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12/1/2005 (re: Keilwerth Solid Nickel Silver SX-90R Tenor)
Dear Mathew, We received the saxophone yesterday at 2:30 p.m.and it got here safe and sound.
Thank you again for your excellent service.
Victoria and Andrew Pliagas
Dear Mathew,
Please let us elaborate on our rave review of your excellent service.
We researched high and low for  a reputable saxophone dealer and we were very lucky to have found Saxforte. The time you spent with us face to face and on the phone was truly priceless and your knowledge helped Andrew make the decision for the perfect sax for him.  He and we are thrilled with his Keilwerth SX90R.  We received it  immediately as you promised and it got here in well packed perfect condition. We will definitely continue to conduct business with you in the future!
Thanks Again,                                                                                                                         
Victoria And Andrew

12/23/2005 (re: Keilwerth SX-90R Shadow Tenor)
Just wanted to let you know I got my horn (KEILWERTH SX-90R SHADOW) last night - actually should have received it Wednesday but I wasn't around to sign for it...
It is just AWESOME.
I'm a 46 y/o amateur, and I've been playing now for about 30 years, mostly blues - this is my first brand new horn, so I'm more than double stoked!! It is an absolutely gorgeous instrument. And the sound is fantastic - that thing can wail! Almost blew my wife away with all the volume that can come out of the bell!
My prior favorite horn was a Selmer Alto (110), but obviously it's going to be taking a back seat now...
Anyhow, I just wanted to let you know that I received my instrument, that I very much appreciate the great service that went along with the purchase (far above and beyond even good E-Bayers!) and that you have a customer for life.
Be sure to post this in your store, because people have to know what a great seller they are dealing with.
Thanks again.
David DePaolo

12/14/2005 (re: Keilwerth Brushed Nickel Silver Tenor)
Hello Mathew,
I received the Keilwerth Brushed Nickel Silver Tenor and accessories yesterday. Everything came as expected without any signs of shipping damage.
The sax was well set up, adjusted and played right out of the box, THANKS. No signs of blemishes, defects, dings, dents, or scratches, THANKS AGAIN. My first impressions are it is relatively lighter in weight, powerful, and responsive. All of which confirms my research on the horn before purchasing. I am very pleased and can't wait to break it in to really enjoy it. You provide and excellent service and have gained a satisfied customer.
Bob Storey

11/30/2005 (re: Selmer Paris Serie III Alto)
Dear Matthew-
    We just wanted to write and let you know how much we love the two Selmer Paris saxophones we have purchased from you.  My older son has done great things with the sax we bought four years ago.  He has made All-County and All-District band consistently and is playing in a sax quartet and actually getting paid. Two of the other three members also bought their horns from you.  They sound fantastic!  He is a senior in high school and I firmly believe that he wouldn't have achieved all he has musically if we had not purchased the pro sax.  When our younger son was ready for a new sax, we automatically contacted you for advice.  He also ended up buying the Selmer Paris and is absolutely ecstatic.  He plans to major in music so he needed a really good sax.  He just placed 4th chair in the county at All-County band and he is only a sophomore.  He could not believe how much easier it is to play the Selmer Paris compared to an intermediate (YAS-475) Yamaha. 
The information you provided us with was invaluable when choosing which horn to purchase.
     We are so glad we found you when we were trying to decide what to buy for our sons.  You are a great resource.  Your prices on the horns we purchased are almost $500 less than the nearest competitor and the horns are pristine and perfectly set up when they arrive.  Shipping is incredibly fast and the horns are packaged to survive anything.  We would never buy from anyone else. You are a great combination of knowledge and service.
If anyone has any questions or concerns about purchasing from you, they may feel free to contact us.                                            
Kim and Randy Noftle

11/29/2005 (re: Selmer Paris Référence 54 Limited Edition Alto)
I received the Reference 54 Alto yesterday and just wanted to thank you for the prompt shipment. 
It's quite amazing that I placed the order on noon the day before Thanksgiving 2005 and it was delivered before noon the following Monday.  I had read about your "overkill" packaging and just seeing it made me a believer.  It was definitely apparent how much time and effort you put into making sure the product reached my door safely.
            Anyway, I played tested the Reference 54 Alto and it met all my expectations.  It had great intonation, a nice full sound in the lower register, and nice action in the keys.  I've been monitoring your site for almost a year and you have kept up with the latest professional horns on the market.  Your website layout is excellent and the image quality of the horns is superb.  Also, after speaking to you on the phone, it was apparent that you know the qualities and characteristics of all the horns you sell.  I was especially pleased that you did not try to push me towards a particular saxophone, but rather gave me all the facts and differences between the choices so I could make an informed decision.
            Thanks for your help and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.
John Heraldo

11/27/2005 (re: Selmer Référence 54 Hummingbird Alto)
I just wanted to let you know we love the Selmer Hummingbird.
I also want to complement you on the thorough packing used for shipment. It arrived in perfect condition. You have been wonderful to do business with, answering questions promptly and shipping as promised.  I would recommend you to anyone considering purchase of such an instrument.
Thanks again.
Robert King

10/25/2005 (re: Keilwerth Gold Nickel SX-90R Tenor, Selmer Référence 54 Alto)
It was nice dealing with you.
I am really satisfied with the Keilwerth tenor and the Selmer Reference 54 alto. They are both absolutely beautiful instruments and play smoothly.
I also still like the Selmer Reference 36 tenor. What is the chance of convincing Selmer Paris to make one(or special edition series) in the engraved, dark vintage lacquer like the Reference 54 alto? If they would, please sign me up for one!
Take care,

10/19/2005 (re: Keilwerth Solid Nickel Silver SX-90R Tenor)
Just wanted to let you know that the horn came in on Monday. All was well and there were not any problems with it.
I've had a chance to play it a couple of time and all I can say is "Wow!" This is definately my dream horn. The sound is phenomenal! Big and full, respondes well from the altissimo all the way down to low Bb. I can't wait to hear what it sounds like once I get a good jazz mouthpiece. And, hopefully I'll get some time this weekend to really spend some time on it.
Many great thanks,
Justice C. Bigler

10/19/2005 (re: Selmer Référence 54 Hummingbird Alto)
Hi Mathew,
I wanted to let you know that I am thoroughly satisfied with my new Hummingbird alto.
Having been a previous customer it was an automatic decision to purchase this horn from saxforte. Your support and customer service is unsurpassed and I would not hesitate to buy from you or recommend you to others.
Thanks again,

9/16/2005 (re: Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz Vintage Silver-plated Curved Soprano with High G)
Hi Mathew,
First: A big thanks you for the care taken in the packaging of my new instrument....Mr. Brown (UPS) misdirected it and it spent several days touring Florida before being delivered. It arrived in perfect condition and I do believe UPS owes us something for not delivering in two days as promised <grin>.
Now, the instrument itself. Esthetically, it is more than I dreamed it would be..a classic example of vintage European hand craftsmanship. I can only give first impressions of the sound right now, because I have not as yet settled on a m/p-reed combination. My wife, however, did make an important observation. She did not know I had purchased a new horn, and came into my practice room last night with this comment: "What did you do to your sax? I have had to raise the volume on the TV three times in the last 1/2 hour and the sound is so much richer now. " (her description of sound is very different from a musician's).
As a retired serious amateur, I cannot thank you enough for the time taken with me to assure the purchase of an instrument suited to my needs. I never felt that you were trying to sell me something, but only attempting to educate me so that I could make an informed decision. All in all, a very nice experience and the beginning of a fine business relationship.
Jacob Rothbard (Note: Jacob is available to share feedback with interested players. e-mail us for info)

9/3/2005 (re: Ponzol M1 Tenor mouthpiece)
Hi Matthew,
Just came back from London yesterday.  Tried mouthpiece today.  It's fabulous.  Very comfortable.  I could not ask for moree ease of blowing.  Played some tunes at pianissimo and at mezzo forte. Altissimo notes are very easy to play.  I could not believe it was me playing.  I did not have to squeeze out notes resulting in choked notes.
I will be purchasing more stuff from you in the future.  Hope one day to buy a soprano sax from you.
I will recommend you to all my friends.
Norman Walsh

8/29/2005 (re: Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz Vintage Gold-plated Alto with Custom engraving)
Hi Mathew,
The sax arrived today and it is so…….
Well, there are no words to describe it.  I can't remember the last time I got so excited over anything. I can't thank you enough for staying on top of this for me. 
You are the greatest!

8/17/2005 (re: Yanagisawa SC-992)
I love the Yanagisawa 992 Curved Soprano.
It required no adjustment at all; not even a sticky pad.  Intonation is dead center.  It stays on pitch from High F# to Low B Flat. I use a Yanagisawa Metal Mouthpiece and it really brings this Sax to life. Altissimo is effortless.  My wife was afraid I was going to break her crystal.   I can't wait to get in front of an audience with it.
This Sax Screams!!
Thank you for wanting to use my comments.  Use them any way you wish.  I'm glad to support your efforts. 
We need more companies like yours with people like you who are willing to serve the needs of customers like me.   (You can print that too, if you want)
Thanks again,

8/16/2005 (re: Selmer Référence 36 Tenor)
Hi Mathew,
I received my Reference 36 Thursday right on schedule and I couldn't be happier with it. There was no transition period with the horn. The minute I played it I knew I wouldn't need to carry my Mark VI to my Friday night gig. You did a great job of setting it up and handling the customer service aspects of the sale. I will be contacting you concerning a new alto as soon as I can sell my Mark VI.
Thanks a lot,

8/12/2005 (re: Selmer Flight Case)
Dear Mathew,
I got the case. It's awesome!!!!  I've had a hard Selmer Flight case for about 15 years, and was having trouble with the latches for about the last 10 years, it's so nice to have the new case! Also, it's about 25% smaller than the old one, very nice!!!!!! My Mark VI is quite happy too!
Best regards, 

8/5/2005  (re: Rampone & Cazzani R1 Silver-plated Alto, Rampone & Cazzani Vintage Silver-plated R1 Jazz Bari, Tenor, and Saxello)

Hi, Mathew,
I just wanted to let you know that I'm very pleased with the horns I've purchased, and particularly your attention to detail and service.  I may be the only guy in the U.S. or North America to have in possession soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxes all by Rampone & Cazzani, which is a novel thought.  For the record, I couldn't be more pleased with Rampone & Cazzani's quality instruments.

Fortunately, as a budding saxophonist who was ready to step up to professional level horns, I had the opportunity to try out several top models side-by-side.  
For my personal tastes, the Rampone and Cazzani models were a notch higher in sound than other comperable brands.  The R&C horns were better suited for me. The only tenors with a competitive sound that I was able to discern were the Keilworth SX90R models.  The R&C horns have such a large sound! However, I didn't try out the Selmer Reference 54 or 36 models, as I was looking to save money.  Having said that, I think I've found my tenor and soprano for life.  I couldn't imagine playing better horns.  I love my R&C's!

Having primarily played alto and soprano for the past 6 years, I feel safe in saying that the R&C models were steps beyond my old horns in quality and sound.  The R&C horns truly look, perform, and sound awesome. I'm also very pleased with the baritone.  As this bari was my first, I didn't know what to expect, and am honestly still getting familiar with the horn.

My individual assessments of the horns are as follows:

The R1 Jazz Soprano is incredibly accurate in tone and pitch.  I can play this horn from top F# to low Bb with little effort.  Mechanically speaking, the horn is very sound (no pun intended).  The engraving is superb, and although it took me a little while to get used to the antique silver finish, it has really grown on me.  It looks as good or better under stage lights than any other horn.

The R1 Alto is a sweet playing horn.  I mostly play rock, blues, jazz & fusion, so I needed a setup that cuts through, and this horn can handle my aggressive style.  You know you've found a good horn when you
feel the horn is working "with you", as opposed to "against you".  The action is superb. 

As I mentioned earlier, I've fallen in love with my R1 Jazz Tenor.  This horn can play very delicately, or very aggressively, depending upon my setup (mouthpiece / reed combination).  The sound is so very rich.  My soundman commented on how full the horn sounded on my first outing. 

The R1 Jazz Baritone is very well made.  Each note is easily spoken, the action is great, and I'm still 'learning' the horn.  However, having played Yamaha baris in college, I can say that playing this horn is like driving a high-power luxery sedan - it requires attention and familiarity.  But the more I play this horn, the more I realize its potential and appreciate its sound and playability.  A huge, awesome sound.

For anyone considering a purchase of professional or high quality horns, I recommend working with Mathew at Saxforte.  Not only will you find a great selection, but Mathew will be very attentive to your needs.  You won't be disappointed. 

Thanks again, Mathew, for your attention to detail,
your prompt service, and for offering such fine
Chuck Hutcheson

7/20/2005 (re: Rampone & Cazzani (Italy) R1 Jazz Vintage Silver Saxello)
Hi Mathew,
I received the horn yesterday and it's in perfect shape,
the packing job was incredible.  This is a beautiful instrument and it's the best, biggest sounding soprano I've ever played. Thanks again for all your help and I'll get back to you with more feedback once I get some more playing time in. Thanks again and best wishes,

7/13/2005 (re: Selmer Référence 54 Alto)
Matthew, I received the horn in perfect condition today. It is beautiful. I only had a short time to play and it sounds perfect. The E mouthpiece is excellent.
Thanks for making the purchase easy and very, very quick! Regards,

6/22/2005   (re: Rampone & Cazzani R1 Silver-plated Curved Soprano) Mathew, 
I just wanted to let you know that it has been a couple weeks since I received the Rampone & Cazzani R1 curved soprano.  I have played on it in a couple events, as well as practicing
and have come to absolutely LOVE the R&C R1.  I am still getting used to the feel, and may possible have the action lowered a tad, but overall I feel like I have been able to speak through this soprano in a way I have never been able to on another horn.  It has a feel in various notes that is resonating and buzzes my hands.  It is like it is speaking back to me! I know that sounds sappy, but hey, it's a give and take relationship with a sax! I love the clean, cutting projection that I am able to produce, yet also can fatten the sound in almost any note and at any time I want, making it dark and sultry.  I feel the intonation is more centered than any I have played. One small complaint was the finish on the silver, but I used a jeweler's silver cloth on it and it absolutely came alive! Incredibly shiny and clean, as good as I would ever want anyway!  Anyway, the key placement feels different, yet comfortable.  I seemed to find the left palm keys angled differently than I am used to, but that's because they fit me better than any other sax I've played!  The bottom line... I really really like R&C.  I have written reviews on it on various sites, and plan to get the word out elsewhere.
As far as your service is concerned, I have been nothing but pleased.  Your packaging of the instrument for shipping was superior.  Your patience and expertise with me on the phone was very appreciated and I respect your guidance in purchacing my new sax.  I felt no pressure and will plan on utilizing your company for ANY other sax purchasing I may EVER do again. I like my Selmer SA80 serie II alto, but feel like maybe there are others out there that may suit me better in the future, we'll see.  THANKS SO MUCH.
A very happy customer,
Shawn Beebe

6/21/2005   (re: Brancher Mouthpiece)
Thank you so very much, the piece came today, it's made beautifully and plays very well. By the way, between us, it has been my experience the Brancher pieces very rarely if ever don't play right out of the box.
Brian Axelrod 
Playing credits: Nelson Riddle Orch., Jimmy Dorsey Orch., Bob Crosby Orch., Guy Lombardo Orch.

6/4/2005   (re: Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz Vintage Silver-plated Curved Soprano with Gold-plated Bell and Elaborate Engraving)
 I received THE soprano today (06/03/2005)!  It was very well packaged, and I appreciate the care you took ensuring that my "baby" got here safely. 
I have been searching for a certain "sound" for almost 25 years now... and, at last, I have found it!  The warm, dark sound from this R1 soprano is EXACTLY what I have been searching for!  I have played Yamaha, Selmer, Yanagisawa (and some cheapies), but to no avail.  I thought all was lost when the local M.A.R.S. closed, because I was able to go in and play for hours on the different horns with various mouthpiece and reed combos.  I spoke with you about this, and it came across in our conversations that you were not some burned out , trumpet playing, band director attempting to make some side money selling saxophones.  It was difficult for me to finally make the plunge and depart from years of habit (when in doubt, buy a Selmer). But, I figured all these years of habit have not produced the, ever elusive, sound I have been searching for, so I needed to try something different.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results!  The Ponzol mouthpiece, Brancher reeds, and Rampone & Cazzani R1 Curved Soprano are a DYNAMITE combo for me!! I appreciate your guidance, candor, and expertise. I will be in studio putting this baby to the test in 6 weeks!  I also love the IAJE engravings.. and it is really cool knowing that it is a one of a kind sax!  I will continue to make all sax-related purchases from you.  By the way, I have 3 children (2 boys, and 1 girl) who started playing sax last year.  Once they get through thrashing the student grade stuff, and are ready to progress, I'll be getting with you.
Thanks again Dwayne "saxmo" Wright

4/19/2005  (re: saxforte Anatomical neck straps)
Hello Mathew Aaron,
I want to thank you so much for sending the 2 neck straps to my son (Dieter Winterle).  They arrived on his birthday and he is very pleased - they are exactly what he needed.  Thanks also for taking the time to let me know that it would all work out.  Next time I need something for one of the family musicians I will check out your website.
Doris Singer

4/14/2005  (re: Keilwerth Black Nickel Tenor)
The Keilwerth arrived, very well packed and in excellent condition. Plays very nicely indeed. UPS were a bit inefficient at this end - they had some difficulty in passing on information I gave them concerning my phone number etc.. However I wasn't in a particular hurry and their tracking was fine in terms of telling me where the package was - so no harm done, and the horn arrived in excellent shape, thank you.
Bruce Belsham (Australia)

4/14/2005 (re: Serie III Matte Lacquered Soprano)
The saxophone arrived in perfect condition!   Great packing job, I even found all 9 pieces of cork! Thanks for all your help!
Rich Harro

4/14/2005 (re: Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz Saxello)
Got the horn and
it is all that you said it would be. Great. Very vintage sounding and feeling. I love  it. Thanks for everything. The packing was first rate and your help with choosing a horn and finish was honest and unbiased by the typical salespitch mentality. It is refreshing to work with someone who truly knows what he is talking about.

4/1/2005 (re: Keilwerth SX-90R Solid Nickel Silver Tenor)
Dear Mathew,
The sax finally came in after two day (which felt like two months) and was happy to find out that I did NOT have to clean up any foam popcorn! (I've heard horror stories) 
The horn shipped in excellent condition, just as I expected it to.  The Brushed Nickel-silver plays oh so beautifully!  very nice rich sound!  Just to let other raving fans know, you and I never spoke on the phone but only by e-mail and the transaction was smooth like butter.  But back to the sax, I noticed that the neck did not have the emblem logo as in the pictures i've seen on your site.  Instead, JK is grooved into the octave.  Is this a newer, or older model neck?  (ed. newer) Anyway, Thanks for all of your help and quick service!  You are the BEST!
Dana Dorsey, A+
Desktop Support
Strategic Investment

3/22/2005 (re: Selmer (Paris) Serie III Brushed Alto)
Hi Mathew
Just a quick note to let you know the Series III alto arrived in perfect condition.  I am very pleased with the finish and the sound.  I also like the ZZ reeds. 
Thanks for your help and advice. 
My regards,
Ron Warren
Executive Director, RA/QA
Smith & Nephew Wound Management (La Jolla)

3/21/2005 (re: Keilwerth SX-90R Solid Nickel Silver Alto)
I received the Keilwerth alto and so far, I'm very pleased with it. Very well made with a great sound. Thanks for your service.
Rick Donahue

3/15/2005 (re: Keilwerth SX-90R Lacquered Brass Tenor)
I've been playing my new Keilwerth for the last couple of days.
It took me a little time to adjust my mouthpiece/reed selection. Of course, that's to be expected.  But now it's singing like my Couf Superba
As I mentioned on the phone, I am now anxiously awaiting my Mark VI that's being overhauled by Randy Jones at Tenor Madness.
I know this Keilwerth is going to give my Mark VI a run for it's money. I bought my Mark VI new in 1973 and it is the only tenor that I have played since then.  It's like a part of me.  But I wouldn't be at all surprised if I chose to keep the Keilwerth and sell my Mark VI.  It's that nice.  We'll see.
Thanks again for the fast service and great price.
Tim Rummelhoff Photography

2/24/2005 (re: Selmer (Paris) Référence 54 Alto)
Mathew Aaron
P.O. Box 12132
Greenville, SC  29612-0132
Dear Mathew,
My new Selmer Reference 54 Alto arrived yesterday. What a great horn.
And, your precision packing with the Styrofoam pads holding down the normally open and the ribbon holding down the others kept everything perfect. Your attention to detail is impeccable.
But mainly I wanted to tell you about my positive experience talking to you while I was zeroing in on the horn for me.
Actually, we went 'full circle', since the Ref. 54 Alto was my first choice. But then I considered several others before coming back to the Ref. 54 Alto. Your saxophone knowledge is unsurpassable and especially about the saxophones you carry… just the professional models.
The main thing that is great about you is that you did not try to 'sell' me any horn, but just told me about their features, finishes, etc. and let me make up my own mind. You also returned every e-mail and phone call when I left a message. Your Customer Service is beyond reproach.
I would and will recommend to everyone out there who is in the saxophone buying market to purchase your sax from Mathew at Saxforte…"He is the Man"!!!!!!!!!!!!
Again Mathew, Thank You Very Much for all your knowledge, service and Everything.
Dean Hobart (Washington State)

I received the soprano yesterday and had a chance to play on it some today. 
It is great so far. I will not have a chance to really start playing on it until after my audition at LSU on the 28th of this month.  I'll be in touch, and in a year or two I may want to purchase a new alto and you'll be the first person I come to.  I was wondering...could selmer make a serie II and make it a matte finish in silver?  Just an idea.  Thank you again for everything.

Joshua Blair

Hi Matthew,
I just wanted to let you know that the mouthpiece that you recommended did exactly what you said it would and what I wanted from it. The V16 a5M mouthpiece and the reeds in 2 strength really sounds great. Not to mention the ultimate ligature, what a sound. Thanks again for taking the time with a newbie on the phone and having the patience to work with me on this, you have definitely earned a customer for future purchases.
Bruce Parisey

Matthew, Recieved my sax case this afternoon
absolutely brilliant my sax fits like a glove thank you for the service I will certainly use you again


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