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Bb Soprano Yamaha

offers Yamaha YSS-875 Custom
soprano saxophones…

The YSS-875 is Yamaha's true professional contender. This is Yamaha's best soprano saxophone and it ranks right up with the Selmer Serie III.


  • 2 necks; one straight (M1) and one curved (M1R)
  • Custom hard shell case
  • High F# key
  • Note: NO  high G key as found on Yanagisawa S991and
    Selmer (Paris) Serie III
  • 4CM mouthpiece ligature and cap

Honey-gold lacquered, Engraved
Yamaha use a lacquer with some color in it to impart a warm rich color to the instrument. Engraving on the bell.

Black lacquered, Engraved
This striking finish comes from black lacquer applied to the body while the keys and the interior of the bell are polished and clear lacquered. Engraving on the bell exposes the golden color of the brass underneath. The whole body is then clear lacquered to protect the engraving from tarnishing.

Silver-plated, Engraved
This gorgeous finish is stronger than lacquer and improves tonal brightness and power by virtue of eliminating the high frequency sound absorption of lacquer finishes. Engraving on the bell.

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