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12/20/2006    (re: Selmer Serie III Alto)
Dear Mathew,
recently purchased a Selmer Serie III silver saxophone from saxforte.  The instrument arrived perfectly adjusted.  It is a gorgeous instrument and plays as well as it looks. Other saxophonists who have heard me play the instrument comment that my sound is a bit different and they hear the higher harmonics better, but the sound does not have an edge.  I'm a former student of Larry Teal and edge is not something I strive for.  More importantly, this is the first saxophone I have owned where I do not have to fight the instrument in any way.  The response when I play large intervals of a 7th or more slurred down is immediate and easy. The Serie III correction to the open C#  is exactly in tune.  Staccatto from low D down to low B flat is the best I've ever experienced.  I wanted a top of the line instrument and I got exactly what I required.  Anyone who wants more information may contact me.
George Yingling

11/29/2006    (re: Brancher J Chamber Mouthpiece)
Hi Mathew,
I must comment that I recieved the BRJ15SG along with the rest of the order quickly before Thanksgiving,
and the MPC is truly a pleasure to play just as you recommanded.
The BRJ15SG is gorgeous, well-made and precise unlike my other so-called "handmade" pieces.
I will be soon selling off my other MPCs on eBay :).
Thank you and Saxforte for your professional services and advises.
Kind Regards,
Kenny Lo

11/17/2006    (re: Selmer Serie III Tenor)
Hello Mathew
I received the sax in perfect condition----I tried it out and am a very satisfied. I will recomend Saxforte to  all my friends who might  be in need on a new sax.
Thanks again
Greg Weeks

11/15/2006    (re: Selmer Référence 54 Alto)
Dear Mathew:
Just a note to tell you that the Reference 54 alto saxophone that I ordered has arrived safely.  As everyone in "raving fans" has said, the packaging of the saxophone was very good and the box was not even scratched.
Inside I found the horn looking as good as I had hoped. Since I had not played for 30 years, I expected to have some trouble making the sax sound as good as it looked.  To my amazement, the horn sounded great right out of the box. The only problem was sticky keys, a problem you warned me about.  (In shipment, the keys were fastened down for safety.  This caused the stickiness.)  I used the powdered papers that you recommended and the stickiness went away.  I am very satisfied with the saxophone.
I was apprehensive buying such an expensive horn over the Internet.  When I asked you for references, you suggested that I go to the Selmer-USA website and verify that you were an authorized dealer.  I did this and found that SaxForte was completely legit.  I was especially happy to find that you promptly replied to my e-mails.  I was also very happy to receive your tips regarding mouthpieces, reeds, and other technical data.
Overall, I am extremely happy with my purchase and thank you for all of your help.  When I need to buy other saxophone supplies, I will certainly go to SaxForte.

11/11/2006    (re: Brancher B Chamber Mouthpiece)
This is just a short note to thank you for your recommendations on a Brancher "B" mouthpiece and reeds for my new Selmer tenor. I can not believe the difference that this combo makes. It's like playing a new horn and incredibly crisp and clear... over the entire horn.
I have been playing a Berg Larsen for years and thought I had it good. WOW, was I wrong!!!
Thank you again.
Keith Kipp
Ottawa, Canada

11/9/2006    (re: Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz Saxello)
Good evening;
I received my saxello yesterday. 
The box was huge!  Of course, that's a good thing.  Even after reading descriptions of your packaging and talking to you, it was better than I imagined.  The attention to detail (including the cork wedges to secure the key cups closed) was impressive.
As you know, I had the package delivered to work.  It's a good thing it arrived near the end of the workday because I was just worthless for work once my new sax arrived.
The horn is beautiful.  I'm shocked at how easily it plays.  The key action is so smooth, and the tone...well let's just say that I enjoyed hearing myself play!  I sincerely appreciate all of your time and help.  You were definitely right about the finish; it was the right choice.  I really like the engraving, and the contrast of the gold plated bell against the silver of the rest of the horn is gorgeous.
I could not be happier about this transaction.  You were straightforward with me on all points, followed through with every commitment you made, and delivered a wonderful product in perfect condition.
Thank you,
Tammi Duckworth

11/5/2006    (re: Selmer Référence 36 Tenor)
I just wanted to let you know that my Reference 36 Tenor arrived Thursday. 
It really is one of the best tenors I've played.  Your service was incredible and your "overkill" packing job…really impressive.  I have directed my friends and students to your website and will definitely do business with you in the future.
Thanks and Good luck in all future endeavors,
Kevin Elliston

10/23/2006     (re: Selmer Serie III Alto)
I just wanted to let you know that the Selmer Series III alto sax (model 62) arrived today safely. 
Your extra packaging saved the day as there was a large gash through the first layer.  I inspected it with the UPS delivery person and decided there was no damage to the contents.
The sax looks and sounds great and was very clean and seems to be perfectly tuned according to our electronic tuner (right down the middle).
Thanks again,
Rich Jenkins

10/15/2006    (re: Ponzol M1 Ternor Mouthpiece, Brancher Ligature and Reeds)
Mathew, Just received my new Peter Ponzol M1 95 mouthpiece, Brancher Ligature and Brancher Jazz # 2 1/2 reeds.
Wow !!!.. The delivery was fast.Two days from Greenville, SC. to Tracy, CA. But what is truly amazing, is the sound, coming from my Selmer Mark VI Tenor. Unbelievable.. Thank you for your "right on" recommendations, for this set up. I can't begin to tell you how excited, I am, in a fabulous sound, that seems so centered and focus and alive.
Thank you again for all your support and hanging in there with all my questions..... I will definitely recommend your web page to my friends and be coming back for other purchases in the future.
Jim Burns

10/25/2006    (r:e Selmer Serie III Tenor)
Dear Mathew:
Wedesday I received the series iii tenor. 
What a wonderful instrument!  It has a great sound and surprising power.  Thanks for sending it so quickly. Also, thanks for your valuable advice, particulary regarding pad savers and the yamaha powder papers.

10/12/2006    (re: Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz Bari from sax on the web )
I purchased a Rampone R1 Jazz baritone sax in gold plate from Saxforte in late spring of this year. I did so with some expectations about this particular instrument and Saxforte based primarily on positive feedback I'd read on both here in this forum.
The package arrived in outstanding condition, obviously shipped with great care. The instrument itself is classicaly stunning. Having not played a baritone for decades, this new instrument and I required some getting used to each other. It has been an interesting experience, and Mathew @ Saxforte has been of great help during various phone calls. I experienced some similiar issues, at first, with my horn as others had. I just approached solutions a bit differently.
Firstly, Rampone has been making horns for a long long time, and had recently be reaquired by family of the originator. From this fact and the obvious pride of craftsmanship put into the horn, I deduced that there was probably nothing fundamentally wrong with the design of the horn...also, I based this view on my judgement that the horn is obviously constructed as a modern version of, say...an old vintage Conn. Large vintage bore sound with modern keywork, just what I was looking for. So, when I had voicing and intonation problems on the low end I assumed it was probably partly my fault, and maybe some adjustments were needed on the instrument.
Talking with Mathew, he advised a careful step by step analysis, making sure I was getting a complete pad seal around the tone holes, especially checking for dynamic leaks. I found several small things corrected all the problems. Number uno - my embrochure. This horn requires a very relaxed and flexible embrochure with great breath support. Basically, the horn and I needed to spend time together, and probably, the pads needed time to "seat". Along with that, I adjusted some key action. I tightened down the low C# stop, as I determined there was a dynamic leak at this point. I slightly bent the low A mechanism which allowed me to open up the A key quite a bit, I also opened up all the other bell keys. I installed a stronger spring at the A key. Opening up the bell keys height corrected the intonation problems (flat) on the low B - Bflat and completely opened up the sound of the instrument. It was very obvious the instrument was being muffled by the to closed A key. It also corrected the problem with the voicing of those notes, the flutter or burble, as noted by others, disappeared.
The instrument is playing fabulously now, top to bottom. Mathew informed me that Rampone had told him, that their instruments required maximum opening of the bell keys. Mathew was of great help, and I would certainly purchase another instrument from Saxforte.
Brett Wylie

10/10/2006   (re: Brancher B Chamber Bari Mouthpiece)
Love the bari mouthpiece and reed combination.  Now I have to save up for your recommendations for a jazz alto mouthpiece!
Craig Saxton

10/5/2006    (re: Keilwerth SX-90R Tenor)
Dear Mathew,
I got my Keilwerth SX90R Tenor Sax on Monday.  It looks fabulous and sounds great.  I can play the notes all the way down to low Bb.  My E note wobbles a little bit but guess I have to work on my embouchure since I was used to playing an alto before.  I can play softly though this sax provides real oomph!
Mathew - I want to personally say a big thank you for the superlative service you rendered me. 
What are some of the things that I liked about you, your company and service?:
1. You are very focussed.  You stock only high quality professional saxophones and accessories. I would much rather deal with someone who is focussed and knows what he is doing instead of someone who is trying to sell all kinds of wind products.
2. You provide individual attention including remotely trying to figure out what your customer wants - very hard job to do, but you do it very well
3. You are extremely responsive to email and other communication forms
4. You have a well laid out web site that seeks to answer most of the question clearly
5. You are very fair in your dealings - your prices were extremely competitive
I got all the items (and I had ordered quite a few of them including for my alto) correctly and in accordance with the sales invoice.  You also made sure that the couple of items not in stock were mailed out as soon as you got them.
The packaging was very solid and professional.  The accessories that you recommended are all top notch ones.  I am truly delighted and will have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending your services to others who may desire to buy online.
Feel free to put my comments in your raving fan section if you wish to. And if there is anybody in India who wishes to buy a saxophone, ask them to get in touch with me and I will be more than happy to recommend your services.
Again Mathew thank you!  Its been a pleasure working with you.  I like the sound of the sax you have sold me and am very pleased.   My wife says this horn sounds like what you hear professional bands playing.  My Pastor said it had a very nice and pleasing tone.
I now look forward to buying an alto sax from you.  Will start saving up for that:)
If you ever plan to visit India and Bangalore, please let me know. It will be a pleasure for me to take you around.
God bless you Mathew!
Warm regards,

9/18/2006    (re: Yanagisawa A902)
I wanted to get to know the sax before I wrote to you. This is my first experience with a bronze horn and what a pleasure. The quality of the horn is excellent and the sound is even better than I anticipated. It makes me sound better than ever before even though I am past my playing prime. The brancher reeds that you recommended made a big difference on my alto and tenor. I think they were a contributing factor on the improvement of my sound.
The service was very good as expected.I have the impression that you make every customer feel special because your service is so good.
Dale Torrence

9/7/2006    (re: Selmer Serie III Alto)
Hi Mathew,
Thank you for everything you did, and most of all, the time spent with my son in finding the right saxophone for him.  As you said there is NO one saxophone that is perfect for everyone, you have to go over each individuals likes and dislikes and narrow down little by little until you find the correct sax for each person's situation.
You took the time to narrow down to the sax he ultimately chose.  Jonathan LOVES his Selmer Serie III alto sax and the accessories that you also helped him with.   You gave him tid bits of information that when put together forms a lot of knowledge that he will use to get better and better as he puts into practice that knowledge.  Thank you for not rushing through everything but answering any/every question that he and I had, and for continuing to be there in the future in case there be more questions.
If ANYONE asks my opinion for where to buy a saxophone I will not hesitate to tell them about Sax Forte.  In my opinion there is absolutely no other dealer that can offer what Sax Forte offers. For price, knowledge, product and integrity, there is NO alternative. There is no doubt in my mind, that if we need another saxophone in the future, Sax Forte will be the dealer we buy from.
Thank you,
Bruce, Carolyn and Jonathan

8/28/2006  (re: Selmer Serie III Tenor)
Hi, Matthew,
      Just wanted you to know the new Matte Laquered Series III Tenor Sax sans engraving arrived safely. 
It plays like I have always dreamed a horn should sound.....centered, focused, free blowing, easy key action, and articulates lows, mediums, and altissimos very easily.  What really pleases me is the incredible subtones one can hear in all registers. This horn will likely become the Selmer Mark VI of the 2030s!   The gorgeous antique look of light absorbing matte is really sweet too.  I can't wait to gig with this sax.
Thanks again so much for your expertise,

8/24/2006 (re: Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz Soprano, Selmer Serie III Alto, Keilwerth SX-90R Tenor)
I can not think you enough for your assistance in this purchase process.  I know you will be proud to know I love the horns I bought from you more than any other horn I have ever played on. Here is the break down of what I think of each.
Alto- Selmer Series III SOLID Sterling Silver-  At first the price was intimidating and my fathers words were echoing in my head.. "for that much money it better play for you".   And guess what it actually does.  I am able to play things on this bad girl that have never conceived of.  My altissimo range is higher; low notes fuller and that tone owe so sweet!  I ran thru some Charlie Parker runs and Bird would be jealous.  I also played along some David Sandborn and the power on this horn would blow his house down. 
Oh yeah, I called it a "Bad Girl" cause it sounds so silky sweet ; beautiful; and just simply perfect for any mood.
Tenor- Keilwerth SX90R SOLID Nickel Silver-   Now this is a bad boy.  I went to a Blues Jam and this guy was hating on my new rig and took over the microphone.  But no worries with this horn cause it still blew him away and overpowered his tone.  I did not even need a microphone for my solo. 
Gobs of phat tones and screaming altissimo.  This horn sounds bigger then a Bari on the low end and can compete with the altissimo range of 99% altos except my Alto of course.
Soprano- R1 Jazz R & C Gold Plated with High G-
This is the horn you advised me to get in the first place and I did not listen.  I tried to save a buck on the Silver R1 with no high G.  It was a tremendous horn but not the perfect one for me.  I am so happy I was able to get the one you suggested.  It is so warm and sweet sounding.  The tone on this horn can make you feel like you're already in heaven or if you blow cold air flow into it with more diaphragm you can compete with any horn section.  I played along with a trombone and trumpet play who used to cover me up on my old student soprano and now the harmony is out of this world.
Thanks again Mathew.  You Da Man!!!
Emilio Munguia

8/22/2006 (re: Selmer Référence 54 Tenor)
I received the Ref 54 tenor yesterday.
It arrived in good shape and was impressively packed and double boxed as you described. The horn is so warm, it sounds great even with mouthpieces I could not really use on my old horn. I feel that now my options are wide open and I can sound how I want with this horn. It is also so much easier to play in tune. I played it for several hours last night and I can't wait to play it with my band Wednesday!

8/14/2006 (re: Selmer Référence 54 Alto)
Recieved the sax today. My daughter took it to her sax lesson and her teacher went nuts for the sound!! He said it blows (pardon the pun) his sax out of the water. He loved the amazing tone, the antique finish, and said it was a well balanced horn. His exact words were "this is the tone i have been looking for all my life!" He had a difficult time giving it back to her he loved playing it so much! thanks again
Jerald and Jennifer

7/31/2006 (re: Brancher J Chamber Soprano mouthpiece)
I wanted to let you know that I am very pleased and satisfied with your recommendation of a Brancher Metal Mouthpiece and Brancher reeds for my Soprano. The combination of the Yani Soprano and the Brancher mouthpiece produce the exact sound I wanted form my soprano. I really appreciate you taking the time to "school" me on the science of mouthpieces and reeds. I had my first "official" performance using the new Soprano in church this morning and received many compliments on the warm tone of the horn.

7/26/2006 (re: Brancher B Chamber Tenor Mouthpiece)
Hello Mathew,
I've gotta thank you again for the recommendation.  It is just what I was looking for.  Of course there is always a period of adjustment, but overall the piece cooks.  I had a gig last night, and it sang.  Again thanks.
and 7/27/2006
Hello Mathew,
By all means, please post my comments.  If you can insert some additional comments, check this:
Wish I could have contacted you before buying the Jody Jazz, and the V16,  thanks again.
Kenny Alexander

7/24/2006  (re: Yanagisawa T-991 Tenor)
The tenor sax is every bit as good as I was hoping it would be, and the service was excellent.I want to thank you for your patience dealing with me. This is my first new sax in thirty five years and  I think it showed during our conversations. My wife was impressed with your speed and efficiency and she is not easy to please. You have a new customer.
Dale Torrence

7/20/2006 (re: Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz Tenor)
Hi Mathew
Just a belated thank you.
The R&C tenor arrived in pristine condition and it is absolutely fantastic. It's a huge leap forward from my Super 20s.
Thanks again
Greg (Australia)

7/19/2006 (re:Keilwerth Nickel-Silver SX-90R Tenor)
I recieved my Keilwerth SX90R in the Brushed Nickel Finish. Not only is it a beautiful to look at saxophone but is the best "player" I have experienced.
I have been shopping for a Profesional Saxophone for the past 6 to 8 months now. I have called stores all over the country, both with a web presense and those without. I have also been traveling so I had a chance to try many saxophones.
While many of the stores offered one or two of the brands SaxForte does none offeerd as many of the BIG 4 as you do, you offer all 4 plus the Rampone Cazzani (lets call it the BIG 5 from here on out).
On top of this while I knew I was interested in a new saxophone I was unsure of which one, and which one would be appropiate for me.
You spent hours on the phone with me talking about what I was looking for in the way of sound and feel. While I thought the Keilwerth was appropriate you confirmed this as well as able to make mouthpiece reccomendations.
On top of this I recieved a horn that was BRAND NEW! Not played by individuals looking for a horn (I went to stores all over the country and did this) or even out of its case on a wall. It is in PRISTINE condition and as advertised.
It is important to note that I not only recieved a saxophone in the best condition possible from SaxForte but I also recieved INDIVIDUAL consultation from a knowledgable profesional that was compasionate to the position I was in.
In my life I have made several "large" purchases (cars, appliances, a house etc), that are important to my quality of life. This is the first time that I was not on my own to do research and I was able to get answers to questions, advice and a terrific price.
It does not get any better than this.
I love my new horn!

7/7/2006 (re: Rampone & Cazzani R1 Curved Soprano)
The Sax arrived today.
Great packing!  Everything in good condition.
My son will be home in mid August.  We'll have to wait until then to hear how it sounds. We will e-mail you his comments on the sound. As in the past, you have again provided great advice and great service. I will continue to recommend SaxForte.
Thanks again,

7/6/2006 (re: Keilwerth Shadow SX-90R Tenor)
Hello Mathew:
Sorry I didn't contact you sooner.  Been out of town.
The shadow arrived in beautiful shape... plays like a gem.
Thank you for being timely and honest in our transaction.  Looking forward to doing more business with you.
Talley ho!!!

7/3/2006 (re: Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz Curved Soprano)
Hey Mathew!
I got the curved soprano today and really like it! It sounds just the way I imagined and I find it so much more comfortable than my straight Selmer. It also has a warmer tone than the Selmer SA80 II. It is a work of art! The "vintage" silver threw me off at first (used to my sterling horns) but it is really a looker!
It's so nice to feel all that expert craftmanship in my hands, and it played perfectly right out of the box. Thanks again for all the time you took to help me make the right choice. You never know with these mail order "brides"!  Your shipping was prompt and secure as promised. Thanx!
You can include my name if you wish.

6/15/2006 (re: Selmer Référence 54 Alto)
Well after impatiently waiting for 5 days (that was quick), it got here.
And i must say that even if i expected a good packaging you still impressed me. There is no way this horn could have been damaged and i appreciate that and see that you respect these delicate instruments. Once i got passed all the wrapping i found a superb glistening saxophone, a virgin i would have to say. The first note i played had me hooked. It is truly a "the devil's horn" ! I am glad we talked for so long and i am happy to have made the choice that i did. The ref 54 is just all around a great horn i was really impressed.
Once again i want to thank you for your time and attention, i have rarely had the opportunity to deal with some one that cares so much. This being my first pro horn i am happy to say that i don't see how anybody could do any better. You almost spoiled it for the other dealers, if i ever need another horn i will be sure i will call you first!
Again thank you! (thanks for the recommendation on the accessories they are great too)

6/15/2006 (re: Brancher L Chamber Alto Mouthpiece)
I just received the mouthpiece and reeds that you suggested to me in the mail today. And man,
WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! I played on my old setup just to see what it sounded like (probably for the last time) and then I switched over to the new setup. It sounds GREAT!!! I've never quite got the sound that I've been going for until I played what you recommended. Brancher makes top quality equipment and yet I had never heard of them until I was suggested to them by you. But am I glad I switched. No more of that tinny, stuffy sound. The piece really opened up my sound greatly and gave me a much more richer, fuller bottom that I've really wanted. And the reed setup, I was skeptical at first when you had suggested them to me, but after just one minute of playing on them (with this particular setup) it was like a whole new level of playing that I had never reached before now. Thanks for supplying me with this great equipment and I will definitely continue to shop at Saxforte!!!

6/13/2006 (re: Keilwerth Nickel-silver SX-90R Alto and  Yanagisawa SC-991 Curved Soprano)
-- as posted on Sax on the Web, with permission--
I recently purchased two instruments from Mathew at SaxForte. Not only did he give me a great price, but the instruments arrived incredibly well-packed and in excellent playing shape -absolutely gig-ready out-of-the box (which is pretty much what happened).
I cannot say enough good things about this experience. Everything was handled with absolute professionalism, right down to written (.PDF) price quotes. He was extremely responsive and helpful during the sales process and has continued to offer prompt and useful post-sales help when requested.
I would not hesitate to buy from him again or to refer people to SaxForte.
NOTE: I have no connection to SaxForte or Mathew other than as a satisfied customer.

6/10/2006  (re: Selmer Référence 54 Tenor)
Hey Mathew,
I just wanted to thank you again for again for taking time to help me out with the saxophone purchase, it got here fine and is working great.  I'll certainly be calling you again for any alto's or sopranos down the road.
Thank you,
Andy Bulecza

6/7/2006 (re: Yanagisawa A901)
Dear Mathew,
hows it going mate?
Hey, the sax is beautiful! You guys rock. Wow, what a shipment. Picked it up today. Going to get wailing on it tomorrow.
Thanks once again buddy

6/2/2006  (re: Selmer Référence 54 Tenor)
Dear Matt,
The sax arrived today on schedule and
it is awesome!  Thank you for your professionality and excellent advise on helping me with choices.
Respectfully submitted,
Joseph Betz

5/1/2006 (re: Keilwerth Black Nickel SX-90 Tenor)
Thanks for getting us the sax so promptly, it arrived Friday in perfect shape.
My daughter is very excided and thanks you for the help in making a good decision.
Curt Buster

4/28/2006 (re: Selmer Référence 36 Tenor)
Mathew -
I received my Ref 36 tenor on Wednesday, and finally had the chance to sit down with it last night. Before I tell you my impressions (though the "WOW!"above probably foreshadows them a bit) let me tell you that I have been on a two year quest to find a "new" tenor with the best initial quality and set-up, tone, feel, action, and the other intangible qualities make a horn personally satisfying. (I have a beautiful and quirky 35XXX Super Balance Action tenor that I love, and I've been spoiled to expect the tone and easy-blowing of the SBA). I started with a Ref 54 tenor, purchased via the web from WWBW - it played well, but was missing something. After many sessions with my local tech, I sold it and tried again. I then picked up a new SX-90R in solid nickel silver (the horn originated at Saxforte but had another owner briefly before me) - it played extremely well, with that dark full Keilwerth sound, but I didn't care much for the keywork (I have large hands and very long fingers, and the Keilwerth keywork feels "large" even to me). And while the tone is unique and very pleasing, it just didn't have that Selmer sound...
So, back to the Selmer Reference line.
Last summer, I purchased a Series III alto from you and was blown away by the care and detail you put into our consultation phone calls and, of course, by the "overkill" packing. I am very pleased with the alto, and decided to re-look at the Reference tenors and at Saxforte. One of the things I didn't care for very much with my previous Ref 54 was the matte finish, so I started to consider either the 36 or the lacquered 54. After careful research and consideration, I ordered a Ref 36 from you last week. And -
WOW! After carefully unwinding the shipping ribbon and removing the styrofoam blocks that held the bell keys in place during shipping, I put my Zagar Cool School mouthpiece on the horn and gave it a try. I have never felt more comfortable with a new horn! The action is crisp, the feel is classic Selmer, and the tone is everything I wanted out of my previous Ref 54. The response is even and crisp from low Bb to high F#, and altissimo is easily accessible. Response over the tough breaks took only a few seconds to sort out and adjust to. But most importantly, the tone is just beautiful. I tried several mouthpiece/reed combos, and all were quite good - Link HR 7* + Vandoren ZZ 3.5, Zagar Cool School + Rico Jazz 3H, Vandoren TL4 + Vandoren 3.5. It's the first tenor I've ever played that easily accepted such different mouthpiece/reed combos - just a simple swap and you get a different tonal quality without sacrificing response or playability.
I'm carving out lots of time this weekend to break-in my new Ref 36 and really give it a workout.
But I can honestly say I've never had a horn, even one handpicked from scores of stock (I grew up 40 miles from South Bend and WWBW and had the luxury of hand-picking horns in high school and college). Maybe I finally got lucky, but I'll bet it has more to do with the care you put into the initial set-up of the horns you sell and the spectacular packing and shipping you insist upon.
My next horn will be from Saxforte. Thanks, Mathew!

4/8/2006  (re: Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz Saxello)
Hi Mathew
Just thought I'd let you know my Saxello arrived on Friday.
I have to say the packaging was fantastic. Nothing could have happened to that horn in transit.
Then of course I opened the case!
What a beautiful instrument. I played it for a couple of hours just to get the feel. (that actually only took 5 mins). Gorgeous sound allowing very subtle variations in tone. Easy to play over the whole range. And gentle, gentle, gentle.
So I had a gig on Saturday where I played a few tunes on it.
When I wanted it to kick, it kicked like a mule! I couldn't believe something with the most velvety, smooth gentle tone could come out screaming like that. I won't be going back to any of the more mainstream saxes again.
Now I have to get my other horns (all super 20s) to measure up.
Thanks for a beautifully presented sax delivered in the shortest time possible.
Greg (Australia)

4/3/2006  (re: Keilwerth SX-90R Tenor)
My Keilwerth tenor arrived in perfect shape, and I just love it!
Thank you so much for taking the time to select the perfect saxophone for me (and yes, I like the look of the black nickel). Also, the reeds you selected are wonderful as well, as you can see as I'm ordering another box .
Thanks again from a very satisfied customer.
Allan Davis

3/31/2006  (re: (re: Selmer Paris Référence 54 Hummingbird Alto)
Dear Mathew,
I want to let you know that I have safely received my Hummingbird Standard Reference 54 alto saxophone this afternoon as scheduled.
I also want to thank you for your patient and kind explanations about my sax-related questions , though they sound like a learner's , not like a buyer's. Once I tried a Reference at a retailer's shop, but it was out of tune. So, at first I hesitated to buy a Reference at your site, too, but your kind and informative explanations gradually led me to trust your setup service for my sax. As expected, my new Hummingbird sounds completely in tune. The included Super Session D mouthpiece seems a little open to me, but I can adjust myself to it with an alternative reed.
Thanks again.

3/30/2006  (re: Selmer Paris Serie III Alto)
Hey Mathew,
I got my horn in today, it is absolutley beautiful. 
I was impressed with the care you took in shipping the horn, I'm sure it found me the same way it left you.  The horn sounds great too and feels good in my hands.  Thanks again, and I'll definitley be looking forward to doing more buisness with you in the future.
Mallory Thagard

3/14/2006 (re: Rampone & Cazzani R1Jazz Alto)
Hi Mathew,
I received the saxophone today.
It arrived in perfect conditions and I'm extremely happy with your service.
I'm still getting use to the saxophone. The sound is fantastic as you told me (I really love it) and the instrument looks great. It is definetly an instrument that has a soul. I have to get used to the mechanic which is not as perfect as in a machine made instrument (as you mentioned). I wonder if I should have somebody adjust it in a few weeks. What do you suggest?
Thank you again for your help.

3/7/2006 (re: Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz Alto)
The sax and the neck both arrived today.
The care and precautions that you put into the packaging is amazing. It arrived safe and in pristine condition.
The Rampone is absolutely incredible. The finish and engraving are beyond compare. To say that it is stunning is an understatement.
My son and his instructor have both played it and love it's sound and playability. I can't thank you enough for your patience and your attention to detail during this transaction. You obviously understand the importance of good customer service and customer satisfaction. I hope to do business with you again.
Thanks again,
Ron Piazza

3/4/2006 (re: Selmer Référence 54 Alto)
I just wanted to drop you a line to say what a pleasure it was to meet you yesterday.  The Reference 54 Alto is superb!  I wanted to say thank you for all your reed and mouthpiece advice.  I have been playing sax for about 24 years and I learned more about reed and mouthpiece setup in 2 hours with you than the past 24 years combined.  The sound that I am able to achieve with the new horn, reed, and mouthpiece setup make me remember why I wanted to be a sax player.  Your knowledge, professionalism, attention to detail, and most importantly customer support are second to none!  Thanks for your time and advice.  I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.
Robert Lockaby

3/2/2006 (re: Selmer Serie III Black Lacquered Alto)
Thank you very much,
You were very helpful with everything and made me feel more safe about making such a large purchase without playing the instrument first.  It sounds great and looks awesome.  The only problem I'm having are the sticky keys... but I'm sure that's the same with all new saxes.  I'll just keep playing and hopefully they'll loosen up.  If you know any tricks, please let me know; but if not, than I apreciate all of your help and if I ever get enough money back again to make a purchase, you will be the first place I will look.
Dusty Eddy
. Use powdered pad papers for sticky pads. New Selmer horns are especially prone to this easilly solved problem.

2/24/2006 (re: Brancher "J" Chamber mouthpiece)
Mathew, Your the man!! This Brancher J21AG made the horn. The bottom is the same, on the warm side and the top is a touch brighter but the horn is much more responsive. I get about 7 db more at the upper end (I got a sound meter) and its just right. I did not like the 2.5 brancher reeds but the 3's work great. There were two notes on the horn that were out of tune, low D and middle D. The Brancher got the low d in tune but the middle D is out. This is no big deal my MK 6 had 4 bad notes so one note will be easy to work around. Over all I got more volume and kept the warm sound and the horn has lots more kick.
Thanks for all your know how.
David McCormick

2/23/2006 (re: Selmer Serie III Matte Lacquered Soprano)
I wanted to say thanks a lot for the professional attention you've provided during all my purchases. Also, thanks for the depth of knowledge and patience you've provided prior to each of my purchases.  I never once felt pressured into purchasing one horn versus another.  You would always provide your insight based upon your understanding of the type of sound I was trying to achieve from the instrument.  Well, not only does my Selmer (Paris) Series III Polished brass, Matte lacquered soprano saxophone play beautifully, but it is the most beautiful soprano I've laid my eyes on.  Your description, "looks like a gold leaf" and "Stunning", could not have been more accurate.  Everyone that has seen this instrument for the first time views it with an awe struck expression on their face.  The intonation and sound quality of the instrument is just immaculate.  The funny thing is that I purchased a brand new instrument without even test playing it first because you play tested the instrument as part of your quality assurance process.  As a result, I have a perfect, top-notch, great quality soprano saxophone.  I should have purchased my Tenor Reference 54 from you 3 years ago.  Never the less, I know where I'm getting my Alto Reference 54…SaxForte.

I am also very happy with the Tenor Selmer (Paris) Flight case that I purchased from you.  It is everything you described and better.  Regarding your packing…second to none.  Your packing is so good that there is no way a consumer would receive a damaged instrument unless it were dropped from a building.

I can honestly say that I am a permanent return customer
, especially after my special order for my soprano that initially had a 5 to 6 month wait time turn into a front door delivery in 5 weeks.  That's what I call top-notch customer care.  So thanks for the patience and keen interest you've provided during the many discussions we've had prior to any of my purchases.  It is obvious that you go beyond the extra mile to be sure the customer is happy with their purchase prior to and after the purchase.  So thanks for superior instruments and accessories.  I will be sure to refer any member of my family and friends to you and your great business Saxforte.

Again, thanks for the great service, instrument and accessories.  I'll be sure to contact you when I'm ready to purchase my alto Ref. 54.

Happy Playing,


2/16/2006 (re: Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz Vintage Gold-plated Alto)
Thanks for a great experience on 2/15/06. Your comparisons of tone for each brand of horn was 100%. Each horn was setup great and I know that it took some extra time to do this. I can play the R1Jazz alto and know that its the right horn for me and not wonder how some other horn might play. The lack of a sales pitch for any one brand was great.You know your horns! I could go on and on but now its time to JAM!!! Thanks again,
David McCormick

2/14/2006 (re: Rampone & Cazzani R1 Polished Silver-plated Straight Soprano)
You are the Man!  I have never met someone with so much knowledge about saxophones and music in general.  You're one of kind and I appreciate all your advise and patience with my redundant questions.  You will be the only person I buy my horns from.  Great product and customer experience is grade A from your business.  I knew I wanted a Rampone Soprano from our numerous discussions but deciding which model to get was a little harder for me to decide.  Your descriptions and comparisons were right on I just needed to decide which one was right for me.  I am glad I got the R1 Silver Plated Straight soprano.  It is funny cause my relatives knew I was getting a soprano and when the box showed up they thought it was a Tenor from the size of the box.  But I knew from previous purchases you just take special care that the horn does not get damaged.  THANKS!!!
The case itself is very classy.  When I opened the case the horn just blew me away.  It was stunningly more attractive and glowing then I expected.  I just looked it over in awe and was so impressed with the craftsmanship and time taking to make this horn.  I appreciated off the bat that this was the most in tune soprano I have ever played on.  It was shocking to me how professional it made me sound.  After a couple of days of playing and building my chops back up I became one with this beauty.  At first in my little house I thought this horn was too loud or bright but I went to a gig and all the band members said this was the best sounding soprano I have ever played with them.  It cut thru and I was able to play toe to toe with the ripping guitar solos.  The intonation was spot on and I soon have learned to manipulate the air flow to be able to get a variety of tones.  With a large rubber piece I can get the fat dark sound of Grover Washington I was looking for.  With your Metal Yani piece I can get a Boney James type sound.
I've decided I want to play all Rampone.  I plan to get R1 Silver Alto; R1 Silver Bari and R1 Jazz Tenor for a more complex sound I love on Tenor. 
Thanks again for all your support and I will be letting everybody know about your wonderful service and products.
Emilio Munguia

2/10/2006  (re: Selmer Paris Serie III Alto)
Thank you so much, everything arrived as you said it
would, in great condition.
Mathew, thank you so much for your quick and efficient service. Your knowledge and expert advice on every question I had was remarkable and yet friendly. I enjoyed the feeling of dealing with a friend and man of his word even though you are well over a thousand miles away. I love my new Black/Gold Selmer Paris Series III and wouldn't hesitate sending any friends of mine now or in the future your way to purchase a meticulously checked, professional grade only horn. Once again, I and my friends at the University are impressed with this work of precision.
Playing for HIS glory

1/24/2006  (re: Selmer Serie III Soprano)
The Selmer soprano arrived today. 
It looks great and sounds great.  We're happy. Thanks for the efficient transaction.
Pete Boyum

1/17/2006 (re: Selmer Paris Référence 54 Limited Edition Tenor)
Hey Matt,
I just wanted to write to you to tell you how pleased I am with my saxophone, and the service you provide. It plays exactly like you said it would and was a good match for me. I will most definitely buy all my saxophones from you because there is no better place. Your service and expertise is exceptional and I am very pleased.
Thanks so much,

1/13/2006 (re: Selmer Paris Référence 54 Limited Edition Tenor)
Mr.  Aaron,
The saxophone arrived at the date you promised. My 10 year old son, Brian loves the instrument and the sound it produced. He doesn't want to stop playing with it.
Thank you very much for your help and patience. There are only a hand full of professionals out there and you are one of them. I am looking forward to do some more business with you in the near future. Once again, Thank you very much......
Respectfully  yours,
Cesar, Dith & Brian Legaspi

1/12/2006 (re:Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz Vintage Silver-plated Curved Soprano with Gold-plated bell interior and keys and Elaborate Engraving)
Hi Mathew,
Having played my new sax for a few days, I want to let you know that I am enjoying it very much. 
Thanks for taking the time to discuss my needs, and steer me in a good direction.

1/10/2006 (re: Yanagisawa T992 Tenor)
Dear Mathew,
I now understand why the "Raving Fans" section contains so many  wonderful comments about you and SaxForte. The sax arrived safe and  sound in its carefully packed box just as quickly as you said it  would.
To say I am pleased with my experience with SaxForte is such  an understatement, I would prefer to give the facts so others can  judge for themselves.
1)  When I called SaxForte, I immediately got you on the phone.
2)  You led me through the process of selecting the right horn,  helped me through some preconceived (and erroneous) conceptions, and  explained everything to me fully.
3)  You made sure I was getting what was best for me – there was  never any pressure to buy a more expensive horn or accessories I did  not need.
I was amazed at the amount of time you spent with me. It was as if I  had an old friend on the phone who was happy to share his musical  knowledge and experience. I never felt rushed, and when I hung up, I  had a much better understanding of The Sax. I am now completely  confident I purchased the ideal instrument for my experience and will  be able to grow as a musician accordingly.
Your personal service did not abruptly end with the sale of the horn.  You have sent me several emails to help me with payment options and  even after I had received the instrument sent me one wishing me a  Happy Birthday!
All in all, it was a lucky day when I came across SaxForte, and a  very smart one when I made the call. I cannot imagine a better  musical instrument shopping experience.
Thank you!


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