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Materials and Finishes
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Materials and Finishes pages.
Learn about the basics of saxophone sound generation and how different materials and finishes affect on the sonic character of the saxophone.

Available Saxophones
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Available Saxophones
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Mark VI
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Manufacturers represented by saxƒorte....


Selmer (Paris) is renowned for producing instruments that have great intonation, top-to-bottom balance and a rich full tone that is neither edgy nor flabby. Only Selmer (Paris) saxophones are made by Henri Selmer et Compagnie in Paris, France. Do not confuse Selmer (Paris) with Selmer USA saxophones. They are made in two different factories by two completely different companies. Selmer USA saxophones are considered to be greatly inferior to Selmer (Paris) saxophones. saxƒorte is an authorized Selmer  dealer in the USA.


Yanagisawa is the less well known Japanese maker of excellent top notch saxophones. They offer brass pro (901) models with an even bright sound, enhanced pro models (991) with innovative construction features to ensure long-term durability,  lacquered bronze models (902 and 992 based on the 901and 991) with a slightly darker sound and Silver-Sonic models (9930, 9933, 9935, 9937) based on the 991 that incorporate Solid Sterling Silver tubes into the construction. Terrific sonic quality and and accuracy with a very attractive price. saxƒorte is an authorized Yanagisawa dealer in the USA.



Available Saxophones
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Available Saxophones
in the USA

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