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Bb Tenor Selmer

specializes in offering state-of-the-art
professional tenor saxophones…

Super Action 80 Serie II
The Super Action 80 Serie II alto saxophones were released by Selmer (Paris) in 1986. They are great instruments.

Serie III
The Serie III tenor saxophone was released in 1997. Several improvements were made to the Serie II saxophone and the selling price is only a little more. For this reason I strongly recommend the Serie III tenor. Improvements include:

  • Far better ergonomics (palm keys are closer to the hands and easier to reach)
  • More centered and focused sound

Reférénce tenor saxophones are designed to produce the darker sound of vintage horns without the intonation and inconsistency trade-offs of the old pieces. Référence 36 tenor and and the Référence 54 tenor are wonderful creations blending the best technology of today with the incomparable sound of yesterday. Both horns use the Serie III body and bow and tone hole geometry, but their necks are different from the Serie III. They use specially modified Serie III keywork, plastic resonators and the key... larger bells to produce the warmer sound reminiscent of the vintage tenors. Each is finished with a unique lacquer treatment and though they look very different, they sound the same.

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