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Bb Soprano

 professional calibre
Soprano Saxophones
Selmer (Paris)   

Rampone & Cazzani   

Selmer (Paris) sopranos are centered in sonic quality and offer state-of-the art features. Serie III has a focused sound and is both powerful and balanced. Selmer Paris sopranos still lead the pack in terms of sound quality and power.

Yanagisawa sopranos are close in sound to Selmer Paris Serie III horns and not as stuffy as Yamaha YSS-875 horns. They are very well made and are offered in 2 levels. Remarkably, both pro (S901) and enhanced pro (S991) models sound alike and it's because they use the same bodies. Also offered in Solid Bronze (S902 / S992 / SC992) and "Silver-Sonic" (S9930 / SC9930, SC9937) Solid 95% Pure Silver versions.

Brancher France sopranos combine a fresh set of technical achievements in design using an intelligent combination of high tech French made and Taiwan produced parts. The result is a centered sound with a very complex sound and incredible power and intonation performance. Nothing short of wonderful. A terrific value without compromise on quality, Brancher's saxophones are going to challenge perceptions of what is possible at a moderate price. Both straight and curved models are offered.

Rampone & Cazzani offer the warmest, sopranos on the market in the form of the R1 Jazz Soprano. Use of high copper content "Red" brass in an oversize bore and and heavy gold plating on the body and keys make this saxophone unique in its look, feel and especially its sound. Available as Straight, Semi-Curved (Saxello) and Curved models. Vintage look, vintage sound without the compromises at an amazing price.


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