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Bb Soprano Selmer

specializes in offering state-of-the-art
professional soprano saxophones…

Super Action 80 Serie II
The Super Action 80 Serie II alto saxophones were released by Selmer (Paris) in 1986. They are great instruments.

Serie III
The Serie III soprano saxophone was released in the fall of 1995. Several significant improvements were made. For this reason I strongly recommend the Serie III soprano. Improvements include:

  • Better ergonomics (palm keys are closer to the hands and easier to reach)
  • 2 necks; one straight and one curved with booster ribs for easier high notes
  • High F# AND high G keys
  • More centered and focused sound
  • Easier to play in tune

Available Saxophones
 Click here for a listing of Available Saxophones
in the USA

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