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Eb Alto Selmer (Paris)

professional alto saxophones…

Super Action 80 Serie II
The Super Action 80 Serie II alto saxophones were released by Selmer (Paris) in 1986. They are great instruments.

Serie III
The Serie III alto saxophone was released in the fall of 1999. Several improvements were made to the Serie II saxophone and the selling price is only a little more. For this reason I strongly recommend the Serie III alto. Improvements include:

  • Far better ergonomics (palm keys are closer to the hands and easier to reach)
  • Unique keying for middle C#, a note which is often tricky to play in tune on the alto.No other saxophone make or model uses this innovative new keying.
  • More centered and focused sound
  • Metal left-hand thumb rest

Référence 54
Originally, a dark-lacquered horn reminiscent of the Mark VI with elaborate floral engraving somewhat like the vintage American engraved horns. Now we can offer the finishes shown here.

Mechanically, this sax takes direction from many sources including aspects of the Mark VI and current state-of-the-art Serie III. The alternate high F key is now a round pearl and that the side index are shaped like older horns, flatter to the body.  A new brass alloy is used as well. The case is unique to this horn as well. It is a modified Flight case with with a zipper closure, carbon fibre-look top shell and rubber surface lower shell.

The sax is indeed warmer sounding, particularly in the bottom of its range where it is quite different from a Serie III. We are very pleased by its sound. It joins Keilwerth SX90 / SX90R and Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz saxophones at the dark end of the sonic spectrum.

We are pleased that (unlike with the Référence tenors), Selmer did retain the improved higher palm keys. They reverted to round pearl for the alternate high F key and the right hand index keys were changed to be low to the body and without a curved stop on the high E key. Warning : If you play high E with your right hand index finger straight, you will need to learn to curl it to play this sax. The post for high E is high and a straight finger will interfere with it.

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