regards,
Bob Beaver
Hoover High School Band Parent
Hoover, Alabama, USA

As a long-time saxophone player, over the past 25 years I've had the opportunity to own and play several horns, and experience the challenges of trying to acquire a great sax.
I wish I had found out about SaxForte earlier!  Over 5 different orders with SaxForte, I have purchased several saxophones and accessories (totaling over $10,000), and every item has been handled perfectly.  The SaxForte service is truly first-rate... informative, honest, efficient, and conscientious (not to mention those phenomenal packaging jobs!). Ordering a saxophone online used to be a large gamble; I would never know if the horn would be out-of-adjustment, damaged and/or poorly packaged, or even used.  With SaxForte, I'm free of those past worries, and simply enjoying their winning combination of great prices, wonderful service, and some of the best saxes available anywhere.
Another satisfied customer,
Michael (from Oregon)

Mathew j'en suis à mon dixième essai pour essayer de vous remercier.
Je voulais écrire un e mail que vous auriez pu garder comme exemple pour vos clients francophones.
Tout ce que je peux dire c'est merci, et merci encore. Vous êtes pro, vous avez su faire de la vente par internet un achat sans risque.
Et le mieux que je puisse faire c'est simplement vous laisser mon numéro de téléphone et mon adresse e mail, pour que les gens les plus sceptiques puissent me contacter pour que en toute neutralité je leur donne mon point de vue.
J'étais un client sceptique, je suis un client comblé.
Merci encore.
Christophe Ambrosino
662 234 8428 (plus le 001 comme code international pour les USA)

Hi Mathew,
Just got the R & C R1 silver alto today! WOW, the craftsmanship and quality is supurb, very solid!  It plays with great response and is easy to control.  It has a much more complex timbre than I expected in the mid & altissimo with a refined sound that will easily work with both jazz & classical.   The low register is beautifully rounded and defined.  I'm looking forward to settling in with some of my different mouthpiece & reed setups over the next few days and like the R & C Mouthpiece too.  I want to thank you for your professional treatment of the sax set up, shipping, and me as a customer. This is the only way to buy a pro quality sax! I left positive feedback on eBay for you. 
Michael Robles

Dear Mathew,
The sax arrived today and is more beautiful than I ever could've imagined.  I'm so glad I decided to go with the brushed finish, it looks amazing. 
Everything arrived in perfect condition, thanks to your outstanding packaging.  It was a pleasure doing business with you and you will be my first choice for all of my sax needs in the future.
Deborah and John Pratt

All I can say is WOW!!!!   Wow for the service, wow for the shipping, and a big WOW for the horn. I doubt that there are any superlatives that haven't been used on this magnificent instrument.  It just says "CLASS" all over it.  Even the case says 'I'm top notch'.
That's the good news.  The best news is that it arrived a day early and I'm in love with it already after only having a short time to work with it. 
We will be home this afternoon so anytime you wanna come a pick up the 4 gazillion styrofoam peanuts you can!  Do you have a box-car sitting out behind your store full of them?
Thanks for all your help and the prompt service.  You have my vote of the place to shop, even if you are as far away from me as you can get and still be in the  U.S.
Marty Murphy

Hi Mathew:
Well, I've had my new horn for a couple of weeks now, and I must say it is wonderful. I've been working slowly at breaking it in, preferring to work mostly in the low register to get it real good there. (I always had trouble with my mark VI with low concert b flat, a , and a flat.)  I can now catch these notes every time, either soft or loud, and that thrills me.
The tone overall is simply fantastic; just what I wanted and expected.  The horn is easy to blow, sound is very big and rich and sultry. The Ponzol works great. (I  tried my old Berg-Larsen 110/1  and it was almost unplayable, that was one of my problems. )
I appreciate your good help in getting me fixed up. Consider me a very satisfied customer.
Best regards,
Steve Lodahl

My horn arrived today.
It looks beautiful, sounds out of this world and your packing was the best I've ever seen. Thank you very much. I just can't put it down.
Winston  Sandi Ford

Got the vandoren T45 V16 tenor today. Its awesome! Plays exactly like the other one I have . Best mpc ive tried in 30 years of playing!! Thanks for shipping it out so fast. All the best 
 jd  goldberg

The Keilwerth tenor came today in perfect (and stunning) condition, as promised. I feel like I got exactly what I was looking for - something that sounded a little different than my Mark VI but still a great sound quality. I love the key action!
The horn I tried in a music store didn't feel as good as this one does - thanks for any tweaking you did. Even the adjustable palm keys feel great right where they were. The horn is so pretty, I've polished it three times in the hour I've played it! By the way, my Ponzol M2 Plus is a real nice match for this.

For the record, may I add my remarks to the many others who have already expressed their satisfaction...
I so appreciate the fact that you went out of your way to help me find what I wanted instead of trying to sell me what you wanted. You also never rushed me into making an impulsive decision, but instead talked to me three different times over a four month period with no sales pressure at all. After our first conversation I told my wife, "I don't know what horn I'm getting, but I know I'm getting it from Saxforte." If you ever decide to sell cars, let me know, I'll buy from you. One big complaint though...I've got packing peanuts all over my living room floor!

OK, enough mushy stuff, I've got a few questions... 1. You're right about the case being a little sub-par, but what's with the velcro and the strap around the front? I can't figure out what it's for.
2. The pivoting brace on the G# key - is that supposed to help lift it? It doesn't seem like it really does anything.
3. An unrelated question if you don't mind - If I had a Super Balanced Action Tenor that I wanted restored (overhaul & lacquer), who would you recommend to do it? It's already had one re-lacquer job in the 60's but that's all gone.

Thanks again for everything. I'll be telling the other players in town to checkout your website. I'll be talking to you again - like when I replace this case with a Walt J. - but I need to recover from this purchase first...
Joel Siegel

Dear Mathew,
Got the items I ordered today.  I ordered it on Monday and received it on Saturday but don't forget I live in HongKong,  almost another planet to USA.
I am very impressed by your work!!  All items arrived in excellent shaped.  Thanks for choosing the V16 metal mouthpiece for me and my Ref. tenor sounds much better now.  I am so lucky to choosing the right mouthpiece, right shop and right guy in the internet.  Definately will come back for more!!
Take care
from Hongkong

Just wanted to let you know I rec'd my order this am and have tried out a couple of the reeds.  The Rico's were no great shakes
but the Brancher Classic in size 1.5 solved every problem I was having. (Ed Note: We saved this client the frustrating purchase of a mouthpiece when it was not needed.) Maybe I just got a winner first out of the box but it's the difference between night and day when compared with the VanDoren Java and ZZ's (#2)  I was using before.  I'm interested in comparing the Brancher Jazz (#2) which I also ordered from you to see if it also mates up well with my mouthpiece.
Thanks again, I'll continue to order from you.
Jim Janssen

Hi Mathew,
I just want to thank you for the time and the advise you gave me on the telephone last Sunday in helping me select a new mouthpiece for my alto saxophone. 
The Ponzol: M1 with the Brancher Reeds that you had suggested produced the exact sound that I was looking for. Never using a metal mouthpiece before, I was quite surprised on how comfortable and easy it is to play from the Low B flat up through the High F.
I placed the order with you 3/14/04 and I was playing on it 3/16/04 thanks for the GREAT SERVICE!
Thank You,
Michael Florio
Daytona Beach, Florida

The sax just arrived. 
The term "overkill packaging" has a new meaning for me. It is a gorgeous sax.  I played with it a bit and every thing feels so smooth and positive.  Even my embrasure-free notes sound good. I can't wait until my daughter comes home so I can really hear it.
Thanks for everything.

Dear Mathew:
I come back to you again for your knowledge and wonderful products.

I can't thank you enough for your professionalism and your prompt reply to my questions which I know are amateur.  You never make me feel like I am asking a strange question.

Thanks for having the best service around. And the BEST Sax equipment.

You can use this on your raving fan page if you want
Dotty C

Dear Mr. Aaron,
Thank you very much for all you have done. My Reference 54 Alto is a marvel of technology and art.
You know your saxophones. I asked you many questions, which along the way you answered to make my purchasing experience painless. It arrived yesterday morning around 11:30, and I have been playing it every chance I get. It came in a huge box with all sorts of Styrofoam to protect the sax in transport. If fact, if I wished, I could have climbed in the box and sent myself back to South Carolina to thank you. Once I freed the case from the box and over 1,000,000 foam peanuts, I was able to see that it was plastic wrapped to protect the outside, and once inside, the little pieces of cork you added to protect the keys. What ingenious and creative ways to protect a delicate and fine musical instrument. I recommend you to anyone looking for a new quality saxophone. Thank you Matt.
Patrick McLaughlin

Sax arrived last night. All my son could say was SWEET! AWESOME!  Before he blew into the thing he ran his fingers down the keys and his eyes lit  up at the sound of the pads hitting the holes.  I think his best comment was "I don't even have to think about pushing the keys, they just do it". 
I do appreciate your help in helping him get the right horn.  You were the only one we talked to (and we talked to many) that knew what you were talking about and were interested in making sure he got the horn he needed/wanted, not the horn you wanted to sell, as all others did.  The horn came just as you said - bulletproof and ready to rock - I'm a quality manager for a fortune 500 company and it was evident that you are a professional and you care about what you do by putting the customer first - that was why we came back to you.  You made us feel our needs were most important and  that when the sax arrived it would be perfect, it was - thanks.
Keith Henick

In a world where not having one's expectations met has become almost standard, the experience of working with SaxForte has been an absolute pleasure.
Today my absolutely stunning Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz Alto Saxophone arrived safely having been packed with enough "styro-foam peanuts" for three tuba's. 
I love the horn and appreciate you providing me with guidance while allowing me to think and decide for myself that this was the sax for me.
Having been away from playing for over 25 years, I was out of touch with the manufacturers and all the available variables. 
I knew what I wanted from a horn and you carefully and thoughtfully walked me through the decision making process which ultimately lead me to my Italian hand made masterpiece.
The horn with its vintage silver plating is more beautiful than the pictures and it has the darker, moody tone I wanted.   The engraving is elegant and the overall quality is exceptional.  Even the case is cool.  Now, if just those muscle memories will come back to me!
Once again, Mathew, thank you for your advice, process and the opportunity to learn about and now own a Rampone & Cazzani.  I look forward to working with you again and would be happy to serve as a reference for you and your services as well as Rampone & Cazzani.

I received the saxophone yesterday. It was in great condition and plays like a dream. Thanks!

Hi Mathew
The Walt Johnson case arrived today. "PERFECT" fit for my Mark VI.
Great Recommendation, Wow, what a piece of work! "Classic"!!! Fast Ship/Great Packing/No Hassle and exactly what I wanted/needed. Thank You Very Much for doing what you do. Nice talkin' with you on the phone. I'll be back... for all my Sax needs.
All this makes me wonder...... about your Tenors. Especially the Rampone!  Hmmmm..... another horn right now and I'd end up in Divorce Court. I'll be in touch.
Thanks Again,

Dear Mathew,
The Ponzol mouthpiece arrived today just in time for my birthday.
I tried the new mouthpiece and the new reed suggestion.  The first note out of the box and I was astonished at how my old Conn sounded!  Unbelievable difference!  You hit the nail on the head with it. With a few adjustments to my playing style and a little bit of getting used to, it makes a huge difference.
Thanks again for the help.  I would never have thought I could make as much difference in my tone and sound after all these years.  Wonderful mouthpiece and my buddies will be astonished when they hear it.

Hi Mathew,
Just wanted you to know that I used the T9937 on it's first gig this weekend,
and that thing just shredding.  I almost felt like it was doing the playing for me!!  When everyone told me how good everything was and that I was getting better every time they saw me, I told them that I couldn't take credit, and that it was due to the new horn.  Had some people asking about purchasing saxes, and have referred them your way.

dear mathew,
wanted to write and say thanks for the selmer series III polished/matte alto.  it arrived the day before christmas and i had two days on it before heading out on the road with it for a two week tour. 
the playability was phenominal and i was taken back by the wide spectrum of tone colors i could conjure from its body. i had an easy transition from my old horn to the new one, and i'm using my meyer 5m for jazz and a vandoren v16 for my work with Marcus Eaton and the Lobby (www.marcuseaton.com).

i hope the opportunity will soon arise for me to order a couple more horns from you in the near future.  i'm in love with the polished/matte/non-engraved look & sound, so a series III soprano could be a posibility for later this year .

b.t.w--i've never seen one of those magnetic key clamps before...it's one of the coolest things i've ever seen!   the walt johnson case rocks as well.

thanks for all you do.  i look forward to growing as a musician with this new instrument, and i hope to do business with you again soon!
peace & love,
zakari frantz
boise, idaho

I received the saxophone today in great condition. I thought you did an amazing job packing the horn and you went well beyond what was necassary. Even though the box took quite a beating during shipping, the horn was maintained in perfect condition, and your setup of the horn was preserved quite well.

I am so pleased with the Rampone R1 alto that you sent me.  Because I has never tried one of these horns, I had to trust your advice and comparisons,
and I think you did such a great job as the horn more than meets my expectations. I also thank you for not being pushy about what horn you thought I should get. In the end I decided on a heavy silverplated horn, and it was the right call. I know this transaction was a long time in the making, and I thank you for answering every email and giving advice over a long period of time!

Please continue to spread the word about these Rampone instruments. I believe they will be a leading contender in the future, and they make THE best value in the market right now as far as I'm concerned. Thanks for all the support and service. You'll have my business every time!
All the best,
Brice Basquez
Adjunct Faculty
Saxophone and Clarinet Studio
Butler County Community College, KS
Go to MusicStaff.com for personal private teaching info

Matthew!  I have the (ed: Rampone & Cazzani R1) Saxello and absolutely love it! 
What a fantastic piece of craftsmanship!   I realize I can't do the instrument justice yet, but just 10 minutes on it last night solidified my commitment to the art.  Thanks for the outstanding help and I look forward to the Alto's arrival.
Have a wonderful Christmas!

Thanks for the tenor sax. 
It arrived as billed on Friday in perfect condition.  Thanks for your time, advice and service,
Hamish Rickett

My new Serie 3 tenor is fantastic!  It sounds wonderful and is a joy to play.  Beautiful tone, solid intonation, good mechanism, and a bottom end that is oh so silky smooth.  I've wanted this horn for years, and am ecstatic to finally have it.

The service rendered by saxforte was every bit as tremendous.  Thanks so much for the high level of service and professionalism.  I felt that I was kept up-to-date with the progress of my entire order.  The sax was very securely packed for shipment and arrived on time in perfect playing condition.  The price was very reasonable, and the service was way better than any music store I've ever been to.   I will certainly recommend you to all of my sax-playing friends!

As an engineer, I deal with vendors on a regular basis, and all I can say is that most of my vendors could take lessons from you in in responsiveness, professionalism, and just plain old-fashioned customer service.  If you ever decide to start selling structural steel, I'll open my account the next day! Thanks again for all your help--I will treasure this saxophone for many many years to come.
Matt Elliott

Your package arrived exactly as promised, and in your usual packing-- (suitable for a small fridge.)  Thank you again for the great care-- the horn is in excellent condition, and responds to the level of my talent, which all one should ask.
Your help in making the right choice was again, invaluable, and is the value added that one gets when dealing with a professional like yourself that's dedicated to satisfying your customers, is a real standout in today's "HOW CHEAP CAN I GET IT" market.
Thank you again Mathew, your help is greatly appreciated.
Dick Yarmy

Hello Mathew:
I just received the Selmer Serie III alto sax for my daughter. It is beautiful.  I must say I was a little concerned about it being shipped but it came in a huge box with tons of packing.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
You have made a 13 year old girl very happy. She will be opening it on Christmas morning so that we can video tape her reaction. All the best and I just wanted to let you know how happy we are.
Best Regards
Dotty Cronan

Mathew Aaron,
Thank you so much for the exquisite customer service that we received. The sax was delivered exactly as promised and in perfect condition. Chris, my son (the sax player), was so excited about it. He played it immediately after removing it from ALL the packing materials and it played beautifully from the start. I can't tell you how wonderful it was to deal with you. Thank you again for all your help. Chris will be ordering his next sax from you. Sorry it took me so long to email you.
Thanks again.
Pam Browning

The Alto Sax arrived today in perfect condition, in tune, and in great shape.  My son is very impressed. Thank you for the great job.  Don't be surprised if you get other orders from Davis CA from our friends.
Thank you,
Frederic A. Conte

To whom it may concern,
The one word that sums up my whole experience with Sax Forte is PERFECT.  From start to finish I was treated as a highly valued person and customer.  Mathew helped me select the horn that was right for me.  He talked with me many times about various products and no matter how many questions I had, he always had time to put me in the right direction.  I selected the Keilwerth Nickel Silver SX90R Alto.  This horn played perfectly right out of the box and was in Pristine condition!  I am so happy with my experience.  You are in the right hands with Mathew, the guy knows his stuff. I know I will be a Sax Forte Customer for a long time to come.  Congratulations to Sax Forte for raising the bar on Customer Service and Exceptional Value!
Michael Pilch
Jacksonville, FL

Dear Mathew Aaron,
Thank you for the prompt and amazing shipping job you did for my new Ref. 54.  It was packed so perfectly, it took me a good 20 minutes to the the thing out into playing status!  The little cork pieces holding down some keys in shipping were an added touch.
You were curious to know about the mouthpiece / reed combination.  I think it will work, but I have some work to do to get used to it.  I'm glad we didn't go with the 3 1/2...the 3 is plenty hard enough to break in.  But, I'm starting to get it...and I'm getting the neck cork redone tomorrow.
I can't complain at all...the sound is awesome...I can get that orchestral sound if I want it...and that bity sound as well.  And the horn is so perfectly in tune with itself...wow.
Thanks again for everything.

Hello Mathew,
It's been a great weekend.  Friday night I got a chance to play the
R&C (ed: R1 Jazz Curved) soprano for a couple of hours, but Saturday night was the real kicker.  It's one thing playing by yourself and getting your feet wet for the first time vs. making an impression on an audience of seasoned musicians.  Wow... what a sultry little lady this is.
The low end of this horn comes across more like an alto in many ways.  I've never played a gold plated horn before, but I would imagine this has a lot to do with that.  We still need to get to know each other for sure  (the horn and I ), but it really settled right into place.  The ergonomics and layout are pretty much MK VI and other than the bell position being more to the left than the Yana the two horns feel comparable in my hands.  The horn plays evenly from top to bottom and speaks quite freely in the altissimo range.  What was impressive last night were the quizical looks I got (their bodies still rocking and their feet not missing a beat) as people tried to figure out this "new sound" that was coming out of this unfamiliar setup I had in front of me (all in approval of course).
Anyway...yes, this was a good choice and thank you for sparking my curiosity.   Do I prefer it over the bronze Yana?... They are different animals.  Both horns have qualities I admire and desire, so I can see enjoying both for long time.

I'll write more later when I get a chance.


Hi Mathew!
Received sax yesterday around noon.  Katie has hardly put it down since she got it! 
Katie & Dave both enjoyed working with you and we are very pleased with the outcome.  Thank you so much for all your time and help.
The Ellenz Family

Dear Mathew,
This saxophone is wonderful, the tone is amazing, I am amazed at how well my Jazz songs flow with this great piece of art. Also my mom would like to know if you could send us a hand written receipt of some sort. Thanks for all your business I will keep this for the rest of my life!
Thanks Again,

Wanted to drop a line and let you know the 901 arrived in excellent condition, well I guess there wasn't much question of that after seeing the box it was nestled in.
I'll have to say I was surprised of the 901's ability to play as well, new, right from the case as a well seasoned horn. We were doing a show last night and I grabbed the Yani still in plastic and took it along. During our break, I unwrapped the horn, put on my custom built Rico mouthpiece and did the next number using the 901. Right from the get go, it played flawlessly, in fact, I finished the evening still holding the 901.
 Thanks for your time and e-mails
, have a great weekend.

You may post my e-mail on your site. I hope it helps.
If every business on the internet(or not on the internet) was like yours, we would all be better off!
I tried to buy this same sax locally before I found your site. The dealer didn't have any in stock and didn't really know when he could get one. He just kept trying to sell me other models that he had.
At first I was a little skeptical about buying an instrument over the internet, however after talking to you I felt you were sincere in your concern for customers getting exactly what they wanted. I have not been disappointed.
You answered every question promptly, shipped the same day, packed better than anyone could expect and followed up with tracking number. I couldn't ask for anything more.
Thanks again,
PS: you may also post this e-mail

and also...
We received the sax today. Everything in great condition.
It has been a pleasure doing business with you. I'm sure we will do more in the future.
I will recommend you to other sax players in this area. Hope your business continues to grow.
I will be in Greenville several times this year, we may meet in person.
Thanks again for the great service,

Just wanted to let you know we received the sax yesterday.  WOW, was Joshua excited! 
Thank you so much for all your patience and I'll be sending you more business (I hope anyway), as soon as school starts.  Have a great summer and God Bless.

Hey Matt,   just wanted to let you know that I recieved my sax yesterday and I'm enjoying it very much, I couldn't ask for a better horn.
Thank you for your time in helping me choose the right horn for me, you do what you do very well.


Hi Matt,
Well, as anticipated my new Yanagisawa T992 Bronze Tenor arrived last
Friday...The lengths you go to to ensure the sax will be protected during it's journey is nothing short of amazing...but then that's just one of the many reasons to deal with you instead of the music super-gonzo megastores with Skippy, the thrash-metal sales assistant...just what part of assist doesn't he understand?
To say the horn is better condition than the retail music outlets is an understatement...the horn was absolutely pristene!  Set-up is impecable!
Matt is so pleasant to deal with.  Now bear in mind that I'm a beginner at
the ripe young age of 53.  
Matt has helped me more than I can describe...well, it's actually the difference between having an interest in
playing sax and either giving up or continuing.
  With Matt's recommendation a few weeks ago, I got a mouthpiece and lig that made playing, hitting those upper octave notes and intonation a breeze.  I was struggling and seriously thought that being a sax player wasn't for me.  It's that kind of precipitating moment that can really make all of the difference.  His passion for the instrument, playing and genuinely wanting to help shows in the way he conducts business.  The quality is there in all of his horns and his accessories...no junk...no bells and whistles...just great solid stuff that works...for a beginner, it took out a lot fo the guesswork in selecting not only accessories but ultimately the saxophone that is EXACTLY what I wanted...tonally, mechanically, it's ALL there.  Left to my own devices...who knows what I would have wound up with?
I am soooooo happy with this saxophone...I can't even describe.  It has
literally made me a better player quite literally overnight.  My sax instructor played it and I couldn't get it out of his hands!  I then played
his MarkVI again and I then realized:
Regardless of the mystique with the MarkVI, I HONESTLY love the tone and playability of my Yanagisawa T992, BETTER than the MarkVI.  My instructor was reluctant to admit it but he liked the Yani better too!
If you're SERIOUS about buying a Professional quality saxophone and/or just accessories, Matt & Saxforte just makes the most sense.  Of course, when you're going to plunk down several thousand dollars for what you hope is a quality horn, set-up and test played by someone who plays themselves, has a serious passion for the instrument and the business...you have two choices: Saxforte or Skippy!!!!
Rik Custer

Dear Mathew,
Have just received my new sax!!!  Am going to go & have a play now & will let you know what I think a bit later - just wanted you to know it had arrived.
I am more than happy with the amount I have paid all up for the sax.  Just to let you know this sax is not yet available in Australia but is due in shortly for a retail price of $5,995 AU.  All up including the sax, accessories, freight, GST, customs etc I have paid a total of $4,684.46 AU - so I have definitely come out well ahead. 
The sax looks beautiful - I'm almost too scared to play it!!!
Can you please leave feedback on ebay for me & I'll do the same for you. 
Thanks for your friendly emails & genuine concern about my purchase.
Narelle Kurtzer
Cleve, Australia

Dear Matthew:
I just wanted to thank you for your great help on the selection of my new Keilwerth Nickel Silver SX90R Alto Saxophone. I had my heart set on purchasing a Selmer Serie III Alto from the get go, but after you suggested I try the new Keilwerth, I was a changed man.

As you know I have been playing Selmer Saxophones for the past 12 years, and I still cannot believe I am now playing a Keilwerth. After having it a week I have noticed a few things:
My sound contains more overtones than before (my pianist recognized that)
My sound is automatically bigger
My low end is more focused and jumps out
The upper stack in the third octave is not tuned as high as Selmer or Yamaha
And the most noticeable difference is that musicians I play with are noticing a difference in my sound…for the better.

I never thought that changing horns would have such a dramatic effect on my playing, but it has.

So if you are looking for a horn and need expert advice, ask Matthew Aaron. He does a great job pairing up a horn with the person.
Thanks for all of your help!
Chris Heacox
Lead Alto Saxophone and Assistant Music Director
St. Johns River City Band
The Official Band of the State of Florida and the City of Jacksonville

Hi Mat,
This note is long overdue but much needed to express.  As you know, I am a 52 year old "beginner" at saxophone but have been bitten majorly by the tenor bug, so-to-speak.  I'm coming to find out that even among "seasoned" and accomplished players who have been at it for decades, the jungle of gear and accessories is staggering, bewildering and downright confusing!
With the one phone call we had right after I started playing for the first time, about a month ago, you were able to tell me that not only was the mouthpiece that came with the sax not appropriate for me, you matched me up with a Vandoren V-5, T27 with the Optimum Ligature and INSTANTLY I was not struggling with the upper register notes and my tone was, well, tone...NOT squeaking noise...this kind of watershed moment can  be the difference between someone continuing versus someone giving up out of frustration. What I particularly wanted to thank you for besides that, is the ease with which a beginner, intermediate or advanced player can select accessories from you.  If you don't have it, it's probably NOT worth having!   The key oil is perfect-it's got a needle tip to control  the application-why bother with 10 other varieties?  The Saxforte strap I just got is EXACTLY what I needed, the other 3 straps I have are useless as far as I'm concerned-big, heavy, webbed, difficult to adjust junk.  You sell one strap-the best one! Comfortable and VERY easy to adjust-looks good too!  ALL of the accessories I've gotten from you are top notch, functional and no-nonsense.  You've taken the guesswork out of it and, saved me money in the long run.  I'm seriously considering a REALLY good new sax but are still considering all of the options, the Selmer Ref 54, the 36, the Keilwerth SX90R Nickel Silver...The one option that IS decided however is that I will buy the horn from you and nowhere else!   Keep up the fine products and service Mat!
Why bother anywhere else?
Rik Custer

It is here and it's simply gorgeous!  And the sound is really beautiful.  I was amazed.  Miles is very excited. He called some of his friends and played to them over the phone.
Thanks so much,

Hi Mathew,
 Finally I had the opportunity. First of all both horns are great!!
As may have mentioned when I received the horns, I did not want to just do a five minute sound check. I have found that this is the worst thing a horn player can do. New horn means subtle things like fixing reeds a little differently, getting familiar with the way the action, and palm keys are set and relaxing a bit is essential.
I have thought of writing a simple book on auditioning horns and another more neurotic one on how to audition various mouthpieces with different opening and baffles in combination with different strength reeds. I would call it, Saxophone Mental Health 1: How Not To Go Crazy with All the Combinations involved in Mouthpiece Selection.
 Overall Tenor Rating on first play: Excellent and maybe Great!! - [Need more time in the dark room to develop the pictures].
Tenor has the power and yet I was able to get some semi-warm subtones too. My current set-up using the Berg-Larsen, medium chamber, 115: 1 is still definitely usable with the new horn. When I feel more mentally healthy I may go into the mouthpiece thing again- but not now! The palm keys are set a little high for me. However the more I played, the more facile it got. The sound is great. The overall action is exactely the way I would have it- not too high or low. And the keys felt like a unit.
Overall Alto Rating on first play: Very, Very Good and Probably Excellent: It sounded better the more I played. Altos are always more of a challenge in terms of timbre on the palm keys. Yet I was able to maintain a pretty consistent sound on the uppers. It is bright enough for me and I like the overall sound very much.
It is curious that Selmer set the palm keys a little lower on the Alto than the Tenor- even  taking the different instrument size into consideration. It is fine for now and I just might have a good technician put something on them to raise them a little.
My Dave Guardella and La Voz Java mouthpieces both work well with it. Actually the Jumbo Java that I use is a little more flexible than the Guardella. But I like the sound of the Guardella when I have the energy going.
All in All the two horns are Great and I am very happy with them.
If we had done the deal on EBay I would give you an excellent rating as a Seller. Too bad. Tell me if it is Possible. Otherwise you definitely have my permission to use my remarks on this email for promotion if you want to.
So here is my Rating: Excellent, excellent Communication, Great Horns!! NO hassle delivery. Great Seller.

Mr Aaron,
The horn arrived about two hours ago, I went directly to the shed and put it through everything I can think of.  It performed beautifully, much better than the other 54's I've tried in the past.  Everything I tried to do, the horn did.  From ppp subtone low Bb's to screaming D4s, as well as every multiphonic and overtone exercise I know.
I will pass out your cards to everyone I know, as well as posting to every online forum I frequent, this was as easy as it could be, and it all worked out as I hoped it would. Feel free to post this as an endorsement of the site.

Seth Vaughn

While I've got your ear I'd just like to know if you have any of the Kielwerth SX901 Sopranos with the black nickel finish in stock, and if so how much would one run? Thank you again and I hope to do more business soon.

Thanks Matthew,
I received the VanDoren V-5 and Optimum Lig yesterday...WOW!!! what a difference!  I can actually play the upper octave notes now without straining, without blowing my brains out and tone and articulation is effortless. 
Thanks for all your help and assistance.
Rik Custer

Mathew... the ref. 54 arrived this afternoon.  I doubt if you will need any of my comments for your rave reviews, 'cause I can't think of anything that has not arlready been said... but if you find any "e-bites" you like feel free to use, or re-write, edit, and focus.

Seriously, I can't say enough about the obvious care with packing, shipping, and the little details that separate those who talk about customer service and those who actually deliver.

The horn was exactly as described and is set up perfectly for my tastes.  On a harder issue the recommendation of a mouthpiece and lig. set-up using just a phone conversation, again you were right on-- a would feel comfortable, any time, having you fill my needs, without the hassle of trying a bunch of pieces, and returning those that didn't work... and trying to evaluate without scratching, etc.  Also when you get a bunch... something will always be best... it's only later that you find best of a bad lot really doesn't do the job.

Again, many thanks for your help in product selection, and the care it took to make the transaction, easy and satisfactory... I will recommend you to any one who asks... and will look to you first for my additional needs.

Thank you again,
Dick Yarmy

I have had a couple of days to play the soprano mouthpiece you sent... and it is exactly as you described. 
Thank you for the fast service, but more importantly for the information and time you spent to make sure I bought the right item. I'm still doing a little research on my next horn purchase, but will contact you as soon as I am close to purchase... I would prefer to give my business to someone willing to serve and please customers, rather than who has today's hot price.
Again, thanks,
Dick Yarmy

Hi Mathew,
I wanted to take a moment to send a long overdue thanks.
As you know, I'm back at playing the sax after a 28 year layoff.
Your advice on horns was wonderful and I am truly thrilled with the Yanagisawa T992 I ended up buying. I find myself every day wanting to head home early and practice (oh, that I had felt that way when I was a kid and playing!). Although my chops are still a little rusty, I've been pleasantly surprised how quickly things have been coming back. I can already play reasonably well as long as I don't think about it. Each day's a new (albeit small) victory.

But the real stunner came a few days ago. I had only a few minutes to play before heading out to something or other, so I picked up my 1925 Chu Berry Soprano instead of the new Tenor. Fewer parts and pieces meant it would be quicker to start playing, I figured. Mind you, this is the horn I was practicing on before the Tenor arrived and I thought I was doing pretty well with it.

To make a long story short, as soon as I started playing the soprano I was appalled at how absolutely ghastly it was compared to the tenor. Awful. Nasty. Ugh. I hadn't realized how much I really love the tenor until having the contrast of that moment. It is really a lovely horn with a wonderful feel and sound. I love it.
I wanted you to know how much I appreciate the advice and counseling you provided to help me make the decision for it.

Thanks again. Keep up the good work.

Scott Good, President
Teamwork Solutions, Inc.

Hello Mathew,
I received my saxophone today.  Thank you very much.
This is like a dream come true cause I've been wanting one of these for a long time and I finally have one thanks to you.  I am very pleased with my purchase and believe I made the right choice.
Once again, Thank you very much.
LiNdA MiChElLe

Dear Matthew:
It has been about ten days since I received my Yanagisawa 991 Tenor.   It is a real joy for this late beginner.   If something doesn't sound right, I know it is me.  
The horn has wonderful intonation throughout the range including the lower register which I love to hear.  While I probably would have been perfectly happy with the 901, I never have to doubt myself.
Working with you was a pleasure.   I knew I could buy this horn and save a couple of hundred dollars elsewhere, but I was convinced that trust and reliability was worth the extra cost.   I am surprised it didn't cost more with all the packing you used.  I thought you sent me a tuba instead of a tenor saxophone when I received the box!    The UPS guy was also surprised when my wife told him what was in the box.
I hope you don't mind me contacting you with questions because I know I will have them.
If you care to use my comments as a satisfied customer, you have my permission as long as my e-mail address is not included.
Jim Di Tota

Dear Mr. Aaron,

    I would like to thank you for the wonderful silver-plated Serie III alto.  I just used it at one of my band concerts and it played great, especially in jazz band.  It also had great intonation for my symphonic band.  It plays great in all registers.  The silver plating makes it look fabulous.  Thanks again.
Colt Speidel
Gene Speidel

3/15/2003 (follow-up to 3/10/2003 e-mail)
Dear Mathew:
This is just a note say "thanks" and to let you know how happy I am, not only with the two Selmer saxophones I recently purchased from you but also with how smoothly and efficiently you handled my order. Most importantly, I must say that the sound and objective advice you provided as to my saxophone and mouthpiece options was well beyond the somewhat reluctant and only marginally useful assistance one usually gets from music retailers. Your prompt and detailed answers to my e-mail queries, and your asking the important and specific questions to better discern my needs over the phone, enabled me to make, I know, the absolutely right choices. I'm certain I'll be enjoying my Selmer Series III alto and my Reference 36 tenor for many years to come. I've bookmarked your web site as, from now on, my "number one source" for everything saxophones.
Thanks again.
John Selfridge
Bethel, CT

Hi, Mathew,
My selmer tenor sax case arrived Friday, 3/14 as you said it would. 
really like it and it's everything I expected plus.

I have received the horn in excellent condition although I expected it to be a more of a redish color gold than it is but thats ok.  The case is beautiful and I like the idea that there are four locks on it. 
It is tuned to perfection and was well packed for shipping.  I am happy that it arrived on the 13th of March because that is my lucky number.  Thank-you for your time and service.
Sammie D. Thomas II 

Hello Mathew,
I just wanted to drop you a note to say that both the sax and mouthpiece arrived today. 
I am very pleased.  That was an extraordinary job you did packing the tenor!  I don't think I've ever seen that much styrofoam in one box :)  Necessary, I realize, though.  At any rate, as time permits I am looking forward to getting re-acquainted with the instrument.  The Teal book that you recommended is terrific and will really help.  I very much appreciate your guidance, Mathew.

As an aside, reaffirming your mixed experiences with Woodwind & Brasswind, they screwed up my order for sax accessories this week.  I'm glad that I came across your 'virtual shop' and avoided ordering the instrument through them.

If you would like a 'sound byte' for your web site, here's a quote you can use if you so choose:
"Mr. Aaron's "Saxforte" online store provides the discerning buyer with the individualized attention, care to detail, responsiveness, and integrity seldom encountered amongst the larger resellers.  As a professional musician, his passion for both his work and musicianship is evident in his transactions.  I have dealt with numerous, respected vendors of professonal instruments over the past 25 years:  my experience with Saxforte was a singularly pleasant and rewarding one.
Jason M. Kays

The alto you sold me is all the alto I'll ever need. I'm sooo happy with it. The tone and the power you promised are wonderful, and I love the action, which is so much faster and quieter than my Keilwerth. The fit and finish are really tops, as I expected. At first, the horn felt small and delicate to me compared to the Keilwerth. The key buttons even felt small. But it didn't take long to love it totally. After a few hours I started to wonder if I needed to keep the Keilwerth around. I may, but I'm offering it on ebay. If I get my price, I'll be happy to let it go for some cash.
I've not yet spent any quality time with the tenor. And, short of taking a page from Rassan Roland Kirk, I'm not going to get to the tenor until this weekend.
Thanks, again, for all your help.
John Selfridge
Bethel, CT
(see also 3/15/2003 follow-up)

Mathew, thanks for all of the help and information Saturday. Harry has hardly put down the horn (Serie III Matte Lacquered Alto) since we left. With new reeds, a reed fitting lesson, and familiar environments, his playing has blossomed. I'll call later this week and let him "show off" now that he feels more at home. His jazz band instructor and his school music teacher were just about as excited as he today.   BTW , His middle school band teacher also "taught", if I can use that word, Chris Potter in middle school. They are hoping to get a visit at school by him this week prior to Friday's performance here at the Koger Ctr.  
Thanks again.
Finklea & Harry

Hi Mathew,
    Today the Yanagisawa 901A arrived and
it is every bit as wonderful as we had hoped. The packing job was excellent and the sax arrived in perfect condition. The sax plays so easily and the key motion is very silky and precise. Transitioning to the upper octave is now effortless and its so in tune! My playing improved by a factor of ten when I started playing this sax. It's very enjoyable. The voice with the Yanagisawa silver mouthpiece is exactly the bright jazzy sound I was looking for. I had no problem at all with the slightly larger tip opening and I like the way it feels (being more compact). It was very responsive too to articulation and loud/soft response as well. I like having the ebonite mouthpiece too as it has a more mellow sound and I like switching back and forth between them. Also the anatomical neck strap is great and fits perfectly. Thank you for making it possible for us to own such a fine instrument. This was an easy transaction and I had total piece of mind that the sax would arrive as planned and the quality of it superceded my expectations!
Thank you again,
Pat Desmarais

The horn arrived yesterday just like you had mentioned, and
it was of course very well packed and shipped!  I opened it as soon as it came in and found it in excellent condition after the journey.  I am very pleased with it and just got through playing it again in fact.  It sounds as good as it did when I tried it out! Thank you for making the process a great experience and I will let you know if I have any questions.
Joshua Keeling

I recently purchased a Selmer Serie III alto saxophone from Matthew Aaron, the SelmerSaxman. I found him on the internet, and talked with him on the phone several times.  I am lucky enough to live a couple of hours from him, so I went to see him to pick out a sax. 
He is a true professional and wonderful to deal with.  He knows everything there is to know about saxophones (and mouthpieces, and neck straps, etc.!)  He spent three hours with me and my parents making sure I made the right choice.  We all learned a lot from him.  When he shipped the horn, the packing was so indestructible, there is no way it could have been damaged in transit.  He is AWESOME!  I got a perfect horn that has never been played by anyone else, except when Matthew set it up.  It is so fabulous that I almost didn't want to take it to school for fear it would get scratched.  It has made a tremendous difference in my playing ability because the horn is so much easier to play.  I can concentrate on my music without having to "fight" the horn to get it to do what I want, like I did with my student level horn.  And the tone is so beautiful!  I would recommend him to anyone who is interested in purchasing a really good saxophone from an honest, knowledgeable and professional dealer. His prices are extremely competitive, too. He also played for us and he is a fabulous sax player!  It is great to deal with someone who believes in 100%+ customer satisfaction.  Everything he says on his website is true.  I couldn't be more satisfied!
Travis S. Noftle

Mathew Aaron,
I recieved the sax yesterday and
it arrived in perfect condition.  Thank you very much for the quick delivery.  I was a little wary about buying a saxophone over the internet but you proven to be a trust worthy bussiness man.  I am very satisfied with the sax with faith that it will stand up to its reputation as I use it to finish college and throught my carrer as a musician.  Thanks again.
Carl Howard

Just a note to thank you again for your counsel and services on the purchase of the Yanagisawa 992 alto. Similar to the purchase of the Reference 54 tenor a couple of years ago, I am extremely satisfied with both the process and the product on this new purchase.
In these first few days, I've enjoyed playing the 992 very much, but was eager to hear my instructor's perspective.  At my lesson this afternoon, he played it himself and found both the tone and intonation to be exceptional.  Being in the geezer category of sax students, I have no desire to deal with instrument problems or "trade up" later.  I'm confident the A992 is a good fit for the long term.
As always, a pleasure doing business with you.

Hi Mathew:
The sax arrived this afternoon as planned.  WOW!!!!  What a difference!  Kelby says it is incredible.  He is playing it now and trying everything he can.  He had drama play practice at school tonight so he wasn't able to play the sax much before leaving.  He is making up for it now.  It is definitely a jazz horn and will bring much joy.  We have been talking about a new horn for a couple of years and seriously researching them the last year.  This has been long awaited and we wanted Kelby to enjoy it while still in High School.  I'm not sure words exist to describe all of the feelings we all have surrounding this sax. Kelby will have his band teacher check it out tomorrow and his old sax teacher is going to put it through the paces on Monday.  We will let you know the general opinion. 
Please know how much we have appreciated your help and understanding in choosing this instrument.  You made the whole transaction  easy and by the way,  the packing job was fantastic. It is a life time dream.  Thanks for sharing the joy!
Warmest Regards,
Larry and Margaret
The saxophone is amazing!!
Your professional attitude and help throughout the whole process definitely made the purchase easier.The packaging job was amazing - I doubt anything could hurt it! The sax is just as you said it would be and is in perfect play condition. Never have I had such a wide range of notes available to my disposal without thinking about how to beat the multifarious idiosyncrasies that my previous horn comprised. I can see this horn being an active part of my life decades down the road. As soon as I am done this Saturday at Solo-Fest with my Yamaha - I am never looking back! Thank you so much for your excellent service and advice - as well as fielding the slew of questions we threw at you! One question - how would you best suggest cleaning out the neck and mouthpiece? Thank you so much (Once again but certainly not enough times) for all you have done!
Thanks For The Help,
Kelby J.

Dear Mathew:
I finally made it from Los Angeles to Buenos Aires yesterday, carrying my brand new Référence 36.   What a week... a few days ago I called you from Buenos Aires, and you were on a trip in Los Angeles. You called me right back, and following your diligent advice on the horn, the neck strap and the case, I made things challenging for you:  I needed the horn delivered in Los Angeles (!) exactly forty eight hours after your return home from your trip, as I would be traveling too and staying only two days in L.A.
Everything worked as planned, and the horn arrived within two days in an absolutely perfect shape.  Your packing was indeed impressive, the case was completely protected by a ton of packing peanuts, and the horn was firmly wrapped in plastic film.  The little cork blocks were firmly placed and I removed them without any problem with a wooden toothpick. The horn is simply beautiful, exactly the champagne finish you described, the engraving is perfect and the keys are extremely soft on touch.  I played it just a little before hopping in the plane; the blowing is amazing in all registers and the slightly dark tone is exactly what I was looking for.
I want you to know how much I appreciate your follow-up before, during and after the shipping process.  You simply made the whole transaction a piece of cake.  I am delighted with the whole purchasing experience and will definitely call you as soon as my finances (and my wife) allow me to.  I am very pleased and impressed with your professionalism, patience and dedication.  Mathew, you are a gentleman and I wish more people know about THE Selmersaxman.
Ignace Lahoud

1/26/ 2003
Dear Mathew:
Thanks so much for all your help through the process of my purchase of a
Selmer (Paris) Référence 54 Tenor Saxophone.  From my initial electronic introduction via e-bay and your website, to our subsequent discussions via e-mail and the phone, to the delivery of the horn, I continue to be impressed with your prompt attention and professionalism.
The sax arrived several days ago and I have had the chance to play it for a couple of hours.  First :  your packing job was amazing - we hauled 6 kitchen trashbags full of packing peanuts out of the outer box-enough for my kids to build a small sled hill in the basement (heh heh heh).  But, the packing-all the way to the cork blocks to steady the mechanisms, was top notch .  Second :  the case was perfect-I did get one of those neck bags per your recommendation, so it's perfect for my travel needs.  Third :  the mouthpiece is awesome.  A little bit more open than I'm used to, but very nice and I'm getting used to it.  Finally, the horn is beautiful.  The finish is way cool-those that 'hate it' per your website need to look beyond shiny laquer !  Case, horn, and mouthpiece all in perfect shape-will be played for years to come.
Now, it will probably take a year or two, but once I get permission from the wife, I'll have to speak with you about a new Selmer soprano. . . 
Thanks again for all your help, Mathew, I look forward to doing business with you again soon.
Carl Kincaid

Tim and his teacher are thrilled with the saxophone, thank you.   The question for which we have received conflicting answers is : the big fuzzy cleaner that was shipped in the sax itself – is it to be stored inside the sax even immediately following cleaning?  Will it cause problems to do so? (selmersaxman: I'm confused, we do not recommend these???)
Thank you –
I figure you know more than the  people who have offered their opinions so far.
Mary Dickerson

Thanks for your service in advising and delivering a wonderful sax for my son.  Your expertise, honesty, and professionalism in addition to a great price convinced me that it would be worthwhile to purchase from you.  I'm sure that the Yanagisawa A901 will carry him through high school and beyond but if he ever needs to upgrade, I will certainly seek you out again, and if some of his peers are considering the purchase of a sax, I will not hesitate to recommend you to them.
Morris Isara

Hi Mathew,
My new black beauty arrived today, in excellent condition !  It plays great, and I hope I can do the look of this horn justice, in time, so as to produce the quality of music it looks like it can put out !
I found the book you recommended by Teal, and i do have a couple of groups to play along with...I get together with a number of musicians and we jam , and play on occasion....and two of my brothers have an awesome studio jazz group, hammon B3, bass, drums, guitar, and vocalist...in time I hope to join them as an asset...
They have all played thirty to forty years..
Thanks again Mathew, and I'll be in touch, as I get my finances together for additional purchases.
If you run across a technique, an approach or any thing you think I can use, please feel free to let me know...
One of your newest, and very satisfied customers,
Andy Bell

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