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Eb Sopranino

professional calibre
Sopranino Saxophones
Selmer (Paris)Yanagisawa  and Rampone & Cazzani

Rampone & Cazzani R1: make spectacularly good sopranino saxophones by hand in Italy. The big bore R1 model has a warm sound. It is easy to play and has wonderful intonation. Includes precious metal plating and elaborate hand engraving. Avaliable in the following finishes...Click on the links for photos.

Gold-plated and Lacquered with Engraving

Polished Heavy Silver-plated

Polished Heavy Gold Plated

Vintage Heavy Gold Plated

Rampone & Cazzani Saxophone
Finish Availability Chart



Selmer (Paris) Super Action 80 Serie II:
These axophones were released in 1986. They are available in the following finish options:

Super Action 80
Serie II
(Model 50)
Click on links for photos

Clear Lacquered, Engraved

Silver-plated, Engraved

Gold-plated, Engraved



Yanagisawa SN-981:
This sopranino saxophone is offered in an engraved body with gold lacquer. It is a wonderful value compared to Selmer (Paris) pricing. Unfortunately, it is a very old model with outdated keywork.

Yanagisawa SN-981 Sopranino Saxophones

Clear Lacquered, Engraved

These saxophones are available on a special order basis.


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