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professional soprano saxophones…

SX90 and SX90II

Keilwerth top line saxophones are characterized by a large diameter body  which make them the dark sounding saxophones. These saxophones feature wonderful German workmanship with 4 different finish versions. All have height and angle adjustable left hand palm keys. SX90II models feature 2 removable and interchangable necks, one bent and one straight



These saxophones feature a large body for a dark sound. Made in (formerly East) Germany. There are several deficciencies this model has with respect to the SX90 and SX90R. Cosmetic fit and finish is mediocre. Pearls are made of plastic, synthetic material. Table keys are awkwardly placed very close to the G key. Palm keys are not adjustable. Most importantly, these saxophones do not play as clearly nor project as well as their professional caliber siblings. saxƒorte does not offer these models for sale.


These student level saxophones are made in Taiwan and saxƒorte does not offer these models for sale.

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