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Eb Bari Rampone

specializes in offering state-of-the-art

professional baritone saxophones…

R1 Jazz Baritone Saxophones
Heavy Gold-Plated
Heavy Silver-plated
All the features of the R1 plus

  • Red Brass (high copper content) body that warms up the sound even more for the ultimate in saxophone warmth
  • Heavy gold or silver-plated body and keywork and no lacquer which can deaden the harmonics coming from the body. The result is a broad spread of harmonics which give the sound beautiful complexity and power... and the wonderful look only a true gold-plated saxophone has.

R1 Baritone Saxophones
Heavy Silver-plated
The R1 features a big bore tube reminiscent of Keilwerth geometry but with a bigger upper body diameter. The unusual neck is of the "longneck" design. This imparts a very warm sound with a fat bottom. Low A, High F#. The body and keys are gold-plated and lacquered or silver-plated. Stunning!!


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