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12/13/2008     (re: Selmer Reference 54 Alto and Selmer Serie III Sterling Silver Soprano)
The Reference 54 Alto and Serie III Sterling Soprano have arrived and  both play beautifully. My wife is VERY happy with the alto.
As usual,  the purchase experience was wonderful and service was excellent. The  soprano is beyond words. Thanks again for everything.
John Abran

12/12/2008   (re: Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz Alto)
Dear Mr. Aaron:
I just wanted to let you know that the R1 Jazz Eb alto arrived this afternoon, December 12, 2008. Everything was packed very nicely and quite orderly. I am letting the sax come to room temperature before I begin removing the "packing corks."
I have two dumb questions:
1.  There was a 3M Silver Protector Strip in the case--Date Inserted 6/1/08
Do I need to continue using these to protect the instrument or should this just be discarded?
2. The mouthpiece has a Marca Jazz  reed already attached. Is this attached new as a courtesy to me or was this used to play test the instrument. Please advise so I will know whether to use it or discard it. (saxforte: it was new)
I would like to thank you for all of your help with this purchase. Your honesty and straightforward advice have been appreciated.
Raymond C. Williams

12/5/2008    (re: Selmer Serie III Soprano)
The soprano arrived today. 
It is so beautiful and perfect as your horns always are.  Your packing is amazing as well as your attention to detail. My son is going to be one happy young man.  Thank you so much for your contributions to the world of music. I am so glad we were blessed enough to find you when we began our first horn-buying adventure.   When he puts another sax on the wish list or when we need more accessories, we will be back!
Kay Piner

12/1/2008   (re: Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz Curved Soprano)
Soprano sax arrived on time in over-kill package. Everything looks wonderful.
Thank you.
David Lee

11/26/2008    (re: Brancher B Chamber mouthpiece)
Thanks for the time you took on the phone with me this week in selecting a Tenor Mouthpiece. I got my Brancher B27 and it fits the tone modification I was looking for on my Keilwerth Tenor. Brighter than the stock plastic piece but still enough diffusion/character in the tone. The quality of the surfaces, plating and lig are all very nice. It played fine for me with #3 Java. Later I will play around with the Brancher reeds to see how they do as well.
Ken Caviasca

11/23/2008    (re: Selmer Référence 54 Alto)
Dear Mathew,
As I told you, the Reference 54 arrived on Thursday but Paula who was away did not get a chance to play it until Friday (which by the way was her Birthday).  After now playing for a couple of days, the only word that can describe it is WOW!  It is a great sounding and great looking sax.
We must thank you for taking so much of your time to help us with the purchase.  Your guidance regarding the sax, the mouthpiece and even the bags for the neck and the mouthpiece (so they can fit inside the bell) was right on target.  We must also applaud the way you packed and prep the sax for shipping.
You provide a valuable service that it is second to none.  We wish you great success (you earn it everyday and deserve it!).
  Thanks again.
Best regards,
Paula and Jorge

11/21/2008    (re: Selmer Référence 54 Tenor)
Mathew, I have had my horn (Ref.54) for about a week.
It is everything  we talked about...and more. It plays so nice and has that warm sound that can't be explained. I  have no more excuses. I have found my horn. Thanks.

11/18/2008    (re: Rampone & Cazzani R1 Alto)
Hello Mathew
Its Thomas from South Africa-  I trust you are well?
Just to let you know that my R&C sax that I purchased from you has given me many hours of pleasure so far and thank you for the professional input and efficiency in getting it to me.  I would appreciate your further advise. Next year I want to upgrade my Tenor and will purchase from you again. Should I consider the R&C Jazz-in that way I would be playing horns from the same stable. Or go for a Selmer series 111 /Reference sax?
Look forward to hearing from you.
Regards Thomas

11/7/2008    (re: Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz Sorano
Hi Mathew,
Thanks for sending out the swab and
thanks again for the great sax I am glad you pointed me toward the R1 Jazz.

10/27/2008    (Selmer Flight Case)
This has been by far one of the most pleasurable purchases in my sax career. I only wish that I had remembered your website sooner, Woodwind Brasswind would have lost a lot of business. Your advice has been outstanding, and the shipping has been superb. IMHO you have the best functioning woodwind shop I have ever seen. Hat's off to you.

10/21/2008    (Selmer Serie III Sterling Silver Alto)
Hi Matthew,
I just wanted to drop you an email to thank you for our meeting earlier this month.
It was by far the most successful and positive experience I have had looking for horns and I have told every saxophone player I know just that.  It was so nice to just walk in the door and see all of the horns out, ready, and in fantastic playing condition.  It made the trip down there 100% percent worthwhile and I must say, this horn is just unbelievable. I am certain that I would not have received that kind of dedication and treatment anywhere else in the U.S., and probably the world. You have a great business that focuses on all the areas that are important to musicians like me and I wish you the best of luck in the future.
Thank you very much.
David Richardson
p.s. We did end of going to Soby's that night and it was fantastic!  Thanks for the great recomendation!

10/17/2008    (re: Yanagisawa T992 Tenor)
Dear Matthew
Well, it has been a year since i bought the Yani T992 from you.  I could have written back immediately and thanked you for the excellent packaging, fast delivery, helpful advice re the sound I wanted to achieve and even the merits of the reed choice - but I thought I would wait.  I wanted to really live with the horn before judging it and I think one year is now enough.
The horn itself is mechanically outstanding and has needed no adjustment so far.  The intonation is excellent across the range and is a joy to play.  Bell notes are effortless.  The sound is as you described - whilst Yani say it dark, it really isn't when compared with horns like the R&C or the Yamaha custom Z82 in the extreme low register. I changed the neck cork immediately because my Link metal was too loose.  Now I have reverted back to the Yani supplied mouthpiece (it really is very good) which of course is now too tight!!
Am I pleased?  It is a wonderful horn and you give excellent service.  10/10 Matthew.
Chris Hughes

10/7/2008    (re: Selmer Référence 54 Alto)
Hi Mathew,
Very pleased to let you know the saxophone has arrived safe and sound - wonderful packaging! 
Once again, a pleasure doing business with you.
Janette in Australia

9/17/2008    (re: Yanagisawa SC-9937 Curved Solid silver Soprano)
Hi Mathew, the sax arrived safe and sound,
thnx very much for helping me out.

9/13/2008    (re: Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz Saxello Soprano)
Just a short note to tell you that I have the sax and it is great.
It's always nice when the instrument plays well right out of the
case without regulation.
I love the vintage silver finish. Thank you.
All the best,
Ivy Dow

9/10/2008    (re: Yanagisawa SC-991 Curved Soprano)
I got it,
great service, thank you.

9/9/2008    (re: Selmer Référence 54 Alto)
I had recived the selmer sax this afternoon
im very happy its beautiful sound and beautiful horn all in working condition
the box is in very good condition,
thank you

9/4/2008    (Re: Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz Straight Soprano)
Hi Matthew:
I received the straight neck soprano in
perfect condition; packing was excellent.
The soprano has an excellent scale,and the intonation was as good as it gets for a soprano.
I have a silver bodied Yanagisawa soprano which is a very fine instrument. However,the RC beats it on intonation and a richer more flexible sound

8/26/2008    (re: Brancher B Chamber Mouthpiece and Reeds)
Hey Mathew,
Thanks for your recommendation of the Brancher mouthpiece and reeds.   They arrived yesterday, the mouthpiece fit, and was noticeably  brighter sounding than the Lakey I've been using. 
Exactly what I was  trying to achieve.
Thanks so much,
Dana Priesing

8/15/2008     (re: Selmer Reference 36 Limited Edition Flamingo Tenor and Selmer Reference 54 Limited Edition Kookaburra Alto)
Hi Mathew,
The saxophones arrived this morning in tip top condition and they are both awesome. I played the tenor first and was really blown away by the awesome sound and how easy it is for me to play. Larry loved the sound and the beautiful tone it has. THANKS!!!!!  The alto is great too. It plays the same as my series 2 with abit of a warmer sound. Thank you so much for all your help. The intonation is excellent as well.  I must tell you it made me cry when I played the tenor. It is so much easier to play than my cannonball and has such a beautiful tone throughout all the registers. AWESOME!
All the best,

8/4/2008    (re: Selmer Serie III Tenor)
I got the horn on Friday. 
What a sweet playing tenor.
Now all I'm missing is a bari...I'll have to wait a bit before that.

7/29/2008    (re: Selmer Reference 54 Limited Edition Tenor)
Hi Mathew, Wanted to let you know the horn arrived at 12:00 Noon, Much
faster than anticipated.
Your packing job worked great, all appears well
and plays the same.
Will follow up later after I spend more time with the
new sax.
It sure looks and feels great. Thanks for the good service.
Dick J.

7/18/2008    (re: Yanagisawa B901 Bari)
Good Morning ,
Got it and it plays great and in tune! Although I am going to try to JJ mouthpiece because the Yani is too thing on the upper reg.
Kudos on the packing. It was very unique.
Call me if you can.

7/14/2008    (re: Yanagisawa S992 Bronze Soprano)
Hi Matt:  I just received Matt's saxophone.  Wow, what a packing job. 
Hi Matt:  Matt is very pleased with his horn. You may add the e-mail  and the e-mail regarding the packing to your list of satisfied customers.  Thanks. 

7/10/2008    (re: Yanagisawa SC-991 Curved Soprano)
I received the Yani SC991 today. 
WOW!  What a horn!  Thanks for helping me to realize my dream of having a horn that I intend to keep for my lifetime.  Packing was superior!  Saxforte will be my choice for any future saxes.
Out of curiosity-----I am able to play all of the high notes with the stock mouthpiece and have a very good sound.  I am not able to play all of the high notes with the Selmer S-80 E yet.  I can get to the high E flat.  (I have experimenteds with different reed strenths.)  I don't have the specs on the Yani 5 to compare it to the Selmer.  I would appreciate any insight you can give me.  I am going to stay with the Yani for a while.  I probably will be interested in a Yani 6 or 7 in the future. 
Thanks for a pleasurable experience.

7/1/2008    (re: Selmer Reference 36 Limited Edition Flamingo Tenor)
/Hi Mathew,
I received the horn today. 
The outer box was a bit crushed but, thanks to the great double box special overkill packing, the horn was completely unscathed.  The setup of the horn is perfect and, although it's a little too soon to know for sure,  I think this just might be the best tenor I've ever played.  With little effort, the sound is extremely powerful but still very lush and focused. Not at all harsh; just pretty.  I love it !
Thanks for a great horn and excellent service,

6/20/2008    (re: Yanagisawa A901 Alto)
Hi Mathew,
We received the saxophone today. 
It was well packed and my son was very happy with the A901.  Thank you for making this a pleasant experience.
Deb Poirier

6/16/2008     (re: Selmer Reference 36 Tenor)
I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for your help with my daughter's new saxophone. When we came to see you I really didn't know what to expect.  I have never purchased a musical instrument of this caliber before and I wanted to make sure that my daughter got both what she wanted and needed.  I am so inept when it comes to music I have a hard time getting a radio to play with out static, therefore I ask her private instructor to come along because I knew that I would be of no help to her. It wasn't mentioned while we were there but he has a masters in saxophone from the North Carolina School of the Arts and for the past several years almost all of the all-district saxophonist for our district have been his students as well as a fare number of the all-state saxophonist. He is not easy to impress, and you very much impressed him.   I also tried to do my home work when it came to price and after spending many hours on the internet and making several phone calls I couldn't find anyone who could beat your price on the three horns that she was interested in.  I only found a few places that were even close.  I appreciate your non-hard sale approach to accessories and the quality of the accessories you sell, I'm sure we will be buying many more in the years to come.  Last but not least thank you for the help and advice you gave when it came to the mouthpiece she was having a problem with.  I am sure there are dealers out there who would have tried to sell her a new one rather than helping her to use the one she already had.
Thank you again for all of your fine service and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.
R. J.

6/11/2008    (Selmer Super Action 80 Serie II Alto)
Dear Mathew,
My saxophone arrived safely and I've been playing it for over 1 week.  Now I'm adapting to it pretty well.
I played it before my teacher today and we both think it's a fine piece of instrument.  Thank you.
My teacher's comment is that new mouthpiece doesn't suite me quite well, so I'll be reverting to my old one, or buying from you again in the future!
I have the following questions about my purchase:
1. The warranty card that came says a 2-year warranty, but it the invoice states a 5-year-guarantee, right?  Do I still return the warranty card to Selmer Paris?
(saxforte: Conn-Selmer offer a 5 year warranty in the USA and Selmer Paris offer a 2 year warranty)
2.  The "instrument passport" that came with the instrument was for "Series III", and not "Series II".  It also says it should be filled in by Dealer.  What should I do with it?
Please advise, thanks!
Willie (Hong Kong)

6/10/2008    (re: Brancher Mouthpieces and Rampone & Cazzani R1 Alto)
Dear Mathew,
You have truly transformed my sax playing as well as my daughters' sax playing w/ you knowledge and high quality products. My first purchase from you was a sopranino that actually was easy to play and had excellent intonation (Rampone R1 sopranino bought Nov 07)). Who knew they existed???? You did. Rampone saxes are a wonderful sax more people should have the pleasure of playing.
You helped me get that dark sultry sound on my alto, tenor, and baritone by directing me to the brancher L(large) chamber mouthpieces.
I enjoy playing sax even more now(espcially tenor) thanks to these mouthpiece upgrades.
You gave my family such a warm reception when we tried out saxes at your place in May.You were so low key and really let us enjoy the saxes. This resulted in the purchase of a Rampone R1 polished silver alto(and may result in a custom ordered Rampone R1 low Bb baritone). You were even kool discussing, the Keilwerth alto from E bay w/ me, that I sent back to buy the Rampone.
You even took the time to work w/ my 12 year old alto and tenor playing daughter via phone to assist her in picking new mouthpieces. She wanted some extra power for jazz band in fall (she was using Rousseua NC3s). You recommended a Brancher J17 for her Cannonball Alto(mthpc w/ some baffle helped bring her Cannonball alive) and a Selmer soloist C* for her tenor.
We have a family sax trio(myself and 2 daughters). I could hear the improvement in my daughter's sound!!!!You even took the time via phone to discuss some fit and finish issues w/ me(Keilwerth SX-90 Black Nickel tenor) about a sax that I didn't purchase from you!!!!
Keep up the great work changing the music world one saxophonist at a time!!!!!
Dave Krall

6/3/2008    (Selmer Serie III Tenor)
Dear Mathew,
The Sax finally got to me yesterday.  I must say, although having never seen a Selmer close up before, this one is a beauty.  I played my first serious notes on a sax too,
and I am thrilled.
Thanks and all the best
Leonard  (Netherlands)

5/24/2008    (re: Selmer Reference 36 Tenor)
Hi Mathew.
This is just a note to express my thanks for all your hard work and expertise in regard to my saxophone. I really appreciate all your help and will defenetely recomending your business to all my associates . In the future I hope to purchase a Yanagisava sop. saxophone from you. Thanks again for all your help.
Your sincerely
Rouslan (Australia)

Again thank you for all your help with my tenor. It sounds great and plays like a dream.
Your sincerely

5/19/2008    (Yanagisawa T992 Bronze Tenor)
Hi Mathew,
I just received the 2 items today.  Thank you!  I first opened the WJ case and it was in good shape. Then I opened the tenor, I tried to be moderate and not to show any emotion but please forgive me if I'm being direct at any point.
When I opened the tenor, I found that......it was PERFECT....
Oh, that the best I can imagaine from buring an instrument even when I have th chance to see it before buying, let alone buying without trying. This is the best sax out of the box for all my purchases s far. No leak, absolutely no and I can the pads are stable enough now and no leak will come later after all the corks are removed.  I tried it, it was exactly what I expected, actually no, I didn't expect to be in such a good condition after so many hours on the road.
The only thing though is that the neck cork is a bit loose for my link STM. I remember seeing the same problem with other Yani horn before. I should have asked if you can help to replace that cork before shipment. Also the WJ case is quite tight inside, I need to push the case a bit to close it after I fit the horn inside. is it ok?
I should have known you earlier and saved those mailing back and forth for my earlier purchases.
Overall, this is really a great experience and I will certainly think of you if I want to get anything in the future. Very reasonable prices, great service and great condition.
Yours truly,
Wal (Hong Kong)

5/16/2008    (Yanagisawa A902 Bronze Alto)
HI...just wanted to let you know the Yanigasawa
A902 arrived safe and sound.  David loves it...definately has a warm sound.  He likes the reeds you suggested, too ....we'll be ordering more later.  So far, he is testing out mouthpieces he already has, but I think we may need to use your expertise in that area as well.  Thanks so much for all of your help.
Beth Conover

5/8/2008     (re: Selmer Serie III Soprano)
Played the horn. 
Everything is perfect.  Flawless.  And, the customer service and follow through??  Off the scale.

4/29/2008    (re: Yanagisawa B991 Silver Plated Bari)
Hi Mathew,
I'm really pleased with that yani bari - nice sound, plays really well and looks great.
Would recommend saxforte highly to anyone.
Thanks again,

4/28/2008    (re: Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz Tenor)
Hi Mathew:
I took my new R&C R1 Tenor on it's maiden voyage last night.  Once I found a good mouthpiece/reed combination, it opened-up and blossomed in my hands. I was initially drawn to Yanagisawa, but knowing I was player of mostly vintage, large-bore instruments, you suggested the R1.
Now that I have played the horn, I agree--it's fantastic.  For me, it's the best of both worlds, vintage feel, heft and resistance, with new-horn precision and mechanics.
Your business is a bit like an adoption agency; you take great care when matching horns to prospective owners--like matching children to prospective parents. And you look after for the horns as if they were your own children.  I appreciate your attention to detail and the personal service you provide.
Thanks so much!
Rick Turner

4/28/2008    (re: Yanagisawa SC-991 Curved Soprano)
I received the Brancher J17 this morning – thank you.  The Leggario lig did not go unnoticed – I appreciate that very much.  I have one for a metal tenor 'piece and it and a Vandoren Optimum are my favorites.   (of course, if the Leggario lig was put on by mistake, this message and all memories attached to it will self-destruct in 5 seconds).
I've been playing the SC991 with the stock Yani 5 HR and
have to say that little beast is fantastic. I was concerned by all the horror stories of how difficult the sop can be coming from other saxes, but so far I've had much more success than expected at this stage.  At 6'-4" with large hands I thought the keyboard would be tight – quite the contrary, every key fell right into place with only a few minutes of adjustment.  The palm keys are especially well-positioned compared with vintage sop's I've tried.  Strangely, my right thumb fatigues from the playing position, but I'll get used to that.  I like that I can kick back in an easy chair and doodle around – try that with a tenor!
Soundwise: nice, even tone from B-flat up to high F# (though of course the Yani 5 begs for a much harder reed).  Very nice, round tone.  I can't wait to work with the J17.  Intonation is tricky in places but it isn't the horn – it's definitely me adjusting from the tenor.  As I dial in with the sop every note pops out in tune.  Certain tunes and styles just flow on the sop that didn't as well with tenor. 
Bottom line…I'm really having fun playing this horn and have to remember not to neglect my tenor.
Thanks again for all your help, suggestions and a great transaction.
Best regards,

4/22/2008    (re: Selmer Reference 54 Tenor
Dear Mathew
The package arrived safe and sound yesterday.
Your packing was excellent indeed. I tried the saxophone and did not find any problem at all with the instrument even if it travelled all the way to New Zealand. It seems to me that this Selmer Reference 54 tenor saxophone went very well with Otto Link mouthpieces.
Thank you for your careful and professional service.
 Yushi  (New Zealand)

4/8/2008    (re: Selmer Serie III Soprano)
Hi Mathew
Thank you so much, the sax has arrived, beautifully packaged and in perfect condition.
My son is extremely happy with it and the way it feels and plays.  I was surprised at how quickly it arrived.
Thanks again!
Janette (Australia)

4/8/2008    (re: Yanagisawa T9937 Solid Silver Tenor)
Hallo Mathew!
I  received the saxophone yesterday, and everything seems to be ok. It is a  nice horn and I suppose it will be even better when I have played on it for a while.
Svein Atle Breistein (Norway)

3/21/2008    (re: Rampone & Cazzani R1 Sopranino and various Brancher L Chamber mouthpieces)
Dear Mathew,
I am writing to thank you for all your excellent advice and products!!!!!!!!! I am still very pleased w/ my R1 sopranino I purchased in November of 07 . It has a warm tone and intonation is excellent. The brancher L19 alto mouthpiece brought back the warmth in the lower register like you said it would (my soprano playing changed my embouchure somewhat so the Larry Teal mouthpiece wasn't doin it anymore in the warmth department w/ my alto playing). The brancher L29 gives my Baritone the extra power I needed w/ regards to soloing. I recently added the L25 brancher tenor mouthpiece you recommended. It gave my tenor the dark fat sound I was looking for!!!!!!!!!! I would heartily recommend you to anyone seeking quality saxophones/accessories and as a dealer who is quite knowlegeable and genuinely cares about the customer.
David B. Krall

2/21/2008    (re: Yanagisawa Metal Mouthpiece)
Hi Matthew!
I just wanted to say i recieved my mouthpiece today after school. I was surprised it came so fast, only two of the six weeks said. In anycase, I hurridly rushed to open the package. Sure enough, there's my alto mouthpiece. My instructor is going to be so proud of me when I play with this for solos. I tested the mouthpiece. Right away I had results. Compared to the, excuse my France but, shitty 4C Yamaha Mouthpiece, this monster was way out of its league. And to think going to the specialty store in my town would probably rip me off.
Thanks to the Saxforte staff and thanks to you for showing my the light, where this heavenly gift will help me get better at both concert and jazz band. There's going to be a band trip this year to Vancouver, and I am hoping to play a solo in front of crowds with this piece. Again, thanks for the recommendation.
Final words, I also took your advice of getting my old sax getting checked for leaks and stuff. It's been over two weeks and it hasn't been back yet, so much major improvements are being made to my sax. Again, thanks for the advice.
I'm also regularly browsing through your reed selection. I'm looking at the jazz reeds that you have. I am thinking of buying some because what I have now may not work as good as it should if I buy what you guys offer.
To the best of our knowledge,
David Tran (Canada)

2/21/2008    (re: Brancher B Chamber Bari Mouthpiece)
Love my Brancher mpc.  Thx for excellent recommendation.
Geoff Thomas

2/18/2008    (re: Keilwerth SX-90R Alto and Tenor)
Hi Mathew,
We're now in Singapore,just flown from Indonesia to here and we found 2 Saxaphones in excellent condition,what a suprise...
It quiet amazing for us how fast you sent this goods,only 3 days and also great wraping and great sound. We're very satisfied.
Thank you a lot from both of us and nice to do bussiness with you,hopefully we will make another order soon.
Warm Regards,
Yoseph and Dave (Singapore)

2/13/2008    (re: Brancher neck strap)
You've done it once again, the Brancher anatomical neck strap I bought from you earlier this week is *perfect.*  I had bought the classic in an adult size which is perfect for my curved Yana sop, but I could feel one end of the neck piece too much on it with the weight of a tenor, so I thought I'd try the anatomic (my shirt size is 17.5.)  Voila! problem solved.
I had bought a similar design as the anatomic, I am pretty sure it was a BG a few years ago but found that it actually had an edge that dug into my neck a bit so I sold it. 
The Brancher is so much better, nothing like that happens, even when I have a collarless shirt on.  So, stick with selling the Branchers as far as I'm concerned!
Thanks so much, and thank you for getting it right out.
  It's so much more comfortable to do longer practice sessions.
Best wishes always,

2/11/2008   (re: Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz Curved Soprano)
New R&C Soprano Sax                                      $4,000
Various boxes of reeds finding just the right ones, $100
New ligature                                                       $35
Playing Happy Birthday and making your little girls smile PRICELESS
John Vincze

Dear Mathew;    (re: Keilwerth S-90R Shadow Tenor)
I received "Shadow" today.  Could you believe that it took only 3 days from sending payment to your shop in USA to receiving  the horn in a local city of Japan.  UPS have done their professional work,  the horn arrived without any damage or trouble,  rather
I would say it came here in almost perfect conditions.   I played  some songs or phrases which rose in my mind,  the horn sounds great from pianissimo to fortissimo or from slow to fast phrases.    This is my first Tenor experience;  I have played Mark 6 alto low A,  it needs some care in blowing especially at low register or I have always some choked feeling.   This is the quite different saxophone,  it plays great following my intention with easy and comfortable blowing ,  and "silky" key movement,    like as German super machines such as Porsche, BMW or Audi.   As you know easy blowing dose not always mean good sound,  but the horn raises my motivation for practice and improvisation.  After more than two hours' trial I felt stiffness in both my arms,  Oh it's a Tenor,  bigger one than which I used to play.
I would like to say "Thanks" for your kind and careful arrangement for superfast shipping of a "A kind of perfect saxophone"
with best regards,
Narito Morii (Japan)

2/7/2008    (re: Yanagisawa SC-9937 Curved Soprano)
Dear Mathew,
Wow!  I received my brand new Yanagisawa SC9937 and I am so satisfied I don't know how to thank you.  This sax is by far the best soprano I have ever played.  The intonation is perfect and the sound ranges from smooth and soft as silk, to mellow, to very bright, and it projects like crazy when pushed.  I had some hesitation that the silver might make the horn only want to play soft and mellow, but it has all the range I was looking for.  It blows effortlessly, unlike a lot of sopranos I've played in the past.  I was even able to use the same altissimo fingerings I use on alto to get up to G and G#.  I haven't found an A or higher yet, but it will be fun trying to call the dogs!  This is a bonus I wasn't even thinking about.

I went for the curved model because my shoulders don't like to hold the straight models for too long.  Pretty soon you'll be hearing from me for a T9937, then maybe an A9937!  Let me sell a couple of my old horns and I'll be contacting you.  I've been playing sax for 44 years now. 
Wait till my band hears this horn this week!
Thanks again,
Art Galletta

12/28/2007    (re: Yanagisawa SC-992 Curved Soprano)
The Yana Soprano arrived safe and sound. Within just a few minutes of warming up and getting used to the horn, all seems good. The sound back to the player is quote different than my straight soprano. It's like having a mini-Alto with regards to feedback to my ear. Also, you're right about needing to have the mouth piece on a bit farther, thanks for that tip. It helped get me into tuning the horn faster than I would have otherwise.
Again, thanks !
Happy New Year.
Jim Morton

12/25/2007    (re: Selmer (Paris) Serie III Tenor)
Hi Matt,
Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know the sax arrived not last Thursday but on the day before, believe it or not!! As you assured, it was beautifully packed for travel and arrived in perfect shape.  My son, upon opening the package last night loved the brushed gold finish. Pictures just don't do this sax justice as seeing this finish in person. It played just perfectly, that is once he found all the little stops you so painstakenly put on to protect all the tone holes. It kept him busy for quite a while but he was very impressed by your caring work.
want to thank you again for being so easy to work with and for taking so much time in talking to me on a Sunday. Once we get through these holidays, I will be sure to put a note out on the Sax forum as I would love to have others looking for a fine saxophone have the fantastic experience of working with you.
Great tidings to you for the new year.
Jonathan Romey
Yes, please feel free to post my email to your website and use us if anyone ever asks for a reference.
You are in a tough business because there are so many online high end instrument providers doing such a bad job people have strong misgivings about doing business with anyone. So, anytime I can give a reference don't hesitate to ask.

12/24/2007    (re: Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz Curved Soprano)
Hey Mathew!
Merry Christmas!
I just wanted to say thanks again for the great advice regading the Rampone curved soprano!  I love it!  It has such a round, non-buzzy sound!  Everywhere I play it I get compliments on the sound and the look of this horn.
Mark Brown

12/18/2007    (re: Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz Curved Soprano
Dear Mathew,
Thanks for your swift and professional service - fantastic!
I received my Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz Curved Vintage Silverplated Curved Soprano today and it's a beautiful horn, but more importantly, the warm, sweet, carrying tone and the exact intonation is far beyond what I expected. I've played it for a couple of hours now, and I just love it! This is the curved soprano I've been looking for during more than 45 years as a jazz saxophonist in Sweden - and now I've found it!
The keywork will take some getting used to compared to my old curved Yanagisawa (especially the left hand pinkie spatula keys which are located a bit further out/down), but this is a minor problem -- just have to practice a couple of days.
Thanks again for your knowledgeable advice and your terrific service!
Johnny Korner

12/11/2007    (re: Selmer (Paris) Référence 54 Limited Edition Collector's Flamingo)
Hi !!   CH in korea again.
As I told on tel-conversation this morning/local time,
I am still now exciting on my lovable horn with its attractive shape and/or tone-color which I am always dreaming. And I am now happy to myself as I have got judicious choice on decision making to fix my choice on yourself, with just few times of small-talk and several times of Email.
Once again I thanks for your warmhearted set-up on my horn and I will be saxforte-man in Korea, just because of your-scrupulous personality.
Best Regards,
CH  chung from Korea

12/7/2007    (re:  Selmer (Paris) Référence 54 Limited Edition Kookaburra)
Hi Mathew.
The horn was delivered around 1:00 this afternoon, and I haven't put it down until now. What a big sound! The intonation is great, even in the really low register and in the altissimo (both ends pop out like butter, too!) I haven't had any of the low Bb and B "wurble" issues that I've heard about on the reference altos- mine pop out easily at full volume or subtone.
Great packaging too-
I am sure it got to me in the exact same condition it left you.
Thanks for all the time you took to answer my questions and everything else. It is really nice to find someone who really cares. I know exactly where I'll be going when I start looking for a soprano soon.

12/7/2007    (re: Brancher saxforte neck strap)
Thanks for getting the strap out the next day, I really appreciated that.  I just got it today.
It's perfect, and so much better than the DeJacques or Planet something or other that I had been using.  Now I don't have to cringe everytime I snap a metal clip on. The length is perfect for either my curved or straight sop.  I measured what I needed carefully using the specs on your web page.
I just wanted to express my appreciation and let you know it worked out perfectly using your specs. I will certainly be recommending it.
Best wishes,

Hi Matt
I just want to say THANKS, the barrel i bought from you fits like a glove. I think it matters if the dia of the clarinets are similar. Maybe bore hole size may play into it, i am no expert in anyway. But the one that you sent fits perfect.
Sorry it has taken so long to reply but i wanted to make sure you knew i did get it and it is perfect.
I always recommend you to people that ask me where to find good Selmer instruments and parts. I just tell them to contact you and they will get the best you can supply.
Have a great holiday season.

11/20/2007  (re: Yanagisawa T992 Bronze Tenor)
I took your advice and had the camera ready for the unveiling.  Although I have shots demonstrating the thoroughness of your packaging, I figured a picture with a happy smile was better. 
The sax sounds great and really is much deeper and fuller in sound than the other saxes we have had.   I really like the look of the bronze also.  Sean is truly thrilled.
There is one little issue. We have been through everything and we cannot find the Key Oil.  If there is a special place it might have been put let me know so I can find it.  Otherwise, everthing is great.  It was great timing to get it so quickly, too.

11/13/2007    (re: Yanagisawa S-992 Bronze Soprano)
Mathew Aaron,
Just got back from delivering the Yanagisawa Soprano S-992 to Sean, my son, up at University of Washington. 
Thanks for the great service and the fast shipping. The packaging was first class. I got the Sax the day before I left for Seattle and was able to take on the plane as carry on (everyone wanted to know where I was playing and when…LOL).  When I gave it to Sean, it was love at first note:  the sax was perfectly tuned and he played for hours.
Good job.
Frederic A. Conte
You may post my comments on your website.  Absolutely.
Sean even loved the mouthpiece. (Ed: saxforte recommendation)

11/11/2007    (re: Yanagisawa A9933 Solid Silver /Brass Alto)
Hi Mathew,
Just letting you know that the sax arrived safely and very promptly  today. Even after the import taxes, it is still a great price for a  beautiful instrument, not easily available here in Australia.
My son has no idea that we have purchased this for him so it will  hopefully be a fantastic early Christmas present and reward for his  recent excellent sax exam result.
Thanks again for making this purchase so easy,
Alyson Lau

You were 100% correct. I have both a 2 and a 2 1/2 fibrecell tenor sax reed.  the 2 1/2 plus your mouthpiece and my wife cannot believe its the same man playing the same horn.
M. Johnson

11/9/2007    (re: Yanagisawa A901 Alto)
Hi Mathew,
The A901 arrived yesterday in great shape. The gig bag's on its way.
Wow what a difference a good sax makes. I just couldn't put it down… I know we'll all have many years of great fun with this instrument.
Thanks again for all your help and advice.  You've made this on line purchase (one of my first) a great experience.
Thanks again,
Nestor and Family

10/18/2007   (re: Selmer (Paris) Serie III Tenor)
Dear Mathew,
I have today the 18th instant received delivery of my saxophone.
I can't tell you how delighted I was to receive the same. The packaging was brilliant and the parcel was handeled very well. The sax sounds like a dream. Thanks for the great service. It was a pleasure dealing with a person who exhibited such immense knowledge about the instrument.
Thanks & regards,

10/17/2007    (re: Keilwerth Nickel Silver SX-90R Tenor)
Hey Mathew,
I got the sax in today.  I'm looking forward to practicing and performing whenever I can.  Thanks again for everything, this is the exact saxophone that I wanted.  I'll be getting back in touch with you soon about some accesories.

10/11/2007    (re: Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz Alto)
Hi Mathew,
Just a note to tell you that I have learned to control my new mouthpiece (squeal) and
the R&C plays wonderfully.  It has the purest tone I have ever heard on a sax. Look out Kenny G ha!
John L Baker

10/11/2007   (re:  Selmer (Paris) Référence 54 Limited Edition Alto)
Hi Mathew,
First of all, many thanks for sending this beautiful instrument in pristine condition! The overkill packaging was greatly appreciated.  The accessories you recommended, especially the bell and neck swabs are excellent.
Thank-you again for sending me the Selmer (Paris) Light Case so quickly and then crediting me just as promptly for the exchange.  It is a pleasure to do business with someone who has your high standards, integrity, and responsiveness. 

10/5/2007    (re: Yanagisawa T-991 Tenor)
Picked up Sax this afternoon and packaging was superb.  Sax is great.  Your information on the cork packaging was appreciated.  Thanks again for your patience and help.
Sandy Northway
Hello Mathew
You may of course add my email to your raving fans site. 
You may also add this, in that I am some what cynical of venders reviews being biased.  But I found that the experience fully lived up to the reviews and that your experience, insight and advice made this purchase completely satisfying and easy.

9/12/2007    (re:  Selmer (Paris) Référence 54 Limited Edition Tenor)
Just wanted to let you know the sax arrived about an hour ago.  I got it out of the shipping box a while ago and,
I have to admit it looks as beautiful as having Heidi Klum delivered to my door.  Haven't managed to get it completely out of it's case at this point and try  it because its already about 6:45 PM hear and I don't want to disturb the neighbors in the apartment complex too much.  I'm certain, having been familiar with Selmer before that I'm also going to love the way it plays.  Your knowledge of horns of this caliber and what you have written about the Ref 54 on your web site assure me of that.  I will probably be getting back to you sometime in the next couple of months to try that mouthpiece that you recommend and I will definitely check out the other accessories that you have listed at Saxforte. Thanks again for your patience and help in getting the horn to me and I know that, once I get a little practice time in on it and become familiar with this horn that I am going to love it even more that my initial reaction when I saw it.

8/20/2007    (re:  Selmer (Paris) Serie III Tenor)
Dear Mathew,
Hi, I was counting the days and that day finally arrived.  I received my Selmer Tenor Sax today, Monday August 20th around 2:15 pm and may I say
what a fine packaging job you did.  Everything your customers had said about you were true -- about how and what it would be delivered in.  I don't think anything,outside of running over it with a dump truck, could have damaged this baby. I actually video taped myself unpacking the saxaphone.  Oh my god, I couldn't believe it, what a beautiful piece of work.  I was stunned by the sheer beauty of this instrument and I almost don't even want to play it and get it dirty and used it's so nice, but alas I must for this is what it was meant for.  The case it came in was also tops.  You have exceeded my expectations my man.
I want to thank you for working with me, making me feel comfortable about my purchase and answering all my questions.  You are a man of your word and appreciate this gorgeous instrument that's come my way.  I can't tell you how excited I am.  A thousand thank you's.

7/5/2007    (re: Yanagisawa T9935)
I just got the saxophone and it looks great.
I also left a positive feedback for you and I would appreciate it if you can do the same for me.
Thank you.

7/1/2007   (re: Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz Saxello)
I just wanted to thank you for the terrific service!  You are very reliable, knowledgeable, courteous, and prompt.  I appreciate the time you take to try to understand what a person is looking for in a sax, rather than just selling the person anything.  The R & C R1 jazz saxello is really beautiful and I love the sound.   My wife said that the sax has a gorgeous tone, and that the tone on my old sax (YSS-675) was no comparison to the R & C.... so, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!  I will be coming to you when I need to buy sax products!!!!

6/15/2007     (re: Yanagisawa T-992 Tenor and A992 Alto)
Hi Mat!
The saxes arrived safe & "sound" on Monday. I opened up the package & started playing the alto.
My wife said it sounded like I had been taking lessons! Now that I've had some practice time on the tenor too, I can say that they're GREAT (and getting better). It was a super experience dealing with you. And I would recommend you without reservation.

6/9/2007    (re: Keilwerth SX-90R Shadow Alto)
Mathew, I received the Shadow on time and in perfect condition. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks for offering a place where someone can get an instrument that has not been played by people that really have little intention of buying.

6/9/2007    (re: Keilwerth SX-90R Shadow Alto)
I just wanted to say we received the Keilworth Shadow  today.
Wow! It is beautiful and sounds just as sweet. I know my daughter will enjoy this horn forever. I bet she'll be practicing more now as well
Again, Thank you,
Barbara and Inman

5/29/2007    (re: Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz Soprano)
Dear Matthew,
My decision to pursue my idea of purchasing one of the soprano saxophones that had my mind set on turned me first to the web for various comparisons.
All this research kept bringing me back to your web site www.saxforte.com , and that with good reason as no other reseller has a more comprehensive selection. I had been speaking with you on the phone perhaps a couple or three times prior to my decision to, the next day, drive from South Florida to Greenville South Carolina in order for me to qualitatively make a decision. I had my mind set on a Yanagisawa's in either bronze or solid sterling silver or Rampone e Cazzani in either heavy gold plate or heavy silver plate. Upon my arrival to a most unusual but way more comfortable setting than a traditional retail store all four sopranos were lined up and prepared for my trial.

Your patience listening to my demo-ing after having been sitting for 8 hours and 45 minutes in the car must have been at times rather dreadful, but the halfway result of trying to choose between only two of the sopranos was cleaverly assisted by bringing a different mouthpiece and reed combination to the silverplated Rampone e Cazzani the sound of which I really had fallen in love with even though I was hard pressed to choose off the silver Yanagisawa.

The sound of my Rampone e Cazzani R1 Jazz really has character and soul, something that no other soprano has that I as aware off. I look at it this way; the exquisite silver Yanagisawa is the Lexus of the kind whereas the Rampone is the Ferrari, maybe not as polished as the Lexus which has absolutely no faults except it does everything so brilliantly that perhaps the soul and character go lost.

After 3 and a half hours of wonderful company and interesting instrument talk I headed back again leaving the Rampone to be checked over a final time and to be shipped to my address as the SC sales tax would have incurred an additional $100 cost over and above. Needless to say as a continuation of my superb experience so far the Rampone arrived exactly as planned totally overpackaged (well appreciated, of course), and now the poor instrument gets no rest.

Absolutely, all my best recommendation to Matthew for anyone considering to buy purchase a professional level saxophone.
Thanks again,
Niels Ballegaard

5/14/2007    (re: Yanagisawa T-901 Tenor)
Hi Mathew,
Just to let you know the saxophone arrived safe and sounds - thanks heaps it is great.
You have been excellent to do business with and I will be letting anyone who listens know what a great business SAXFORTE is. I look forward to dealing with you again sometime.
Now the fun/hard bit begins of learning
Dean Williams (New Zealand)
and from saxontheweb, with permission
I am just getting into learning the Tenor Sax and decided that as life is getting shorter (over 40 now), rather than get a student sax I would spend a little extra by purchasing a Yanagisawa T901.
As I am from New Zealand (where we get really ripped off for instruments) I e-mailed three US stores to discuss purchase. Two of them didn't even have the courtesy of responding  .
However Mathew from SAXFORTE provided oustanding e-mail response to my queries and gave me the level of confidence required when you pay up front to get something shipped 8000 miles. Consequently I purchased the sax and several accessories from him. The sax arrived in great order via UPS in under one week and I gotta say to anyone from outside the USA that this is the guy to deal with. Excellent response and service - thanks Mathew.

5/10/2007    (re: Yanagisawa SC-991 Curved Soprano)
Hi Matt,
After playing the SC-991Yanagasawa  Curved Soprano Sax for ta few days I feel I owe it to anyone in the market to let them know just what a terrific horn this is. It is suprisingly full and robust for such a small horn and the keys are ergonomically designed which gives it quick, smooth action. There is no difference in pitch between upper and lower register. I actually received a round of applause from my band after they heard me play and they are my toughest critics. I would recommend this horn to anyone.
Dealing with Saxforte was a pleasure. The horn was well packaged with no possible problems with damage in shipping. And the price beat everyone else. I was able to add a "fortisimo" stand which I also highly recommend and the price was still lower than the competitors.I plan to make my future sax and accessory purchases from Mathew Aaron at Saxforte.
Best Regards,

5/5/2007    (re: Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz Saxello)
The sax arrived on time. 
It looks and sounds beautiful.  We're all very pleased!
David Mehne

5/1/2007    (re: 4 Rampone & Cazzani R1 / R1 Jazz saxophones)
Hi, Matthew, just following up after more than a year after purchasing my horns from Saxforte.
For the benefit of those reading, I purchased Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz straight soprano, R1 alto, R1 Jazz tenor and R1 Jazz baritone saxophones over a year & a half ago, and all these horns have continued to inspire me and offer themselves as great tools of the trade.  I use all the horns on a regular basis, with the exception of the bari. 
I couldn't be more pleased with the tone, intonation, quality, and aesthetics of all my horns. Using metal Brancher mouthpieces allows me to cut through the rock / combo bands with which I perform.  Also, these horns and mouthpiece combinations work exceptionally well in my home studio. I have recorded with several artists and groups, along with my periodic live schedule, and I never have to worry about these horns not working flawlessly (with the exception of a sticky G# key on alto – which will happen in humid south Georgia weather!)  The soprano is very, very sweet and full on ballads, as well as fusion numbers, and the tenor has a huge sound with a slight edge and handles very well when soloing in any genre.  The alto is rock solid, and is a joy to play.  

Last night my step-daughter's best friend, a state-level alto saxophonist, was over at the house visiting.  I'd had my horns out practicing earlier, so we sat around and played through a couple of tunes.  She was completely mesmerized with the sound of these horns, particularly the alto. Most younger players are blown away by the power and tone of the Brancher alto metal mouthpiece when I perform un-amplified.  I continue to get favorable comments on my tone, even in loud rock settings, despite being such a loud player with a powerful setup.  The tone is consistent and full, despite not being a "tone favorable setup". If someone is looking for a good fusion combo with an alto sax, check out the Brancher 'B' or 'J' mouthpieces.  

I can't wait until I save enough money to purchase a Rampone & Cazzani sopranino.  I will definitely be doing business with you again.  As my home studio grows, I look forward to performing on other projects, expanding as a semi-pro saxophonist, and continuing to be amazed with the wonderful sounds I get from these incredible horns.  I'll have to send you a CD or mp3's of solos I've been working on.  Perhaps you could start a "customer's works" page, where we could post snippets of recordings we've done.  It would be very interesting to hear other players' music, and particularly their setups.  

In closing, I'm considering purchasing a metal bari mouthpiece with a smaller tip opening than what I have, the Brancher BRB29BG (opening 2.90).  Any recommendations would be appreciated.
Chuck Hutcheson

4/19/2007    (re: Selmer (Paris) Référence 54 Kookaburra Tenor)
Hi Mathew,
My horn arrived yesterday in perfect condition thanks to your uncompromising packing.  It's beautiful and the setup is wonderful; it plays like butter.  The sound is huge and downright pretty throughout the entire range.  It seems to have the same quality as my Mark VI, but more of it!
I really do appreciate the wonderful treatment I received from your establishment and want to thank you for the very professional personal service.  Your are an excellent merchant and should be proud!  It will be a pleasure recommending you to my fellow sax playing  friends!
David Gupton

4/19/2007    (re: Yanagisawa T991 Tenor)
Hi Matthew,
Just to let you know I took delivery yesterday p.m. and since I had a rehearsal last night I gave it a work-out right away.
Very nice.
Will have to adjust for different hand position and have a few sore tendons this morning but it makes a good sound and I'll be comfortable with it very soon, I'm sure.
Thanks, the packing was "outstanding".
Ed Wilson

4/17/2007    (re: Selmer (Paris) Référence 54 Tenor)
Dear Mathew!
I received my horn today and I gotta tell you, this thing is HEAVEN!  I have never played anything that sounds as sweet or is as easy to play as this. I am thrilled!  I am also glad I passed on the used mark VI horns I had been looking at. What a nice instrument! I will be in touch to order more reeds and a wire ligature for my alto. Thank you for all of your invaluable input, time, and incredible customer service.
Tony Tabacchi

3/13/2007    (re: Selmer (Paris) Serie III Alto)
I just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I am enjoying my Selmer Series III alto saxophone. Not only is it beautiful but plays very nicely. Everything you said was right on, except for one thing. The one thing you did not tell me about was the great feel it has in your hands. This sax was made to be in someone's hands playing. And oh does it play well. I can blow on it and have a fantastic jazz sound or hold back and play soft and melodical. Either way it sounds so good. I appreciate the way you packaged my sax so it arrived without a hitch. I appreciate the way you sent it the minute you received my payment. I appreciate the way you promised a great sax and was surprised when it was even better.
Thank you,
Joseph Faia Jr.

3/7/2007    (re: Selmer (Paris) Référence 54 Alto)
I want to mention... the more I play this new Ref 54 alto the more I like it. First and foremost the tone, the intonation, the response, the workmanship; it just keeps drawing in.
The trip to your place was well worth the expense and effort. Having all the models I was interested in side-by-side for comparison, and having the benefit of your knowledge and expertise settled any lingering issues, questions or doubts I might have had. Thanks for doing what you do.

2/26/2007    (re: Selmer (Paris) Référence 54 Alto)
jeff (Jeff Perry, Artist Relations @ Conn-Selmer, Inc) and mathew,
I just got my new Kookaburra alto and after blowing it for a good half hour,
it is actually exceeding my expectations-which were VERY high to begin with!! It's fantastic. The horn arrived in perfect condition. It was very well-packed  [horn in case, packed in a box with padding, and then that box inside another large box with more padding]. The horn is set up and seals perfectly.Thanks for taking so much care to ensure delivery of a flawless new horn. Also, thanks for shipping the horn immediately upon payment. I'll definitely recommend your business to others.
Ralph Bowen
Gorlexandra Music

2/26/2007    (re: Yanagisawa T9937 Tenor)
Hi Mathew,
Wow.  That's about all I can say... wow!   :)    The sax plays effortlessly.   Thanks so much for packing it so well.
I am very happy with the sax.  And, thanks again for your awesome service... it is much appreciated.  Four Saxforte sax purchases at this point, with all having been handled really, really, well.
I will spread the good word.
Best wishes from our house to yours,
mike p.

2/25/2007    (re: Yanagisawa A9937 Alto)
Hi Matthew,
It was really great to talk with you about your frustration as a customer which prompted your decision to start a first rate saxophone business. It is both refreshing and pleasing to encounter a person with a passion for their work. I don't care the field of work; I just like to meet and associate with people who are intense in their effort to do things in the best possible way. You definitely are one of these people. Thanks to you and your wife for everything and hopefully, I'll see you in april.  
Wishing you the best,

2/20/2007    (re: Selmer (Paris) Référence 54 Alto)
Thanks Mathew,
The bird is awesome. It arrived today in perfect condition. (nice packaging!) I was surprised to find the accessories I had ordered already placed in the case, nice touch.
I want to thank you for the personal service you provide. When I first called with concerns about buying an expensive horn sight unseen, I was impressed that you answered the phone and not some phone op or counter clerk. Your advise to check out the web site was very useful. Your raving fan mail does not exaggerate. I can tell that you pay very close attention to detail. You have a new satisfied customer and I will highly recommend Saxforte. Best price- best service.
I'll contact you again after experimenting for awhile.
This horn is sooooo damn pretty I'm almost afraid to play it.....almost
Thanks again,

2/17/2007    (re: Yanagisawa T9937 Tenor)
Thanks so much for helping me choose my Tenor Sax.  It was a great experience and I am very happy with my horn.
Robin Phillips

2/17/2007    (re: Keilwerth SX-90 Alto)
hi mathew,
my keilwerth sx90 arrived a day early! i have been busy playing it and am so thrilled with the horn!! not only is it absolutely the most beautiful (i love the black nickel), but the sound, is amazing. luckily my husband got home right after the sax got here, and he removed the 9 little pieces of cork used to protect in shipping. that was the most difficult part of the packaging. after reading some reviews, i expected a bunch of packing beads to fly out..............instead, i found a very neat and safely packed horn. the intonation is perfect in all three octaves, the keys flow smoothly, i sound so much better than i ever thought was possible............and that is on my meyer 5 mouthpiece.........going to try the one that came with it tomorrow, but i may need to get a better set up from you. also, the cleaning swabs you sent are fantastic...........i will return for more goodies as you only seem to carry the very best. back to the sax. i tuned the middle register, and could not believe my eyes when all 3 octaves were perfectly tuned. this sax far exceeds the quality of any of the other horns i have tried. thank you for steering me in the right direction. i was cautious, since this was my first internet purchase..........i will recommend you to anyone looking for a top rank sax. you came thru with everything you promised.
again, thank you..............first gig on thursday..............oh boy, will i ever be ready!!
maxine in san diego

2/8/2007    (re: Brancher B Chamber Alto Mouthpiece)
Dear Mr. Aaron,
I received my Brancher metal mouthpiece in the mail the other day and I have nothing but good things to say.   First, it arrived a couple days earlier than I expected, which was very convenient for my jazz rehearsal.  As soon as I played it, despite having just put on one of the new reeds I got with it, I could tell it was the best sound I had gotten in a long time.  The next day in my jazz rehearsal, as the reed started to brake in, my sound quality increased exponentially.  By the end of the day when I took it home to play, my sound was almost exactly where I wanted it and only on the second day of playing it.  My jazz instructor commented on how my sound quality went up saying that it changed the way I played and gave me a great lead alto sound with lots of power.  My private instructor also had only good things to say about it and how much of a jump it was from the mouthpiece I was using a year ago.  People are beginning to ask about this mouthpiece and the reeds, wondering where they can get some also.   I highly recommend this mouthpiece to anyone looking for a bright sound, though it may take time to optimize potential for those have never played on a metal mouthpiece before and are thus used to hard rubber mouthpieces.  I also recommend trying the Brancher reeds, they are well worth it and in my opinion they are the best reeds out there.  Thank you so much for all your help selecting this mouthpiece, it's quite obvious that you care about the customers and are genuinely interested in what is best for them.
P.S. I am now officially a raving fan

2/7/2007    (re: Selmer Serie III Solid Sterling Silver Soprano)
I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with my new Selmer Series III solid silver soprano saxophone.
It sounds great and the key action is superb. You made my day when you had the instrument in stock and especially at a very competitive price. The soprano saxophone arrived on the scheduled delivery date within six days from South Carolina to Hawaii in excellent condition. I really appreciated your knowledge, expertise and advice on the accessories that I also purchased. The Brancher metal mouthpiece is great!
It is a pleasure to do business with you and I wish you much success in the future.
Respectfully yours,
I must admit that I was a bit uncertain about purchasing an instrument via the internet but after speaking with you on the phone I had no reservations. I originally place an order for a Selmer Series III lacquered brass with a local music store approximately 13 months ago. I used to check with them every three months but there was never any news. After calling them in January 2007 I learned that the instrument was still on back order, at which point I cancelled my order and proceeded with a "Google" search and found Saxforte. As you know, 10 days later I had a Selmer Series III soprano saxophone in my hands.

2/2/2007    (re: Keilwerth SX-90R Tenor)
Mathew...My sax arrived yesterday afternoon.  I've logged in about three hours practicing so far and
have loved every minute of it.  This is a great sounding horn and loads of fun to play.  Thanks for all your help and prompt/safe delivery.
also...... BTW, the reed selection you suggested for me was right on.  I just might have to get with you down the road and order some for my bari.  Thanks again.

2/2/2007    (re: Yanagisawa A901 Alto)
Dear Mr Mathew Aaron,
Many thanks for your message. Finally, I received the sax on Thursday morning (1 Feb 2007). I opened the box I found everything as per the order.
Couple of days I am playing it.
I enjoy playing it. The intonations are excellent. Bass notes sounds superb. Lower B, B flat. and altisimo notes all sounding great.
Once again thank you for the excellent service
. I need some more accs. I will order for them later. 
Johny (U.A.E.)

1/28/2007    (re: Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz Curved Soprano)
I just received my Rampone and Cazzani R1 Jazz silver curved soprano saxophone from Mathew Aaron at Saxforte,
and I can't say enough about the horn or the transaction.  First of all, Mathew has patiently been answering my emails and phone calls for over a year while I agonized over whether or not to buy the saxophone.  Even when my questions wandered far astray, he gladly and professionally answered all of them, and made many helpful suggestions.
Part of my reticence to get it was the fact that I had not had a chance to try the horn.  I read about it on SOTW and other places, but there is nothing like actually playing an instrument. 
When I made the decision to buy it, Mathew made the transaction simple and fast. Although I had waited over a year, once I made up my mind I wanted it tomorrow, so he sent it next day UPS, packed in his trademark "overkill" protection packaging.
When I opened the box, I was struck by the quality of the case.  Cases usually don't impress much, but this Flight Case is quite an example of Italian craftsmanship.  Then I opened it, and I might as well had opened up the crown jewels.  The saxophone literally glowed in its velvet lair.  It is a delightful visual and tactile marvel.  On close inspection, you can see the craftsman's hands at work, extremely high quality with traces of human touch.  It is as Italian as a Ferrari or an Armani suit.  I don't think it's too much of a stretch to call it a work of art, certainly a work of the finest craftsmanship.
But all of this was nothing compared to the sound.  I took the mouthpiece out of my mouth and uttered, "Oh my God!"  My wife, from the other room, asked "What is that you're playing?  It's beautiful!"  I have a vintage Martin soprano and had a Selmer Serie III, both terrific saxophones.  This is a totally different instrument.  It is full and round and warm and centered.  It has a voice like Andrea Bocelli, clear and precise, with marvelous overtones.  My wife described the horn as soulful, and as having great clarity and fullness. 
I couldn't be happier, either with the horn or with Mathew.  I just wanted to post this for anyone else who is thinking of getting a soprano.  Look carefully and seriously at this horn, and you can't find better service than Saxforte.

1/15/2007    (re: Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz Tenor)
Hello Mathew,
I received my Rampone & Cazzanni R1 Jazz Tenor sax was on January 8th. With a brand new saxophone in hand I practiced every night for at least one hour.
This sax has an awesome sound (not to sharp) with easy blowing tones. The sax has also a nice feel and weight to it. The R&C R1 Jazz tenor is a sax to be considered among the best saxophones around.
Thanks also for your professional help in getting the sax to me; your personal attention to get the saxophone shipped after some days of delay. 
(saxforte: a UPS International issue)
Thanks very much

1/14/2007    (re: Vandoren V16 Mouthpiece)
Hi, this is Ben again,
I have played the mouthpiece and it is unbelievable the difference it has made! I think that the only thing I need different is the reed size. I think I am going to finish off the Javas I have, then I'm going to buy some size 3 Branchers from you. Thank you so much for everything, I'll talk to you later,

1/1/2007    (re: Yanagisawa SC-991)
Hi Mathew -
I'm thrilled with the Yani SC991, which arrived safely right when you said it would.  It plays beautifully, and your service certainly lived up to the other comments on your site.  I will probably be back!  Thanks again.


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