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Materials and Finishes
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Materials and Finishes pages.
Learn about the basics of saxophone sound generation and how different materials and finishes affect on the sonic character of the saxophone.

Available Saxophones
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Mark VI
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Manufacturers represented by saxƒorte....


Selmer (Paris) is renowned for producing instruments that have great intonation, top-to-bottom balance and a rich full tone that is neither edgy nor flabby. Only Selmer (Paris) saxophones are made by Henri Selmer et Compagnie in Paris, France. Do not confuse Selmer (Paris) with Selmer USA saxophones. They are made in two different factories by two completely different companies. Selmer USA saxophones are considered to be greatly inferior to Selmer (Paris) saxophones. saxƒorte is an authorized Selmer  dealer in the USA.


Yanagisawa is the less well known Japanese maker of excellent top notch saxophones. They offer brass pro (901) models with an even bright sound, enhanced pro models (991) with innovative construction features to ensure long-term durability,  lacquered bronze models (902 and 992 based on the 901and 991) with a slightly darker sound and Silver-Sonic models (9930, 9933, 9935, 9937) based on the 991 that incorporate Solid Sterling Silver tubes into the construction. Terrific sonic quality and and accuracy with a very attractive price. saxƒorte is an authorized Yanagisawa dealer in the USA.


Brancher France is a newcomer to saxophone design, but not to saxophone technology. As a pemier designer and maker of some of the best mouthpieces in the world,  this company has brought a fresh set of ideas to saxophone design using an intelligent combination of high tech French made and Taiwan produced parts. The result is nothing short of wonderful. A terrific value without compromise on quality, Brancher's saxophones are going to challenge perceptions of what is possible at a moderate price.


Rampone & Cazzani (Italy) has been making musical instruments since before Selmer existed. Acquisition of the company in 1990 by a descendant of the original Rampone owners is of interest because the new owner and his son play the saxophone. Top-of-the-line R1 and R1 Jazz saxophones feature a very large bore and gold plated bodies for a sound closer to a vintage sound than that offered by any modern saxophone. This is a work of passion and innovation. saxƒorte is an authorized Rampone & Cazzani dealer in the USA.



Julius Keilwerth went from an independent company to ownership by Boosey and Hawkes in 1989, then by The Rutland Group a.k.a.The Music Group (an investor group) in 2003 who subsequently spun the company off and filed for insolvency in 2010. Later in 2010 Keilwerth was sold to Buffet Group of France. Saxforte sold many Keilwerth saxophones during 2 periods of time and we ceased selling them both times due to quality issues which, in our opinion, were excessive both in their nature and in the frequency of their occurrence. Based on our more recent examination of their saxophones, our observation of the level of current quality level, and their dealer support policy, we do have elected to not offer Keilwerth products for sale.


Available Saxophones
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Available Saxophones
in the USA

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