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Warranty - Yamaha

All Yamaha saxophones sold by saxƒorte are in factory fresh  condition and covered by an indirect Yamaha 1-year warranty. Yamaha do not provide a written warranty in the country of origin of these instruments. However, all defects in workmanship or materials are covered.

Note: saxƒorte is NOT an authorized dealer of Yamaha Corporation. However, this will not compromise our ability to offer you full warranty protection and service. We stand behind our reputation and our saxophones.

saxƒorte takes several steps to ensure that the saxophone you receive is in the best playing condition possible:

  • Yamaha perform a quality control check before the saxophone leaves the factory.
  • An authorized Yamaha dealership re-checks the saxophone, makes final adjustments and prepares the saxophone for its overseas voyage.
  • Saxophones shipped by saxƒorte from Greenville, SC are given a thorough professional set-up and then play tested and adjusted to ensure your Yamaha saxophone will play up to its full potential.

Then, and only then, will a saxophone be shipped to you. 

While rare, potential problems fall into 3 classifications...

  1. Routine adjustments:  In the event that minor adjustments are needed, these are your responsibility and are usually very inexpensive to have performed by a local technician where you live. This is not actually warranty work in any event.
  2. Minor warranty issues:  In certain circumstances, the originating dealer may elect to send you replacement parts directly.
  3. Major warranty issues:  In the event of a major problem that is covered by the guarantee, the saxophone may have to be returned to the authorized dealer that provided the instrument originally. This may involve shipping the saxophone to another country, at your expense, to have the work performed. Please contact me first so I can counsel you on the most effective means to resolve the problem. I will assist you in every way possible to ensure that the terms of the guarantee are promptly respected. Important: Because I am a volume purchaser of saxophones, I have more influence in this regard than any individual purchaser could have trying to resolve a similar problem on their own. It is one of the advantages I offer.

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